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    Nov 28, 2015
    I'll start with Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits.

    It's a tactical jRPG from 2003 on the PS2. It follows a story where you have two protagonists who are bi-racial half-brothers between two races: humans and evolved fantasy creatures. The story switches in between them and shows the various conflicts both between the two races and in-racial conflict over a resource called spirit stones. I thought it was a pretty good jRPG, it doesn't get much discussion at all, even though the setting itself is interesting.

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    Might and Magic X: Legacy.

    Tenth in the long running series, made cheaply under Ubisoft's arm after the buzz with Legend of Grimrock and unfortunately didn't gather enough attention for a sequel (the devs also got sacked to my recollection).
    It's a good game though. Not overly complex and certainly not an exemplar in storytelling, but it's quite slick for a blobber and overall easy going fun grnd (it's can also be really challenging if you venture in areas that are above your level) with nice little puzzles here and there.

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    Dark Scavenger

    It's a relatively unknown title on the Steam Market, and I happened to pick it up after coming upon a coupon for it. Reviews seemed good so I gave it a try. Now that I've started playing it, I am taken aback as to how it hasn't garnered more attention. The combat and adventuring is about as basic as it can get, with a majority of the player's moves being based off items that are "scavenged" throughout the game. The characters are very interesting, the art-style has a ramshackle earnestness towards it, and the game has a lot of humorous dialogue. The three other scavengers you meet early into the game help you out through your journey, mostly via crafting things from your scavenged loot. Your weapons/items/allies are rather limited, as you can only use them a certain number of times per campaign, so selecting what you want your loot made into is very important (you don't get any direct choice on it, as you only receive a vague description of what your friends will craft for you).