Aliens Vs. Predator (the 2010 fps, not the old one)...

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    Jun 11, 2008
    Lazy porting is a console problem. If the game was PC exclusive, that stuff would be simply better. And I bet they would not omit crouching.

    Not only was this dumped on them, it was also made by different internal studio than the one making AvP.
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    Jun 14, 2008
    Since it was requested here's my AVP 3 review:

    I believe this game to be a disappointment. There’s a pronounced lack of direction, polish and content throughout the game. Seems like the developers didn’t know where to go with this game and they took some parts from the previous games, some parts from the movies and mixed them together without a clear notion of what they wanted to achieve.

    The problems start with the story and campaign progression. There’s pretty much no story , only a crudely sketched premise and the game simply takes you through the levels without setting a clear goal at any point – only arbitrary objectives that are also repetitive (go there activate switch, kill spawning Aliens, go someplace else activate another switch - repeat). Each campaign has 6 levels (5 for the Alien) and they all take place on 7 maps (in total), some being exclusive to a certain campaign or two. None of those maps (or levels – as in considering a level a specific campaign version of a map) are particularly interesting. The order in which you go though them differs between races. That’s another issue. You have no idea about the time line. For example: You play the level Refinery with the marine and it’s filled with Aliens. You also play it with the Alien but this time it’s filled with marines. For the Predator the level is filled with marines and Aliens. This creates confusion – what’s the time line? There seems to be no clear chronology between the three campaigns.

    The Alien is the worst campaign of them all. It’s shorter than the other two and you don’t really accomplish anything significant. It feels underwhelming. Throughout the campaign you receive orders from your Queen. Nothing wrong with that except those are very specific orders and you have no idea what their point is. In one level you’re supposed to disable bases by shutting down electrified fences, communications, automated turrets and such. Yet why isn’t explained. I mean if the Queen wanted to throw out the humans then why send a sole Alien on specific sabotage missions and not send a whole army? And how would the Aliens know so much about human technology to target individual components for sabotage and in a specific order?

    Onto the gameplay. The AI is very poor in this game. Only the Aliens act properly by employing hit and run tactics and by generally trying to out-maneuver you. Though sometimes they do hesitate too much or move about randomly. The humans seem oblivious to pretty much anything. They don’t notice dead bodies, they don’t notice an Alien hanging by the ceiling right in front of them (not even when it’s hissing loudly), they don’t notice someone being killed right behind them, or aside them. And if they were having a conversation with someone they’ll carry on even after stepping on that someone’s dead body. The Predators don’t fare much better. Both as a marine and an Alien I found that mostly they just ran/jumped from place to place oblivious of me hurting them. When I was playing as an Alien a Predator kept retreating while I was continuously hitting him with my tail. (When he attacked though the melee system with its famous -blow-back after hit- effect often made it impossible to evade.)

    When the AI isn’t being oblivious is being too observant. For instance some marines might not notice a cloaked Predator 6 feet from them, but after they do, sometimes they’ll continue to see that Predator for a long time and distance.

    Onto the melee system. I don’t like it. I feel it takes freedom away from the players with the way it locks on to a target and prevents any input from the player while the attack sequence is automatically played out. Melee combat can often feel tedious due to this. Unless you perform a trophy kill from behind, dealing with a marine as an Alien can last for too long. If he’s not alone this means certain death. I believe I should be able to attack and retreat the way I see fit and not have the game lock me out while performing predetermined animations that take too long and leave me vulnerable.

    The controls for the game aren’t stellar. The marine feels sluggish and the Alien has difficulties detaching from surfaces.
    Another problem is the lack of a crouch button. After dying because I couldn’t hide behind some boxes, I can’t see how anyone could say it’s not needed. And if indeed if there’s no need for crouch (or iron sights or leaning over a corner for that matter) then why is there a need for a carrying limit for the marine. I mean if the aim was realism, then that’s realism half-done.

