Aliens Vs. Predator (the 2010 fps, not the old one)...

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  1. Serge 13

    Serge 13 Cranium Cat oTO Orderite

    Jul 20, 2006
    I played the demo right now(ps3 version) and i must say that it wasn't anything special. controls weren't that good either. I don't think the game will be anything special.

    I think people should play the Battlefield Bad Company 2 demo and forget this game ever existed! :p
  2. victor

    victor Antediluvian as Feck

    Dec 12, 2003
    I was disappointed. I thought it would be a single player demo. Multiplayer, meh!
  3. aenemic

    aenemic Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Jun 4, 2008
    besides the very limited controls of the Marine, there's really only one thing about the MP demo that makes me a bit worries about the SP game. this worry is also based on the Predator teaser trailer I was a while ago:

    it seems like killing someone in melee combat takes several hits and it's almost impossible to make a one-shot kill. this is more understandable for MP (although still a bit weird) but judging from the Predator teaser, the player doesn't just run up to the marines and gut them like he's supposed to - they take several hits to put them down.
  4. Serge 13

    Serge 13 Cranium Cat oTO Orderite

    Jul 20, 2006
    If you approach the marines from behind you can perform a one hit kill.
  5. Hoxie

    Hoxie King Queer oTO Orderite

    May 19, 2008
    Plus, if you land a heavy attack and time it right, you can grab them for a deathblow as well.
  6. OakTable

    OakTable Vault Senior Citizen

    Nov 26, 2009
    GameInformer is fucking retarded.

    There are so many face-palmingly bad statements in this. Here's the list.

    1. Predators being stealthy is bad- What in the fu... I assume he's never seen the original, in which the Predator is cloaked until the very end.
    2. Aliens crawling on walls is disorienting- I do agree it takes getting used to, but after a few matches, you get it down. I assume this guy didn't and felt very butthurt about it.
    3. The flashlight is dim- "Gosh, what are they trying to do? Create a scary atmosphere by limiting your sight range? I never saw that in the movies."
    4. The motion tracker is loud- Wasn't this something the original game was praised for? Ya know, the loud beeping was supposed to scare the fuck out of you because you knew 5 Xenos were going to claw your fucking face off?
    5. Only mentions Deathmatch- "Oh dear! I spent so much time failing in the Alien campaign that I can only play 1 match before I have to type this up! Uhhh, Deathmatch! Alright, let's play this and base the entire review off the single-player."
    6. Lighting is bad- "Gosh, it sure is dark without any bloom or HDR. Minus -.5 points."
    7. Game is listed as being for consoles only, despite a PC version existing- This is just plain dumb. I need not say anything about this.
    8. Limited Melee combat in Predator campaign- What is this, Street Fighter? You are not going to punch out an acid-spewing abomination all the time.

    He also mentions linearity (Call of Duty MW 2 was ultra linear and it got a 9.75), and AI problems (coming from the guys who praised Oblivion for it's wonderful AI). I assume Rebellion forgot to give GI advertising money and they got mad over it.
  7. radnan

    radnan A Smooth-Skin

    Dec 1, 2006
    played the demo

    while i'm aware its limited to Direct X 9

    it's really a let down

    bad lighting (very important in a AVP game), worse controls (damn you console ports), laughable animation, weak weak weapon feel
  8. SharkClub

    SharkClub Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Dec 6, 2008
    It's a rare occasion that I agree with you OakTable, but this is one of those times.
  9. zioburosky13

    zioburosky13 Vault Senior Citizen

    Jun 24, 2004
    Rebellion forgot to give him some girls too :ugly:
  10. Aphyosis

    Aphyosis Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Nov 4, 2009
    Totally still buying it just to rub it in my censoring shithead governments face that i just stabbed a dude through the eye sockets and there's already millions of copy's selling.
  11. aenemic

    aenemic Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Jun 4, 2008
    a reason as good as any.

    I'm getting it simply because it's AvP. if it's actually really good, then that's just an added bonus :D
  12. MrBumble

    MrBumble Vault Fossil

    Jan 17, 2006
    At first, I thought that the demo SUCKED.
    Now that they "fixed" matchmaking and that I handle Alien pretty well, I'm having a lot of fun with it.

    Besides, even with its consolized gameplay, the atmosphere and creatures really feel like they do in the movies, way more than AVP 1 & 2.

    Yes, in itself it's seems to be a rather average game but as a fan of the series, I'm really enjoying that demo.
  13. Serifan

    Serifan Orderite Orderite

    Aug 3, 2006
    What a lot of people don't realize is that the demo was from an older version and the game itself is much more polished.
  14. aenemic

    aenemic Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Jun 4, 2008
    yeah, I've been keeping that in mind all along. thus, I'm still really hyped :D
  15. Ravager69

    Ravager69 Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Dec 21, 2007
    So they gave people a demo that is actually worse then the game itself? Aren't demos suppose to *enocurage* people to play the game?
  16. Kahgan

    Kahgan Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Nov 25, 2003
    From the videos I've seen of it, it looks pretty cool. As long as I get shitloads of carnage as a xenomorph, I'm happy.
  17. OakTable

    OakTable Vault Senior Citizen

    Nov 26, 2009
    I don't know whether to feel praised or insulted...

    Anyway, I think the old code used for the demo was easier to implement then the new code, they already had a demo from the past they could use, or they just didn't want to mess with the new code. I assume stuff is much more polished (like lighting and what not) in the new code.
  18. Kahgan

    Kahgan Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Nov 25, 2003
    Just tried it and meh... I used to handle the xenomorph pretty well in avp2, but this just, well, it sucked. It could be that my computer is slightly slower than it needs to be, but it shouldn't be that bad. I really hope it's going to feel more like the old ones, or at least be controllable.
  19. TheGM

    TheGM The voice of reason

    Aug 19, 2008
    When I read that, it was truly one the stupidest things I have ever read and I have read Dianetics.


    I'm getting this for the 360. Since I own one and I really only use my PC for strategy games and Battlefield....also my hate of PC assholes outweighs my hate of Consoles assholes.

    As for the Demo....well I kick ass as any species, and I don't read anything involving Aliens or Predators so it makes all of this seem fresh to me as well.
  20. Hoxie

    Hoxie King Queer oTO Orderite

    May 19, 2008
    That grinds on my nerves a bit. I see alot of people bashing on the game over the demo, yet when you load up the demo, it pauses for a minute or so on a black screen with white text, very blatantly saying "The demo is based from pre-release code, this does not reflect the full games state."

    Did people just zone out and drool on themselves for a minute while that screen came up?