After Reset - classic post-apocalyptic role-playing game

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    Jan 24, 2011
    Fallout 1&2 are unmatched. They are part of our youth forever :) But thank you ^_^
  2. MrNixon

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    Jan 24, 2011
    Well, first, anyone could back $15 for the game.

    Second, there large poster in capitals on SEA page:


    The current version of the Prologue is not finished yet. By purchasing our Early Access you are formally buying the game in current stage of development and any further updates till the final version. Although, the most important - you are actually supporting the development of our game and its quality.
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    Jan 24, 2011
    As you can see in Google, we didn't spend a cent on marketing/pr. I just try to keep transparency about the development.

    About resources... well, right now there are 3 people who toil full time. I don't mention free-lancers. You can estimate monthly OPEX.
    Going further, average cost of 1 3d model of the quality we use is about $600. We have about 80 of such models done for prologue. You can make a total of it.
    Oh, that cost of models is without skinning or/and bones or/and animations, of course. And without concept artists estimations, though before modelling there always concept arts stage.
    Don't forget about writing, voice overs, coding, UI design, level design, vfx design, vfx programming, audio (not only music, but UI sound sets, environment, ambiances, etc.).
    Don't forget about game mechanics work out which usually takes a year to prepare for programming.
    Don't forget about law part as well as management to drive all those to the release.

    After 7 GB of content done by our small team, after we put a year of our life into it, it is really sad to hear about "scum"...

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    A little thing that TOO MANY people, including so-called "consumer advocates" like Jim Sterling, seem to COMPLETELY overlook or otherwise totally misunderstand: buyer beware. I can understand a great many complaints about seeing an unfinished game going on a store for basically full game price, but you're not FORCED to buy it. There's the above mentioned disclaimers explaining the situation, there's other options, and most importantly there's consumer choice.

    For example: I'm more than likely not going to get FO4 until it sits on the market for a while and the price gets chopped into a fraction of its starting price, because I have no faith that it's worth my time and money when it comes out, at full price. That's my consumer choice. By contrast, I'm eagerly awaiting ARRPG, even though I have a long time left to wait for the full game (kinda disappointed by the pseudo-episodic release approach) and it's more than likely I'll pay full price up front for it. That's my consumer choice. Consumers don't need "advocates" telling us what we can and cannot buy, or how much we should be paying for what we want. We only need to be informed about our purchases, and producers need to be honest about what they're selling. At least it seems like all that's going on right here.

    On an unrelated note, I find it kinda ironic that I mentioned ARRPG recently in some other threads, and here you are, coming back to say a few words again. Coincidence? Or are you lurking that heavily? =)
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    Aug 3, 2015
    Yes. But as I understand, the game has been in development for quite a while, and they have enough content to MAYBE fill a single room, with little to no interaction with anything in said room, and they charge 50$ while saying "trust us. It's gonna be great." I don't do honor system. That's like me charging someone 2000$ to replace their hvac system while still being an apprentice and saying "trust me, when I'm a journeyman your system will be great." I don't do honor system, because I've been burned by it before.
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    Jul 1, 2012
    Your point being? That still falls under my entire explanation of "buyer beware". Likewise, if you don't "do" honor system, you probably don't do kickstarters either, right? It's no different than this Early Access, with the obvious exception that EA has SOME level of product completion to show for the efforts, whereas kickstarts are absolutely nothing more than promises.

    Choosing "no" just means YOU chose "no". It doesn't mean we should all decide "no". Let people do as they please, let some poor fools get scammed, let people have their faith rewarded, let skeptics be left to their own devices. You wanting to opt out is NO MORE than you wanting to opt out. It carries no more significance than that.
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    Nov 3, 2007
    This guy is hilarious. His super ego is the biggest scumbags that have ever been on the planet.
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    Aug 3, 2015
    I'm not sure I understand. I have a super ego because I don't want to pay a large amount of money for a product barely past the idea stage?
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    Jun 20, 2015
    Judging from what I've seen, the game has a lot of potential but the whole thing doesn't inspire me confidence. The project seems way too ambitious to ever be done, especially with the low budget and the small team. That kind of makes it look like a scam, so I'll wait and see.
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    Jul 1, 2012
    Well "wait and see" would be the operative terms, wouldn't you think?
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    Jan 24, 2011
    PATCH #102115 RELEASED

    Hi, guys!

    As I promised previously, we’re going back to monthly updates (SCRUM with 4 weeks sprint). You may have noticed that most tasks ("issues") left all concern programming. So, I'm hiring a couple extra programmers to speed up the development. I found them about 3 weeks ago, our lead programmer interviewed them, and each was given an assignment so we could test their skills.

    Well, one of them impressed us and has now joined our team. His task was one of the major GUI tasks involving Tag Panel programming (something you will see under any highlighted objects/creature/items). You can see his work in the new patch.

    There is another associate programmer still working on another task that we’ll talk about again in the November patch.

    PATCH NOTES #102115


    • Preset skills and feats added to default male and female characters.

    • Full screen resolution bug for Mac fixed.

    • Ability to put non-usable items in the hands slots blocked.
    • Camera distance now saves and keeps when loading new areas.