    Also weapons like the Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Minigun, Net Gun, Spear Gun and the Spear as a melee weapon are missing. So are the night vision, armor and APC for the marines.
    I guess they weren’t “needed” just like more than 7 maps for the singleplayer weren’t needed, nor was a good storyline. Quite a lot of stuff this game didn’t “need”.

    The game also suffers from “consolification”. The interface betrays a console port . The game is constantly telling you where to go and with which objects you can interact with. (And by the way for the Alien there is no free transition through vents – you have to wait until the game tells you to press a button and then press that button for an automatic transition.)

    I could go on really, there’s too much that’s not right with this game. It should be a bigger game with a lot more polish and content. Right now it just feels unambitious and generic – more like a money milking attempt. I’ve already finished the singleplayer aspect and since I’m not really interested in the multiplayer I’m very tempted to leave it alone for a long time.
    My grade for this game is 6.8

    I also don’t like the way the game is already setting up its sequel. I mean this game lacked in length, content, polish and storytelling and they want us to believe they have an ambitious sequel (ambitious due to the hinted subject it might tackle) planned out and that it will be worth it?
    The game ends with a cliffhanger (two actually) and the only cliffhangers I accept are like the one in Doom 3 when at the end they show what happened to Betruger. The game could have ended right there and it wouldn’t have mattered as the game was long enough, properly done and most importantly had a proper ending. But I won’t accept cliffhangers for short games with unsatisfactory endings, lacking in content.
    I hate this trend in modern video games and movies.
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    Aug 21, 2008
    One of the problems I have with it which seems really nit picky but matters a great deal to me is the appearance of the marines.
    They had some surprisingly iconic armour which looks awesome but for some reason they have gone with the horribly over designed generic chunky look that blights games today.
    Also they seem to be wearing Starship trooper helmets.
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    Feb 17, 2010
    AvP2 is made by Monolith. You know, the one who made F.E.A.R?
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    Jun 4, 2008
    AvP2 is one of the best fps games ever made in my opinion. I never expected this to be the same, or better. but I was hoping that it would at least come close to the greatness of AvP2.
  6. Mad Max RW

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    Jan 12, 2004
    The only thing I really love about AvP3 is the graphic design. It's not cartoonish like Monolith's AvP2, and borrows more heavily from the movies and comic books. All three species finally look right and are the correct proportion to each other. Animations are spot on, especially with the Alien. Sound design is a mixed bag. Too many original sounds and not enough of the classic sounds you expect to hear. The cool Predator vision sound is replaced with a heartbeat. Aliens sound more like cougars and only once in a while does the baby elephant/peacock scream from the second movie. Look it up, that's how they made that sound.
    Fox forced Rebellion to base much of their source material on the awful AvP movies.

    The Marine weapons are all very well done, but I still miss a good explosive firing gun like the grenade launcher. I love how they redid the smartgun. Very kickass. Being able to only carry a pistol and 2 regular guns (chose from pulse rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle, and totally useless flamethrower) or the pistol and smartgun loadout limits you but I dig it. Being able to toss only one flare at a time is shit.

    The Predator is good in melee combat and fucking with marines with your voice modulator dealy. I like how you get primary and secondary fire for blades and tertiary fire for whatever weapon you have selected. The plasma caster is pretty powerful but they blew it by dropping the original and memorable firing sound with some weak shit. I love the disc. It's cheap as hell and easy to use. The combistick is just a one shot speargun with infinite ammo. Weirdest design decision in the whole game next to the removal of crouch. Mines are kinda useless because they take up valuable energy which is better off saved for the plasma caster. I like the new jumping system, but they pretty clearly limited where you can go.

    The Alien is the best designed because it's so simple. Unfortunately the singleplayer campaign is tacked on and the shortest out of the 3 reusing maps you already played through at least once before.

    Voice acting is ok at best. Lance Henrickson did a good job as Bishop synth/clone #42682.

