The Institute: Rewritten Part II

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    Jun 5, 2018
    The Military base solid walls kept the outside world outside, but they knew It wouldn't last. If a bunch of savages managed an ambush, slipping past their robots, what would they accomplish in fifty or Sixty years?

    They needed a long term solution. Luckily, Fort Bannister provided all the required materials for experimentation: one day a young scientist named Westward Wellington (I need to get better with names) was blessed with a new idea. A robotic protector that would overcome even pre war models: The Synth. The advantages were clear:
    Superior tactical ability, improved mobility and adaptability to enviroment, Human weapons wielding. The first attempt was the Assaultron an in-between Sentry bot and Android. But the robots were soon abandoned, deemed still too similar to old models. The second attempt was the First generation Synth, basically and advanced Human like brain mounted on a frame.

    The First real success came with the 2° generation Synth. Medium Tier Armored It was capable of firing any weapon, operating old tech at its advantage, develop Tactics, move and scavenge through the ruins.

    Squads of synths started to be dispatched all over the Wasteland to acquire materials for the Institute final Plan. During their researches they discovered in the database of Fort Bannister of the existence of an uncompleted underwater Vault. They decided to embark on their most ambitious project yet: building an underwater home.

    Gathering all required materials and completing the structures took years and effort and It wasn't short of accidents, but eventually they succeeded. They Institute found a permanent home.

    However they committed a terrible mistaken. One smart girl from a fishers' Village discovered by accident the existence of the Vault and, connecting the dots, she understood where Synths patrols disappeared. When she was captured by a Patrol the Institute forced on her a choice: she could be spared alongside her family or die with the village. A few days after traders coming by discovered what was left of the town. Everyone was Dead - but one family.