    • Tags added for all highlighted items/objects/creatures/containers on Special Facility level.
    • Tags added for all highlighted items/objects/creatures/containers on Science Facility level.

    • 3D pile model for loot created.
    • Scrap item for broken parts (if your character wears out armor or weapon) added.

    • Tag system for highlighted items/objects/creatures/containers embedded.



    1. Guys, I know that using default male/female characters to unlock containers, hack devices, and use the First Aid skill was a real pain in the previous update. Now, we’ve preset skills for those default characters. Therefore, you have decent chances for using First Aid, Science, and Lockpick skills.

    2. If you’re a regular tester I’d appreciate it if you checked out our Tag Panels for properly highlighted objects/creatures/containers/items over the next few weeks.


    Last Wednesday I got an interesting message from one of our backers. He indicated that recommendations on Steam don't count if there is no text included in the review box. I mean, I always thought that it didn’t require you to put any text there, just to click on "YES" under "Do you recommend this game?"

    Right now we have more than 2,000 people who activated the game on steam and checked it. We thought that Steam didn’t count votes from "retail activations," or that many were waiting for the prologue to be completed before making up your mind, which is totally fair.

    Since we’ve discovered this, I’d like to ask everyone who would recommend the game to take a few minutes out of your day to write a short review. A few sentences or a paragraph is more than enough to make your voice count.

    Even if you don’t recommend the game, we’d still like to hear your honest thoughts.


    We received several interesting lore-related questions on our Developer Q&A forum from littleONE. I’d like to share my answers with all of you today. There are no spoilers. The art by our dear Angelina :)

    Q: You mention that by 132 A.R. energy weapons almost displaced firearms in the Underearth, right?

    A: Indeed. Frankly, that happened even earlier, though that was caused by various economical, technological, social, and geographical reasons. It wasn’t just some egghead saying "wow, the future is coming... let’s get some cool energy weapons like in old Past Age sci-fi movies."

    The transfer took time and was motivated by costs. The manufacturing and maintenance expenses of the energy weapons and their ammo turned out to be cheaper than firearms (and probably more sustainable).

    Second, the UG technologies by that time allowed a smooth transition to that type of weapon (there is one sci-fi literary assumption about compact and cheap enough sources of generation, accumulation and storage of energy).

    Third, geographical whereabouts of Underearth cities (small caves, tunnels, and splits) required specific approaches to personal weapons. The UG’s police department needed silenced weapons, and anyone who’s fired a gun in a confined space knows how devastating it is to your eardrums. This is especially true for the first colonists who hadn’t yet launched the massive construction of the cave megalopolises.

    Fourth, social accessibility of atomic printers (by the last decades of the first century A.R.) made these weapons available to the middle class.

    Over time, each of the aforementioned reasons led to the eventual abandonment of conventional firearms.

    Looking ahead and speaking about the life of the Surface (by 132 A.R.), where the game will mostly take place, I might say that there is almost no energy weapons left in hands of Survivors or Natives. They may be rarely found, rather like the katana in Baldur’s Gate 1. Most of the firearms you’ll find among Survivors are DYI models like:

    However, Natives produce quite nice classic rifles as well as ammo for them. Also, the New Confederacy accumulates all working firearms left on the Surface from the Past Age.

    Q: Doesn’t everything that is powered by electricity have a massive vulnerability to EMP? Does that mean that any law enforcement or army force can be set out of order by EMI bomb that will burn their energy weapon?

    A: Well, according to EWF (abbr. Bureau of Energy Weapons, Firearms and Explosives) of the United Governments, all energy-based weaponry in Underearth can be categorized into four groups:

    Group A. The models for open civil market (some of them might have simple and cheap Faraday protection measures).

    Group B. Law enforcement grade weaponry (all of them have enhanced Molecular Faraday protection which allows to resist most of the EMI grenades from the open and black markets).

    Group C. Army grade models. Most of them are equal to Group B. but they also include special models developed since the beginning of second century A.R., especially for Military Corps with marking "FGO" – i.e. "For Ground Operations"... and that weaponry can even function within the Red Zones... at least theoretically.

    Group V. Private models (usually very expensive) developed and manufactured by the private order of privileged corporations. Might have all features from the groups above, but their legality is questionable.

    Group Z. Home-made energy weapons (usually don’t have any EMI protection). Most of them, as a spoon or kitchen knife, can’t be treated by the law as a weapon till they are used as a weapon.

    Q: I’d like to remind everyone that After Reset setting is a HARD SCI-FI setting. So, EMP should burn out any non-protected electronics. Not just switch it temporary like it usually does in most of "amateur" universes and popular TV-shows for housewives and teens. What about the aftermath of an EMP detonation? What will the Earth of After Reset be like?

    A: You’re right. By the 132 A.R. on the Surface you are unlikely to find any working electronics from the Past Age. Most of it was burned out during the Reset. The remnants of it were eaten by corrosion and radiation or by other environmental factors without remorse. However, some "gismos" (out of order) can still be found in arid desert environments (like several states of ex-USA) or in ice-covered ice deserts (like areas of ex-Africa).


