Whats so bad witht he new power armor?

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    I think it looks sweet.
  2. Saint_Proverbius

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    Apr 6, 2003
    It lacks the retro look of Fallout. Look at the PA in Fallout, it looks like an old 1940s "Space Knight" concept. Note the headlamp and the old 1940s style wrapped wiring on the helmet of the original PA.

    Then the PA in Fallout 2 was designed to look like a modernized version of the WW2 gas mask troops.
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    I find it also sucky for itself alone - even without being compared to FO1 or 2...
    It simply has this aura of none-perfection...
    Some things just have that thing...
    Some art drawings have that too...

    in hebrew there is a slang word for it: "AKOOM"
    i guess the translation to english would be - FLAWED, awkward, wrong way...

    It's not that the armor looks like it was done by amateurs,
    it DOES look like proffesional artists/whatever did it - it simply looks - NOT....
    You look at it and you say: "NO"
    You look at it and you think "this is wrong"

    It generally isn't good...

    Fallout 1 PA was PERFECT
    there was an aura of "there is NOTHING missing here... any additional pixel would ruin it, and any pixel REMOVED would ruin it... this is the EXACT thing ... THE thing - as if it was always there"

    Kinda like EARTH...
    It looks so good when you draw all the continents EXACTLY as they are, but can look bad even if you modify them a little, or draw them not so good...

    When you see a good drawing of earth it SHOUTS OUT - you can spot one from a distance...

    This is the aura of perfection.
    Which the new armor doesn't have.

    1. it looks like JUST an armor... nothing Fallout bout it
    2. it isn't perfect like the previous 2, but especially the FIRST...

    Klayhamn - ThieFoRent (and Teacher for Perfectology and Auras, in NMA... :) )
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    RE: besides

    I thought the first one looked ugly and if I was the vault dweller I would never wear it in public. The second one was good but the new one looks more modern more sleek.
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    Apr 3, 2003
    RE: besides

    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Jan-02-01 AT 03:18AM (GMT)[p]>I thought the first one looked
    >ugly and if I was
    >the vault dweller I would
    >never wear it in public.
    >The second one was good
    >but the new one looks
    >more modern more sleek.

    It isn't a fasion show.

    Retrotech looks bizarre to most of today's people, etc.

    Do you have "Tonight the Stars Revolt" by Powerman 5000?

    That CD booklet was done EXACTLY in retrotech pulp style - I love the robot, because I have one almost like it - made out of painted metal. The Fallout manuals were done in a retrotech nuclear disaster cartoon style reminiscent of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    This Spawn-bad-guy-looking bug shit ISN'T retrotech.
    Fallout's setting is part retrotech, as can be seen by the pic of the pre-BoS power armor and it's styles.

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    RE: besides

    What invention hasnt been modernized and fashioned up. If I made power armor of course the first few would look like crap cause I cared more about if it works, then I would spice it up to look spiffy. Take my programs for instance; first I make sure it works then I work on my code to make it work even better, and take less resources, then I make it look all pretty and user friendly.
    Maybe this armor is phase III or IV.
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    Apr 6, 2003
    RE: besides

    Part of the Fallout design was to be very retro. It's part of the style. Hell, just listen to the music they pick for the main themes of both games. Look at Highwayman in FO2 car or the Corvega in FO. Look at the Vault-Tec drawings or the "Leaving the Vault" film in Fallout 2. Look at the PipBoy2000 interface, it's klunky and monochrome.

    Fallout was designed to be like how people from the 1940s or 1950s would invision the game to be like. I think Rosh hit the right phrase dead on when he said it's supposed to look "Pulp". Fallout is very Pulp Sci-Fi.

    FOT seems to miss the mark in a major way with it's bug armor. The Power Armor is basically the trophy of the game. It's the centerpiece of design.

    Frankly, it wouldn't be that hard to fix the current PA to make it look more pulpish. Make a German WWI soldier's shell helmet that covers those horns. Then remove the pectoral and belly muscles on the torso plating.

    If you'll look at the concept for the FOT PA, you'll see that it didn't have those muscles on the torso. It also had a lot more hoses and things.
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    Apr 3, 2003
    Beware of low-flying aircraft. (nt)

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    Apr 2, 2003
    RE: besides

    Hm, I think one problem with the Fallout-World is, that it´s -how should I say- very fragile. Because it´s such a well balanced and subtle (I hope, that´s the right word, don´t have any dictionary around here) mix, 50s/pulp-scifi/western/cartoon/and-so-on you cannot change too much or you´ll destroy this balance.

    And what makes it even more difficult, is the fact, that the Fallout world changes with every (game-)year: the "world" when FO1 takes place, is a world, somewhere in between. There are still technologies, artifacts and habits from the time before the bombs fell, as well as new forms of living and new devices that are emerging. Hm, I don´t know, if you´ll understand, what I´m trying to say...it´s a world, that is much more developing and changing its face, than for example the average fantasy-world, where nothing changes for hundreds of years, if ever.