    Now onto what's supposed to keep AvP3 kicking for some time to come, Multiplayer. In short it's terrible but has moments of brilliance. Rebellion failed to deliver on the long promised dedicated servers and we're stuck with the shit matchmaking system or the always empty server browser. The few maps are nice looking but are all the same jungle themed park except the refinery map you got in the demo. Refinery is the only one that has a good flow to hearkening back to the maps of AvP Classic. Without good dedicated servers it's not worth playing. Nine times out of ten you're dumped into a game hosted by some fuckwit on a dialup in South Africa who quits 5 minutes into a match, immediately ending the game. Hosting a server gives you very little customization. Nothing like AvP Classic. Want to setup a species deathmatch for only 2 species? Nope, can't do it. The game forces you to include all 3 no matter what. I can't stress enough how stupid that is.

    As it stands DO NOT BUY this game. Wait a few months and see if any huge patches and addons and dedicated servers are up then pick it up in the bargain bin for sure. If Rebellion works their asses off they can potentially make this a much better experience than Monolith's AvP2. I don't think it will ever be as enjoyable as the original.
  7. The Dutch Ghost

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    Yep, I know.

    And I do not mind the cartoon like graphics.

    I enjoyed that Monolith based AVP2 more on what we knew from the movies, having the Pilot species' remnants in them for example, than basing them on those damn AVP movies.

    Well from what you have told me XenoRad, I don't have to bother at all with this game.

    It is way to restricted, there is barely any storyline there and it is way to short, and I dislike the hand holding.

    I guess the dream would have been if the AVP2 made a sequel to their game but used the graphical look from this game while combining it with the best of their own game.
  8. Paul_cz

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    Jun 11, 2008
    Agreed, AvP2 was absolutely amazing. The problem is, it seems like all the good devs that made it (and NOLF and Tron and Blood) left Monolith, based on the shit they have been spewing out the last few years (Fears and Condemneds).
  9. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    That is a shame.

    With AVP2, NOLF 1/2, Blood, Monolith's developers showed that they could tell stories on par with the Valve and Raven developers.

    Even now their games are still playable when you are looking for a good SP FPS game.
  10. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    Who is saying that game mode might be in again? Or you have played the game already. Just curious. I mean the demo is only showing Death Match. But I heard it will have a lot of different game modes.
  11. XenoRad

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    Jun 14, 2008
    I believe they over-hyped their game too much. I remember seeing a video where they talked about the new survivor mode that was going to be awesome and just like the one in AVP1.

    The fact is the one in AVP1 was awesome. You had plenty of maps with a good variety of closed and open spaces not to mention a lot of options for customizing games. You could be a predator or different marine types, you could adjust scoring, your number of lives and the final score needed to win.
    And that was the beauty of it - you could make it any way you wanted.

    This time however all your options are limited to picking one of the two maps available. You can't customize anything else. You always start out as a standard marine, you only have one life, the Aliens spawn in waves and the game ends when you die.

    The two maps are very small I'd say. The second opens up once as you play (you start in a small corridor and after two or so Alien waves a door opens revealing another room). Can't say whether the first map expands as well, though I doubt it since it was bigger from the start (still very small though) and didn't expand at all while I was playing on it.

    In any case I found both maps too dark and not interesting at all. Take for example the first one which is a square room in a temple with pillars close to the sides and a hole in the middle which allowed for a small circle on the floor to be illuminated. Everything outside the circle is in complete darkness. Cool you might say, and I thought so too initially, but the map got boring very quickly. (It seems that the dark in this game isn't so much scary but frustrating since you can't see the Aliens to shoot them.)

    So I'm disappointed in this mode. Not only is it poor in options but you can't even win in it like you could in AVP1. And after trying the mode for a few times I've concluded that it will all be well until the game decides it's time to spawn a couple of Praetorians and then it will be game over man, game over!

    In any case I should be visiting this thread for a short while at least so if anyone has questions that might help them decide whether this game is worth it or not - shoot.

  12. Mad Max RW

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    Jan 12, 2004
    I'd say it's definitely worth checking out for the diehard Aliens and Predator fans. Everyone else...not so much. Until they patch multiplayer and add proper dedicated server support it's not gonna have much life outside the short singleplayer campaigns.