    In the previous update I said that right before the release of that patch I found our archives of various builds of the game showing how the game would look like without your support. I promised to share those dead-ends of the AR evolution with you for fun. All builds are playable under Windows. Feel free to download them:


    That was our test of animations and "Mass-Effect"-like 3d view camera. Running, jumping, etc. Wasted.


    That is how the level design of the Gyes Bunker would look like without your help. After the successful Kickstarter campaign I got into the level design myself – the results and differences you might see in the current build. Wasted.


    That is the typical quality of the objects and items we received from most of the 3D modelers before you supported us on Kickstarter. Wasted.


    That is character design and his animation I used to receive by 3d character artists and animators. And yes, the author really named it as "BunkerLiver" :) Never accepted. Wasted.


    That was the attempt to create proper elevator tile... Better, yes, but far from our current level. Very far.
    Anyway, the author suddenly disappeared. It happens very often when you’re just a one-man indie and no one knows you. Some of the freelancers just disappear after 2-4 weeks of work. Others vanish with your prepayment. After the Kickstarter campaign that happened only twice (both with programmers in 3-6 weeks of work).


    That was the first test of old GUI before the Kickstarter when we experiment how would AR be in a multiplayer MOBA style. Wasted.


    Finally, here is three builds that we test Engine Drone animations before importing them into the game. I bet you’ll enjoy them and will be waiting to assemble and walk around with them in our future updates/patches. :)

    * * *

    Once again, thanks for your support and cheering!
    Back to work on the next update.

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    Jan 24, 2011
    I’ve just streamed the development of a couple of dialogues from the game on Twitch. It is just preparation of the dialogue tests I wrote with some voiceovers. It illustrates how relatively simple dialogue converts into the data for the game: Interesting moments of the test of the real dialogues from the game are on 00:03:36 and 02:21:09.

    The dialogue with Quanton remastered:
    Through the prologue you will not be forced to repair or/and switch on that VI. But if you do that it will bring that dialog (one from several of Quanton) to life... Thought, I can’t say or judge if that action would be smart or not because I don't know if I would try do that in real life... Anyway it will be up to you to decide.

    Keep in mind: those interfaces you will see are not from the game, they are just for testing.
  13. MrNixon

    MrNixon It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jan 24, 2011
    PATCH #251115 RELEASED
    Today 09:40 AM, MrNixon

    Good morning, guys!

    Today we are posting a fresh monthly patch/update with some curious stats from our Steam page.

    PATCH NOTES #112515



    • Added sounds to pick/drop/equip inventory actions.

    • Added descriptions for all highlighted items/objects/creatures/containers on Special Facility & Science Facility level(s).

    • Created a laser pistol for the UG MP.

    • Added description system for highlighted items/objects/creatures/containers.
    • Added item & creature identification mechanics.
    • Added an XP gain for the successful use any character skill.
    • Added mechanics for broken items.


    The most important part of the new game mechanics is the description and identification of creatures and items. We revealed this earlier in Tutorial’s preview on our forum: link.

    The main idea behind all of these mechanics is to be able to check and use your skills to get information about anything in the game world, and to get an advantage from doing so.

    For now, the interface mechanics use the Right Mouse Button to open the Description panel and initiate the identification process. The results of the checks are displayed in the log panel at the bottom left part of the screen. When you successfully pass any skill check (Expertise, First Aid, Science, Repair, etc.) your character receives XP based on the check roll.

    So, any item in the inventory or in containers (later), or on the floor/ground/tables etc., can be checked by clicking on them RMB. As well as everything in the game world you’re travelling that might be highlighted when you mouse over – everything has its own descriptions.

    If you’re regularly testing our patches, please take note of the following and report any bugs you find:
    - check repairing terminals (e.g. the broken one which controls IMPASS field close to the Security Room);
    - hacking terminals (e.g. the one which controls WC door at the room you character awakes);
    - using First Aid (with the FA Kit and without it);
    - study (by clicking RMB) every highlighted object/creature at Special Facility and Science Facility levels.

    Also, please comment below this news if you’d like to be able to study any object on those Special Facility and Science Facility levels (if those objects are not highlighted yet). With screenshots and a clear description of what you’re referring to. So far, I’ve written all dialogues and descriptions while the programmers work on coding. I might be able to create extra lore/descriptions that you’re interested in if they fit the game plan and situation your character is in.


    I’m proud to present you a couple of hard sci-fi laser pistols from After Reset world, 132 A.R:

    PHELP-14 stats and lore description can be found here: link.

    And for PHELP-14 MK2: link.

    For full-HD screenshots on these (and other items) check our DeviantArt page.

    The second and more advanced version (the PHELP-14 MK2) you’ll be able to find during the Prologue (as it is used by the Military Police of UG’s Army).


    In addition, it looks like finally everyone activated their keys on Steam, so I’d like to share some general stats that might help other Indie devs that are among our backers :)

    There are 2,178 people who activated the game and launched it at least once. Within them there are only 18 people on Mac and only 5 people on Linux (that doesn’t mean we are going to stop supporting those platforms!).

