Fallout 3 Compendium Mod 2019-10-04

Fallout 3 Compendium is an overhaul mod.

  1. Risewild
    Author: Dubby
    There's a complete list of credits in the README_F3C.txt file included in the archive.

    Below is a list of features currently present in this release of F3C.

    1. VATS
    *Your Accuracy with VATS depends on your Perception and your Skill with the weapon you have equipped
    *You may only attack once with each VATS attempt
    2. Action Points
    *Your actions cost Action Points in Real-Time
    *You can't access your pipboy, hotkeys, or combat if you run out of Action Points
    *Action Points regenerate at a rate of 9 points per second now
    3. Experience Points
    *Player acquires XP more slowly, and the XP required to level up is greater
    4. Skill Points
    *All skills start 10 points lower than before
    *Player receives 5+Intelligence skill points per level
    *Tagged skills receive +10 skill points AND gain two points for each skill point allocated, instead of one!
    5. Perks
    *Upon character creation (after the tutorial ends) you may select 0-2 traits
    *Perks can only be selected on even-numbered levels. Many perks have been improved, and many more have been added.
    6. Radiation
    *Water usage & rad immersion more hazardous
    *Sickness from exposure more serious
    *Rads no longer decay over time
    7. Injuries
    *Crippled legs are more serious
    8. Gun Mechanics
    *Gun condition more serious
    *Guns in poor condition can also jam or lockup during firing
    9. Game Mechanics
    *Health formulas rebalanced for player & NPCs
    *Carry Weight formulas rebalanced
    *Damage from being ON FIRE has increased slightly
    10. Weapons
    *Various Pistols are slightly more powerful
    *Automatic Rifles are more accurate, but not as accurate as single-shot rifles
    *10mm SMG is slightly more accurate, but not as much as automatic rifles
    *Gatling Laser uses Energy Weapons instead of Big Guns
    *Laser pistol/rifle extremely accurate and effective at great distances
    *Plasma weapons less accurate, more powerful, and fire more quickly
    *Plasma weapons exclusively use micro fusion cells, laser weapons exclusively use small energy cells
    *Sniper rifle & Hunting rifle have increased damage
    11. Restoratives
    *Food heals more health, and incurs greater rad intake
    *The food sanitizer improves healing from food by 50%
    12. Ammunition
    *Ammo prices changed slightly
    *Ammo has weight, but this will not be updated while the pipboy is open!
    13. Armor & Clothing
    *Power Armor gives more str, carries itself when worn, and provides better resistances
    14. NPCs
    *Traveling Caravans are now essential and thus will not randomly die as you travel the wasteland
    15. Bobbleheads
    *No longer provide bonuses
    16. NPCs charge more for repairing your gear (50% more)
    17. Merchant inventories respawn one day faster, and enemies respawn every 5 days instead of every 3
    18. Main Quest does not end with a Game Over
    19. Pipboy Light is easier to toggle on and off
    20. The World Map is able to zoom out farther
    21. Bloody Mess... is messier
    22. Jump mechanics have been slightly tweaked for comfort

    Note: This mod is quite old and contain some bugs and problems as described above. I am re-uploading it because it was a NMA community project and the original file was lost when Atomic Gamer was shut down.