What my idea of a perfect Fallout sequel would look like

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    That's exactly why I think comparing Beth/F3 and their decade old proprietary stuff with Obsidian/FNV in terms of technical expertise is not fair. ;)

    Okay, although I do remember small little bits such as Josh Sawyer fixing persistent bug in Radiant AI - when you did put some food in the companion's inventory in early FNV builds, all the nearby NPCs started attacking him. That's because deers in Oblivion carried a tasty piece of meat in their inventory and NPCs in Oblivion/F3/FNV followed the same piece of code ordering them to hunt him down no matter what..

    Anyway, I went off-topic. Even if Obsidian really broke a lot of stuff in the engine, I'll never consider Bethesda to be a top-notch company with quality products in terms of content, scripting, or programming.
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    Then... What would be fair?

    *We might each have a different meaning for the term in this context. Do you mean 'not fair', as in a boxing match between heavy & welterweight fighters? or 'not fair' as in native speaker vs. novice?

    The difference being that unlike the boxers, the novice speaker is simply unqualified. In the case of the novice serving someone as a hired interpreter, I don't think it's unfair to expect them to do the job (which they likely can't); nor unfair that the native speaker could do it better; nor to have a double standard where the competence of each is compared.
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    Yes, seem to be language barrier. Your example with boxing match is basically what I meant, now I see your point though.
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    ...Perhaps some of the "dynamic" changes could be sectioned off into a more "Hardcore" mode? I can appreciate choices and actions having consequences, but having to worry about too many different details could get rather tedious or even annoying.
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    But that didn't happened in FO3 (you could put any food in your companions inventory or anyone else inventory for that matter), it happened in FNV because again Obsidian broke stuff ;-).

    Items in FO3 and FNV can have code (a script) attached to them but only if you assign the code manually. All the meat items in FNV are the same, or variations (copy paste and then edit them manually) of the FO3 ones. Also the "engine" doesn't come with any code to make creatures or NPCs hostile based on any item in the inventory. And there aren't any packages or behaviour options to force NPC's or critters to do that either.
    It is just not feasible with the the scripts and game engine provided (one would have to make them themselves).

    FNV was also built over the FO3 masters (which I consider a smart move, since they only had 18 months to make the game. It saved them a lot of time), so it provided all the scripts and packages from FO3, then Obsidian edited them or created new ones to do what they needed. So the only way it would happen is if Obsidian made a script and a NPC package purposefully for that (since it doesn't exist in FO3). :shock:

    Maybe they wanted to make it for the kids in Freeside to chase the giant rat or something. That's the only example I can think off in the entire game where something like that could be of use.