    The map of activations shows the groups of our fans by countries:

    And some specs of their PCs:

    Finally, one of the most promising stats is the amount of Steam users (not backers or customers yet) that added our game into their wishlists (thus are waiting for the game completion) – a total of 6,662 people.

    * * *

    At the end of this update I’d like to remind everyone that right before this post I’ve published the closed update (for backers only) with the financial report as well as about all major issues we faced and solved, issues that slowed us down. So, if you’re a backer, please check it out!

    Thanks, everyone! We’ll get back to work on the root Records->Quests->Dialogs for the next update.

    See you, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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    MrNixon It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jan 24, 2011
    Morning, guys!

    This Christmas update is devoted to our new patch that includes numerous tweaks and bug fixes. As well as the news about our TFoG graphic novel release, several personal thanks and cool article about armors design in video games.

    PATCH NOTES #123115


    • Character's emotions/alignment amended for showing on the custom-made characters.

    • Background scene for Charlist/Inventory changed.
    • Stealth Mode effect now doesn’t apply on character model in Charlist.

    • Current weight rounding in Charlist/Inventory amended.
    • Stacked usable items activation from hands fixed.



    • Unique sounds for putting on each type of apparel added.
    • Unique sounds for eating/drinking/inhaling added to relevant usable items.

    • Journal Records to PCs at Special Facility level added.
    • Journal Records to PCs at Science Facility level added.

    • Status bar for indication of using items added.
    • Character Stats List revised.
    • Fonts styles for in-game UI revised and unified.
    • UI for Journal Records section of the Charlist added.

    • Stack system for items in the Inventory added.
    • Stacked items used through the hand slots embedded.
    • Ability to use relevant items in Inventory added.
    • Journal mechanics added.

    • Various usable items added into the char's Inventory.
    • Various equipable apparel items added into the char's Inventory.


    If you regularly test our monthly patches please check out the Journal Records and Apparel that we've presented in this patch. Feel free to share your impressions and report any bugs we missed.

    During the font styles revision I've encountered the major issue why the GUI and fonts in it might looks small for the screen resolution different from 1920x1080 I use (and 56% of you, guys, use as well). The case was that despite I designed the scheme of the GUI for 1024-resolution and higher – it was meant to be no scaleable with the twisting of resolution. Though our programmers made it so that it scales with the resolution different from 1080i. We'll fix that in the next update. So that the font and GUI elements will look on any resolution 30% bigger than GUI for Fallout Tactics (HD edition).


    As you might see we've recently changed the logo of the studio. The fresh variant was born during the work on Fall of Gyes game app for App Store (as you might know one of our extra candidate for programmer vacancy has been working on it as a test). It turned out the new logo matched for publishing, designing and conceptual purposes.

    Here I should give my personal thanks to Kyndra from Apple support for attentive attitude and swift help in identification and resolving various issues on the fly.

    As well as I feel like to give my thanks to Maria for identifying several important issues on out Steam page (thanks to her we've also find out that our free tech demo on Steam can't be downloaded for some time... we work on the issue with Steam support).


    I'm also quite glad to announce that The Fall of Gyes graphic novel is now available on ComiXology as of Wednesday, December 23, 2015. Just in time for Christmas! We've been working on it since the beginning of this year but we're very pleased to see it on the website.

    We're proud to have the experience under our collective belts, including everything from creation to physical production and worldwide distribution. We look forward to producing another one…

    I would also like to ask that everyone please share these links with your social cloud and help us raise awareness for the product:

    Reviews are also great, if you feel so inclined!

    Thanks in advance! As always I'll post financial information and other relevant details in the upcoming months (ComiXology does not provides any stats till the quarter reports).


    As you might already know, After Reset RPG is on the way to be the first hard sci-fi video game as opposed to most fast-food video game approaches designed for mainstream appeal. This imposes certain obligations and leads to realism in every part of our development. Finding ways to get these puzzle pieces to work together is often a difficult and time-consuming struggle. I'd like to show you some examples from popular games and myth-bust their flaws while sharing some information about our approach to hard sci-fi armor designs.

    First of all, I'd like to warn you that after reading the lore below you likely won't be able to play most of the modern games or watch most of the TV-shows without non-stop facepalms. Perhaps there is something to be said for stylization in these works, but just as classic movies show heroes unloading thousands of rounds from their Ak-47 without ever reloading, we can’t help but chuckle at the absurdity of such oversights.

    N.B. Here I'll show our hard sci-fi approach to armor design with U.G. Pacifier Body Armor (PBA). The screen above is the work in progress. It has recently past from engineering phase to product design phase (in our R&D process).


    Myth: The female body clearly differs from the opposing gender; therefore armor manufacturers produce special variants of armors for women of every breast size. Right?

    Reality: Although there are some exceptions (Joan of Arc, Queen Boudicca, Artemisia, Grace O'Malley to name a few), a historical overview shows that very few women served in a military capacity before World War I, and most of those were non-combat medical or logistic duties. Although it's true that metal (particularly plate) armors from the Middle Ages were custom-made for the nobles who commissioned them, there simply wasn't a large supply for women and it was considered uncouth for a woman to wear armor. A knight's full-plate also weighs upwards of eighty pounds, and is difficult to walk around in even for very athletic men. Secondly, most women can fit comfortably into the same armor that men wear (or a size for men slightly taller), and modern Kevlar vests are unisex. Finally, form-fitting plate designs are very ineffective because this redirects the force of an impact right into the vital organs. Fantasy armors where the female body is exposed are even more ridiculous, but more on that in a second.

