Are The Wild Wasteland Encounters Hallucinations?

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    Jul 5, 2022
    And by this, I'm talking about an in-universe explanation. Since the encounters are considered non canon, and that the whole intention of the trait was for it act as a silliness switch. It's safe to say that they're indeed delusions that The Courier is having while traveling across the Mojave!

    Now does anyone have a logical explanation as to what's the main cause for the hallucinations? Like for example Dehydration, Chems, the head injury caused by being shot by Benny, etc.

    I'm curious to know what your theories are! :)

    Also, can you imagine the companion's reaction to seeing their boss freaking out about seeing Aliens and making the claim of being attacked by a gang of old ladies!? Definitely one of the best mental imagines to think about, and you know there should be some fan art about this particular concept by now. It's that funny! :-D
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    Not really, as those would explain if only The Courier experienced them. Your companions and other NPCs will attack the hostile encounters along with you, you can kill someone with Alien Blaster, Seymour and items looted from corpses can be sold to vendors.


    Freeside locals talk about them even if you don't have the WW.

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    Same answer as for strange things in Fallout 1 and 2: Just don't think about it too hard.
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    Wild Wasteland is about as canon as whatever your New Vegas playthrough is.
    If you want a tardis to be canon in Fallout 2, then it's canon.

    It doesn't matter, it's literally all fun and games.
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    Duke Nukem was canon in my New Vegas LP.
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    Hot take: They should have honestly just ditched the Wild Wasteland Perk and made it all default content instead.

    The fact that you have some annoying sound effect play to inform you "This is because you installed Wild Wasteland" and you waste a trait. Like I get it, Fallout Fans would be debating "What are the lore implications of the Star Wars reference" or whatever if they did it otherwise but jeez,

    Most of the pop-culture references are too minor to even make an ounce of difference. Like what, players are going to become unimmersed because they see a skeleton of Indiana Jones in the fridge, or have an NCR Soldier say "It's game over man, game over"?
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    CORRECTION: The Tardis Special Encounter was in FO1 not FO2! I just wanted to clarify that btw. :-)
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    Tardis sounds too much like tarded to be cool.

    The real answer to the ghost question is ghosts are hallucinations in the first place. The alien saucers do exist. Some giant godzilla is out there somewhere in the ocean. Fallout was never Sirius.
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    I often played NV stoned on heavy skunk. I once spoke to an alien named ' Dood' I am not sure if Dood is actually in the game, or I was off me box.
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