A Tribute to Lead Fallout Tactics Concept Artist: Tariq Raheem.

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    Jul 5, 2022

    5 years ago on April 11th, 2018 it was announced on Social Media(primarily on Instagram) by his friends and family, that Fallout Tactics Lead Concept Artist Tariq Raheem had sadly passed away.
    So right now, I wanna take the time to share some of these pictures of his art and photography, in honor of his memory. Starting with the classics of his work on Fallout Tactics!





    Here's some concept art that he did for the cancelled Fallout Tactics 2,(the first attempt) for which it was supposed to take place in a swampy setting, that was allegedly somewhere around the southeastern part of America.(Florida)

    Oh, and here's an awesome redesign of the Midwest BOS Power Armor that he did back in December 2016.
    He called this one "Fallout Tactics BOS 2071" 8-)

    Now onto his non Fallout related work:

    Some cool fan art that he did of both Metro 2033 and it's sequel Metro: Last Light.

    The Creature from the Black Lagoon

    The Predator

    Carolyn Jones as Morticia Addams

    Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

    An old ink and pencil drawing that he did in 1990 of the rapper Ice Cube.

    And finally, here's some of his photography that he took from his time in Sri Lanka!

    Photos taken from his Instagram account: the_srilankanist





    And that's it!
    This man was quite the visionary with his work, he had a unique style and an eye for photography. And I've said this before on an Instagram post, so I'll say it again, here it is...
    To Tariq Raheem a brilliant and creative mind, and one of the key people to have created a unique artstyle and aesthetic for an underrated game from an amazing franchise! May he Rest in Peace.
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    Tactics has some great design, the Midwestern BOS power armor has gone woefully underappreciated. Everything he drew was oozing with patchwork, very fitting for the setting.

    Never noticed before that the Gator is wearing a loincloth in that Tactics 2 artwork.
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    Either a slight typo, or deliberate pun lol.
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    Welp, thanks for pointing that out. :rofl:

    :-D 8-)
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    That is sad to hear.
    Tactics might not have been the best Fallout game but I still enjoyed it and I liked designs such as the Calculator's robots.

    Didn't know he had made concept art for Metro 2033.

    Edit: I thought it was recently until I read the OP's post again.
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    He didn't, that's FAN ART for Metro 2033 and Last Light.