    In After Reset RPG: Here I'll show our hard sci-fi approach to armor design with U.G. Pacifier Body Armor (PBA). As it’s predecessors from the Past Age (IBA, MTV, IOTV, SPCS, PASGT etc.) and the armor is unisex. For female characters with the requisite constitution we made a custom fit, realistic look for the armored female body. Forget it fellas. There's no Xena the "Warrior Princess" in AR RPG.


    Myth: Female warriors prefer less armor so they can be more agile, right?

    Reality: If you think a bra-and-thong counts as armor, I'm not sure what to say. CollegeHumor already busted this myth in a way I like, so I’ll be brief: the purpose of armor is to protect the five most vital organs (brain, heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs) against specific weapons. Leather and metal armors are designed to deflect glancing melee attacks (but were still vulnerable to piercing weapons), while modern Kevlar can stop small caliber rounds in their tracks.

    Historically it’s true that the Greek hoplites wore little to no armor (usually only a linen wrap covering the genitals and a bronze helm), they compensated with the aspis (a large round wooden shield gilded with bronze) and doru (long bronze spear). At the time, this made sense because iron and steel had not yet been discovered, and the large shield was the only means to protect warriors from volleys of arrows. As there was no armor that could turn or stop a direct thrust of sword or spear, and the shield already weighing seventy pounds, less is more for the purposes of mobility. However, these warriors are believed to be exclusively male, and the fighting style became obsolete after iron working.

    In After Reset RPG: Once again, U.G. Pacifier Body Armor (PBA), as well as other armors you’ll find in the game, is unisex. It was designed to protect those crucial five human organs from energy weapon damage (since it is the most common type weapons in Underearth) and from some kinetic damage. With that PBA is considered light armor and its design tailored to the underground cities of the U.G. (Police Departments) and military bases (Military Police). Its weight and flexibility grant minimum movement restrictions for the wearer.


    Myth: A decent armor needs a good cloak. I mean, you'd get cold without one, right? Especially in space!

    Reality: In all fairness, some cloaks were used defensively during the Renaissance, and the owner could wind it around his hand and provide some small protection from an enemy's rapier. In the Crusades it was also common for knights to wear cloaks over their armor to reflect sunlight and keep them cool in the desert. However, in battle the cloaks would be removed as they hinder movement. Nowadays, the cloaks on the "warriors" you'll me likely to see only on a tribesman of some isolated islands; but even so it would be just an accessory.

    In After Reset RPG: Some of you might have already noticed that our inventory screen has no slot for a cloak. Though your character has a Backpack or Rucksack slot, and there are some in-game cloaks that can be put in that slot (if the equipped armor doesn't block that slot at all). Some of them should provide some resistance to environmental damage (it gets very cold in the Great Desert at night, you know) but they will have an Agility penalty on character as well. However, I can assure you that there are no cloaks over high-tech armors worn by the sane inhabitants of the State of Eagle.


    Myth: The heavier spikes – the more I'm protected. Haven't you seen the recent Mad Max movie? Do you remember those deadly spiked porcupine cars? Awesome!

    Reality: There are many reasons why there are no spikes, horns, tubes, and other decorating heresy on real life armors, even those made out of scraps. The best-case scenario is a reduction of armor effectiveness, but it is very possible to puncture or cut yourself just by moving. During the Middle Ages knights really worn some decorated accessories over the armor but they were worn for parade events and/or were made from fragile materials to be swiftly removed in combat. In modern warfare some armors may be painted and so forth, but any physical adornments will only weigh down or distract. Experienced soldiers know that reflections, noise, and hindered movement are all great ways to get yourself killed.

    In After Reset RPG: There are no spikes, horns, valves, or near-useless sporting equipment used as armor for Underearth dwellers or survivors on the Surface. As you can see on U.G. Pacifier Body Armor (PBA), the design of armor is focused on physical and environmental protection. Effectiveness is the credo of most of the U.G.'s designs. Though, you'll definitely meet variants of "tire armor" among the Survivors. As a lot of tires from the Past Age are in usable condition by 132 A.R., they could grant decent protection from DYI melee weapons and are malleable for crafting purposes.


    Myth: True battle armor must be made from solid, dense heavy metals. When a soldier in such armor moves, runs, jumps and make awesome acrobatic tricks, the metal simply bends and conforms to their body.

    Reality: Full-plate armors are notoriously bulky and restrictive, and they absolutely do not bend at all. If they do become bent or displaced by an impact, the armor often becomes worthless and in some cases can only be removed by breaking it apart. A real person caged in such solid metal armor will not be able to walk very well yet alone run and jump. Also, modern-day alloys (for armor) are designed to be as lightweight as possible so that soldiers can carry more ammunition, gadgets, etc.

