ACCC in 'straya orders refunds for Fallout 76

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    The Australian Competition and Consumer Comission has ordered Zenimax to allow certain refunds for Fallout 76. Apparently, ZeniMax tried to weasel out of refunds by claiming that customers can't have a refund if they bought Fallout 76 through the Bethesda Store or a third party retailer. I wonder where you could buy it then and have the right to a refund... But, of course, it was bollocks, and customers do in fact have the right to a refund according to 'straya.
    Classic :)
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    Zenimax must think Australia is the USA or something, does the USA even allow these bad practices? I bet they don't either.

    Steam tried to do something similar in the past and the courts pulled their ears and they now have to follow the Aussie laws and offer refunds of games that they didn't allow in the past or something. :lmao:
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    The US runs much laxer processes, but if court finds that Bethesda has been failing to deliver upon promises, there could be legal ramifications
  4. In the U.S., legal representation costs money, and having someone proactive enough in the right position, to milk money out of the pissed off 35 year old furry man-child demographic, is much harder to achieve.

    There are other ways to go without having to pay, but the process in paperwork and just the bureaucracy as it is would take decades.

    Take a look at the firefighters and first responders at 9/11, who are still currently trying to get the government to pay for their medical expenses.

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