Android: Fallout 2 in your pocket?

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    Well ... would not be fan if not tried. 8-)

    I decided to try and get Fallout 2 on my mobile (Nexus One, Android 2.2). It has 1 Ghz CPU and over 256mb ram memory, which is sufficient to run.

    There are few possible options to run F2 but right now all of them consist of emulating Windows 95. There is DosBox emulation (aDosBox), which I have not tested as it requires hardware keyboard and does not work with virtual one. The other two options are emulating Win 95 with BOSCH and QEMU emulators, which QEMU is faster but BOSCH stable. So I tested it with QEMU.

    I also had my mobile connected to debugging tools that were displaying FPS so had no to guess how fast it was.

    The game starts surprisingly long, until first video had to wait maybe 2 minutes, afterwards it gets better and no long waiting.
    The speed was varied from 2 FPS to even up to 15-20 FPS when little or nothing was happening, it had around 14 FPS in main menu going to average 10 or bit less in-game in pre-temple location without movement.
    The amount of FPS bit surprised me but game is still rather unplayable or you would spent probably good 2-3 hours trying to pass the temple. In this case the input hardware is really important, touch screen does not replace well the mouse.

    The only problems I had was sound which was jumpy (noticeable in videos) and input (mouse) controlling with touchscreen, which was hard to do a single mouse click (no chance to do double click with touchscreen and since cannot do right mouse button you have to find other ways like with virtual keyboard).

    If I managed to make F2 working on DosBox (or they update aDosBox to use virtul keyboard) it might provide completly different experience, would be nice someone with Android with hardware keyboard to test it). Although I suspect it aDosBox to be slower since old games I tried to run on it (Supaplex) were similar speed to Fallout 2 on QEMU (and you would still need to run Win95 on aDosBox before running F2).

    Porting the game would solve all problems and made it probably flying speed but of course there is not chance to port F2 especially to Android (Java).

    Maybe if we will see new version of any of mentioned applications, something will improve. Till then I can say: very close but still not yet, next generation of mobile phones should be able to (Motorola planning to release 2Ghz Android phone the end of this year - that might do!!!)

    [screenshots in this thread made with android debugging tools, or my camera so they are actual screenshots what you see] :wink:
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    thats awesome :D I'm going to win a an ipod touch next weekend, it would be awesome if there awas a Fallout App so I could download haha :(
  3. Nark

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    Dec 6, 2008
    ^Fallout with a touch-screen would be fucking awesome. But I don't feel the iPod Touch or something would be as precise. Maybe if it was put on Nintendo DS.
  4. General Patton

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    Jun 20, 2010
    I don't think a DS has good enough screen resolution. Also, I'm not sure if it could handle the game. It would probably have to be an actual port instead of emulated, and even then... the odds aren't good. The way I see it; a DS is a little more powerful than an N64, the N64 had a port of Starcraft, & Starcraft was from about the same time as Fallout 2. I guess if Fallout 2 and Starcraft are close enough in system requirements, and Starcraft 64 didn't have to be toned down too much from the original... then... if we can get a paper dog to chase an asbestos cat through Hell, it might be slightly, remotely, possibly, feasible with 1 fps. :|
  5. alec

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    Pretty cool, but it doesn't sound like it's an enjoyable gaming experience.
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    Could you please explain how you managed to run Fallout using Qemu?

    I can get windows to boot, but I dont understand how to access the sd-card from there. My only option was to edit the image file by inserting the game inside, but windows didn't boot after that.

    Would love some help.
  7. Ovitz

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    Aug 25, 2010
    can you make a movie? i am trying to run run Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 with QEMU and DosBOX but this is not playable