    In After Reset RPG: As it is for the weapon design or for chem design, we studied the history of armor and discussed the topic with engineers and military specialists. We then work on prototype schematics that could theoretically be manufactured today (though the prototypes very expensive). We work out the proper materials based on real science, and always with an eye for functionality. Only after that do we reduce its cost according to technology projections and environmental changes resulting from the apocalypse in the After Reset setting.

    The major protective components installed in the PBA armor vest are ceramic, wool with spongy nano-structure for protection from focused electromagnetic energy (laser) or directed charged particles (plasma). These soft and light components are filed with polyethylene glycol (PEG) mixed with nano-particles of silica to protect against penetrating mechanical injury. Standard exterior cover of the PBA is usually produced from cut resistant fabrics.

    The PBA armor supports custom modifications and is compatible with MOLEE and GLICE systems. For more than 50 years PBA served the Underearth's Police Department (submitted to the UG's Social Corps) and Military Police (submitted to the UG's Military Corps). Around 120s A.R., when the rumors of possible returning on the Surface appeared, UG Army began to experiment on these armors for Ground Operations. After restoring research to that of the Past Age, Spongy Beryllium Plates (SBP) were selected as the fittest kinetic protection modes for the PBA. Being made from extremely lightweight (~0.9-1.1g/cm3) Be2B, Be4B and TiBe12 compos, the SBP grants extra kinetic protection for the spine, heart, spleen, kidney of the soldier with a ballistic efficiency over "1." Unfortunately, by 132 A.R. even modified PBA body armors lacked the sufficient capacity and popularity to replace medium and heavy armor sets for Ground Operations.

    According to United Governments Intellectual Property Office (UGIPO), the Diamond Military Technologies (or DMA Technologies), a Helios-based armor manufacturing company, owns the patent for PBA armor and its modifications. While they are best known for their PBA body armor, by 132 A.R. they also produced reinforced materials for use on vehicles and buildings.


    Myth: These brutal braces and grieves made from some leather or metal to protect from cold, weapons, bullets... besides, with them equipped I don't need any other armor and go topless to strut my muscular body in combat. I am so agile that I’ll be able to catch and parry all hits and bullets like Spartacus!

    Reality: Although soldiers need all of their limbs to be combat efficient, the arms and legs are typically the least protected parts of the body from any historical or modern timer period. Any armor that protects these limbs typically hinders movement and simply makes easier to hit, and dodging bullets is far superior to any armor.

    Needless to say, this armor simply doesn’t cover any of the vital organs and leaves you totally exposed.

    In After Reset RPG: As it is true for reality, our hard sci-fi video game treats greaves and braces as accessories rather than battle-kits. Some of them provide very slight evasion bonus, but the majority are either for fun or for slight skill boosts. They are certainly not a substitute for armor.


    Myth: If a solider is equipped with a suitably advanced full body armor he/she doesn't need to answer to the nature call any more.

    Reality: Actually, some space suits do have waste removal systems, but those are not combat suits. In practice it is common for soldiers to defecate as normal people, you know, and soldiers want to be able to get out of their gear quickly in any case. Any armor requiring more then a few minutes to put on or take off would be extremely undesirable, and most modern video games seem to ignore this completely. It is often looks even impossible to imagine how the character or an NPC get in that thing.

    In After Reset RPG: We keep that nature-call factor under consideration when we design hard sci-fi armors for After Reset setting. For example, the NBC suit you can already put on in the current game build has built in portable Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS).


    Myth: Camouflage can be functional and still look cool, right?

    Reality: No. Camouflage is designed to do one thing and one thing only - to disrupt the silhouette of the person wearing it so that they blend in with the combat environment through crypsis (to obfuscate) or mimesis (imitation). In nature, very few animals have bright colorings for this very reason. They tend to have mostly dull brown and green hues, with some exceptions for desert or winter environments. Without exception, camouflage is designed to be as unremarkable as possible.

    For more information, check out the Alfred Yarbus experiments or in-game lore.

    In After Reset RPG: Originally, we designed the MCU Desert uniform for the U.G. Army, and it's camo painting, we spent about a month to do it properly. It's so realistic that the player may have trouble seeing their character on screen, and we decided to give it another pass from a lore and technological/gameplay viewpoint. We then weighed that against a fictional assessment of the technological superiority of the U.G. Armed Forces (by 132 A.R.) combined with a relative threat-assessment of the Incorporeals and surface dwellers to get our final result.


    Myth: Gotta have a holster for your iPhone, ropes, spare mags, flashlights… the list goes on. Anything you wear increases your protection, right?

    Reality: Using MOLLE/ALICE systems real life soldiers only wear the minimum of gear required to complete a specific mission. Anything extra just weighs you down and is better left behind. Fatigue is a real problem on the battlefield, and you need to be able to run and fight in what you’re wearing. They are not Mr. Handy, they are specified tools of warfare. Even if some of the gear deflected a bullet, the ricochet would still likely cause serious injury. So, more gear does not equal more protection.

    In After Reset RPG: During the development of the armors and other protective gears for various fractions we consider the relevant purpose and assignment of each gear we worked on. That means that each element on the armor you'll see on the game's characters was put there with some realistic and specific purpose. Before we add these new composites to the game, we give them the Trial of Curiosity (as we call it), and our testers ask: "What is that? What it is for? What it is made from? Why this is right here? How much does it cost? How does it work?"