    Because of that, I was glad to hear, that FO:T takes place between the events of the two RPGs, not going further into future. Unfortunately this didn´t prevent the developers from giving us a Power-Armor, which seems to be taken from somewhere 500 years after the original Fallout (if not from somewhere completely different). I would have been glad, if the FO:T-Power-Armor would have been based very much on the original one, with some modifications.

    Everyone would be happy now. :-)
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    No, it isn't 500 years after the current fallouts, because the INSECT ALIENS took over earth only about 630 years later!
    So you couldn't see any insect armors before that!

    First it was human, a retrotech knight
    Then a bird, (or a WWI gasmask, in very dim light)
    200 years later,
    it looked like a gator,
    But eventually the BUGS made it right

    We shall add to it COLOR
    Ab muscles - a must...
    We added an antenna!! (don't ask).

    Klayhamn - ThieFoRent
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    Apr 2, 2003
    AAAAHH!!! LOL!!!

    This is VERY funny Klayhamm.
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    Wild thing - you make my phone ring...

    thnx... hehe

    You can see more of the thief's poems in the POETRY NIGHTS at the Cafe of Broken Dreams (whatever day you randomly encounter it, at 9:00PM)

    :) :)

    There is a Power Armor - over the Rainbow

    Somewhere, over the rainbow-
    (it's not so far)
    It's in - middle america,
    Just hop into your retro car

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Armors are - gay
    They come, in all of the colors
    Well, everything except for GRAY....


    (Be true - to the bugs in blue
    Be led - by the bugs in red!!)

    Klayhamn - ThieFoRent
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    Apr 2, 2003
    Two suggestions to improve the armor:

    1) Drop the chain which hangs over the shoulder (looks like in belongs in Warhammer 40K)

    2) Since the game is between FO 1 & 2, make the armor look like a blend of the two other armors. Kind of like that morphing program which changes a kitten into a tiger.
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    I agree about the chain...what is it for? why? self-srangulation? no. I read about the "abs" and musculature..i agree that they should remove that as well..add metal plating instead or something. I was also wondering about the "cape" that is always held on the side arm. Why is there a cape? and why is it not red? you could use it to provoke the brahmin in bullfighting. torro torro MMMooOOO!!

    I think it might be too late for them to make any big changes by now, though:(
  15. Saint_Proverbius

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    Apr 6, 2003
    Not to mention the horns on the helmet. Those horns are the worst part of the FOT PA, IMHO. They don't fit in the universe at all.

    Saint Proverbius

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    I think that the armour has a very classical look to it and that is very much in place. Look at the armor and you will see the greek/roman influnce on it. What is the Brotherhood of steal about? Rebirth this classical element is symbolic of that. Almost every rebirth in europe since the fall of rome has centered on bring roman greek ideology back to life. Why shoudnt this be true for the brotherhood of steal. It only makes sence and i think this new look is wonderful. It says Enlightenment all over it
  17. Saint_Proverbius

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    Apr 6, 2003
    >I think that the armour has
    >a very classical look to
    >it and that is very
    >much in place. Look at
    >the armor and you will
    >see the greek/roman influnce on

    Wrong historical period.

    > What is the Brotherhood
    >of steal about? Rebirth this
    >classical element is symbolic of
    >that. Almost every rebirth in
    >europe since the fall of
    >rome has centered on bring
    >roman greek ideology back to
    >life. Why shoudnt this be
    >true for the brotherhood of
    >steal. It only makes sence
    >and i think this new
    >look is wonderful. It says
    >Enlightenment all over it

    Firstly, the Brotherhood of Steel is not about Greco-Roman styling, they're about technology and preserving it. Every little bit of technology in Fallout is centered around an 1950s concept of what the future would be like.

    The FOT PA doesn't reflect this, therefore, it doesn't belong.

    Saint Proverbius

    "It takes a big man to admit they're
    wrong. It takes an even bigger man to
    smack that man with a super sledgehammer."
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    lol, if you guys could only sit back and listen to what you are saying. I have a cousin, and back when he was five years old he enjoyed pasta very much and his mom always made a special pastasause to go with it. One day she'd been on the 'net to look at some food recipies and found an idea to add to the flavor of the pastasaus. So she made him dinner with pastsause v2.0 and he immideatly complained that this was not good sause because it could only be one kind of sause! Any other sause or addition to the old would just destroy the whole damn dinner experience!
    Now, five years after, I talked to him and he said that he now enjoys both sauses but it took him a long while to admit to himself that both where actually good, and even longer to admit to anyone else. Some times the same dish taste diferent with different sauses, but it is pretty much the same dish. And after a while one sees the advantage, estethics and necessity to upgrade and improve, either it's a dish or an armor. One just need to have the courage to admit it ;)

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Get a clue, weaselnuts.
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    hehe, I'll wait until you evolve to the point of making intelligent replies before I even bother getting annoyed with you :-D lmao