Condensed Temple of Trials for Restoration Project 2.2+ 1.2

A simple mod that shortens the Temple of Trials.

  1. NovaRain
    Version 1.2 has two sets of the map mod:

    I removed the second elevation (hallway) of the map, so after going through the foyer you'll be in the inner sanctum directly.
    I also moved the impenetrable door and items from the hallway to the foyer. Now the very first door in the temple needs to be lockpicked.

    Copy the Data folder to your Fallout 2 directory and overwrite existing files.
    The "" in the _no_critters folder is the same condensed temple map but with all giant ants and radscorpions removed.

    Delete "" from Data\maps folder in your Fallout 2 directory, and rename "" to "".

    The map change only works if you haven't entered the temple yet.

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.2