    If we can't answer these questions, we go back to the drawing and engineering board.


    Myth: More visibility is good, right?

    Reality: The body cannot survive without the brain, so putting on a fifty-pound armor and then going into battle without a helmet is quite insane. The issue boils down to development costs and the fact that (for story purposes) you often want a character’s face to be visible so you can distinguish them. I personally dig modern shemaghs and find them very practical.

    In After Reset RPG: It is up to you whether you want to wear headgear or not, but there simply isn’t a good combat-relevant reason not to wear them.


    After sharing my thoughts about these popular myths, I want to be clear that I’m not trying to belittle the work of all the developers, artists, and writers who worked on the games mentioned or shown in the screenshots. Their hands are often tied and the final results the responsibly of the producers, directors, and CEOs who funded the game. Also, you could simply group them as a stylized sub-genre of sci-fi that doesn't seek to achieve realism. However, I certainly appreciate games that go the extra mile.

    I just want to show how hard we're working on the lore and detail in the After Reset setting to make it special and unique. We're pouring our heart and soul into the creation of every prop or in-game item, even if it takes us three times as long to do it. As one guy (Morrandir) wrote on RPGWatch: we are on a mission to show that a great and realistic RPG can still be made on an Indie budget.

    * * *

    Christmas is a season of joy and love, but it's also a time for reflection.

    We think of those who are closest to our hearts, even though they may be far away in miles. We pause to give special thought to those in need, and to the universal bonds that link all gamers in brotherhood if not in blood. In doing so, we touch on something basic and good in the human spirit, a special grace that makes this a time of giving, and of forgiving - in short, good will toward men.

    As we give to one another, let us give of ourselves. For one of the lessons of Christmas is this: among greatest gifts to man is the gift of giving itself, and the more we give of ourselves the more of ourselves we have to give.

    Once again I'd like to thank everyone who contributed, posted, reviewed, and purchased After Reset as we could never have got this far without your support.

    Merry Christmas, and may the Force be with you!

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  15. Dr Fallout

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    Aug 17, 2015
    One of the things I like about your website are the myth busting and all that. Good show!
  16. MrNixon

    MrNixon It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jan 24, 2011
    Thanks ^_^
  17. Dr Fallout

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    Aug 17, 2015
    Welcome! I'm really excited for this, even it's suppressed due to an obviously large amount of time left for you guys, but keep up the good work!
  18. Eumesmopo

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    Dec 6, 2012
    That concept art is stunningly beautiful.
  19. MrNixon

    MrNixon It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jan 24, 2011
    Hi, guys.

    In today’s monthly news update we’ve got a juicy patch for the AR RPG, some fresh and inspiring statistics, and a bit of info about The Fall of Gyes app release on Steam. I know there are several dozen indie devs among our backers, as well as even more guys pondering about how to get into the industry with a personal project, and that’s why I’m so transparent about our stats, experiences, and insights that I hope will be useful to all of you.

    PATCH #031816 RELEASED


    • Music loop in Main Menu fixed.


    • Female clothes skins fixed.


    • Container panel reworked.
    • Quantity panel reworked.
    • Character Panel icons changed.

    • Inventory mechanics revised.
    • Apparel mechanics revised.
    • Containers mechanics revised.
    • Drop mechanics revised.
    • Character speed after encumbrance level is off now, returns to the normal state.


    • Quests at Special Facility level added.
    • Containers at Special Facility level filled with random items.
    • Containers at Science Facility level filled with random items.
    • Ivy awakening dialog added.


    • Light armor for UG Military Police forces created and added.

    • Quests UI added.
    • Dialogues UI added.

    • Quest Mechanics added.
    • Dialogs Mechanics added.
    • Random loot mechanics added.
    • Random container’s content mechanics added.
    • Random DC (Science, Lockpick, Repair) for Electronic and Mechanical locks added.
    • Data saving (character, containers, loot, locks, doors) while travelling between areas added.


    1. As it was planned, we’ve embedded another part of cool randomness of PnP RPG to our game’s mechanics.

    First, all containers and locks (electronic and mechanical) you meet in the updated build and onward will have random Difficulty Class for Repairing, Lockpicking, Hacking actions set in range relevant to the area type those containers and locks located.

    Second feature represents the sandbox randomness of the loot and containers’ content. Enhancing our engine with game designer module for work with items and containers, I’ve been able to add more than 100 items from the database on our forum to the proper random lists for each container of the Special Facility and Science facility levels. Feel free to test how it works.

    Finally, the third is a shard of randomness in NPC behavior, dialogues and quests. The idea is to set random behavior and dialogues to various NPCs. All that implies nobody knows for sure if an NPC would be in a mood to talk with you, trade with you or give you a quest. Nobody even knows if the NPC would be in right place and time to meet you. That mechanics should work before any classic checks like: your alignment, your reputation, your achievements, your STATS, etc. A half part of the game should be defined by your destiny only.

    2. I double-checked the graphic settings in our build and figured our that our visual capabilities is used less than at 25% (like maximum textures content and resolution, filtration, details, 3d postprocessing, lightning, materials, etc). Analyzing PC/MAC data of our fans who activated the game on Steam now I’ve just slightly move the visual quality indicator 5% up. Your machines should cope with that.

    I’m still sure that the decision to create all assets of AAA quality (4k resolution full set of textures with high details geometry) was the right decision. Thus, we won’t have to redo all stuff with every chapter till the final game release, but just switch the level of quality allowed higher and higher. So that even by the final release our quality will be dignified.


    Here I’d like to share some fresh and inspiring stats about our forces gathering to take back Nassau to come to release looms on the horizon.

    First off, we finally reached 7,000 wishlist adds on Steam. Frankly, for the time I prepared this news for our Editor to the today’s release of the news, this amount rose by 63 more fellow fans. That quite decent and inspiring amount fuels our passion and dedication as we see how many people want to play the game we’re working on. Thank you all who added us, guys!

    I also can’t ignore the 200+ people who purchased (and keeps purchasing weekly) our EA version in this very EARLY stage. I encourage everyone who wants to support us to add After Reset to their wishlist, and for those of you who have made purchases, please do give us feedback. Frankly, I privately and publically asked all media/reviewers not to post any reviews until the prologue is complete. I also didn’t use the Steam Promotion we’ve been granted for our marketing arsenal. Till the release, we don’t need the publicity. But as I said, I can’t skip thanking those 200+ people who backed us on Steam despite all the negative comments such as: ‘Flint is dead’, ‘this game will never be completed’, ‘$50 for nothing’. In these circumstances I think you all are some of the most loyal supporters AR has and should be rewarded somehow. I’ll revisit this topic at a later date.

    Regarding our current fan base from Kickstarter and from Direct Pledges, I’ve collected and united all the data to prepare one database that will give us a better view of the people aboard our AR RPG ‘capital ship.’

    There are around 3,700 fans on KS/DP/Forum from the following countries:
    United States: 37%
    United Kingdom: 8%
    Russian Federation: 7%
    Germany: 6%
    Canada: 5%
    Australia: 5%
    France: 4%
    Sweden: 3%
    Others: 25%

    This data correlates with the viewers/customers data on Steam (I finally set GA properly).

    Beyond that, the mystery of this large amount of backers from KS who didn’t receive our letters with the key in time dispelled. When I applied e-mail server data validation check on e-mail entered on Kickstarter – around 62% of the e-mails turned out to be invalid. It’s hard to see when you browse through 3000 e-mails but easily indicated after such automated validation. Anyway, we manually fixed all errors, sent all keys missed by the system, and we’ll be sure to use e-mail validation in the future.


    I’m not going to talk about this any further as you already know about this, our small ‘assault frigate’ constructed by our other Kickstarter project related to After Reset universe. I just wanted to mention it in this briefing for those few who may have missed the previous announcements. For more info, check the update history.

    As of previous Friday, we successfully launched the Fall of Gyes on Steam:

    Despite our small team, I’d like to add full voice acting for the FoG app and by purchasing it and up-voting it people can help to make that upgrade a reality. The product also helps to familiarize people with the After Reset setting and I think it turned out to be really decent. Beyond that, extra funds we receive from the FoG app will be used to make more of the same visual stories with more choices (leading it to be like Telltale's games) and to invest further into our primary ‘capital ship,’ ‘the big RPG of our dreams’ - After Reset RPG.

    The other benefit from the reworking the FoG graphic novel as a kinetic novel/app and launching it through various platforms is the experience and data collected. As our indie studio’s credo of transparency indicates, I’m publishing all costs and market insights about the FoG app on its Steam Discussion page (if you develop your first indie visual novel, quest or some game for iOS, you’ll be really interested in it): LINK.

    Important Note A: Please keep in mind that this FoG creation was just a test for our new programmer that I’ve now hired, as he has shown a great deal of competence and work ethic. The production of this app was not paid for with funds from the After Reset or Fall of Gyes Kickstarter campaigns. As you might remember, we passed through six months of coding issues in the previous year when programmers vanished (with or without prepayment) or ruined the code several times. Making a mistake is only human, repeated mistakes is another matter entirely. I’m now very cautious about crew selection and introductory tasks, and don’t do any prepayments with people who haven’t proven themselves.

    Important Note B: Those of you who have and activated The Fall of Gyes as DLC for the AR RPG, thank you for you early bird support of it on Kickstarter and by Direct Pledge. You don’t need to purchase the kinetic novel version we are releasing today. You will find the kinetic version (for WIN) inside your DLC folder within a month or so at no charge. Though, as it will be there as a separate DRM-free file, sadly you won’t be able to vote for us on app's Store page . That’s okay, though. You’ve done a lot for After Reset already, so thanks!

    * * *

    Thanks for rooting for us, fellas!
    Getting back to the sails, the release of the prologue looming on the horizon!

    Add us on Steam Early Access.
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    Join After Reset RPG official website.
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    Apr 7, 2014
    I have to ask. When did the Reset/Apocalypse happen? It looks like it happened sometime in maybe the late 22nd century.