Bannerlord - March 2020 (Early Access)

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  1. Mr Fish

    Mr Fish Snug Rubber

    Sep 11, 2010

    I just hope they don't rush it.
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  2. Atomkilla

    Atomkilla Hazel Hegemon oTO Orderite

    Dec 26, 2010
    Fucking finally.
    I'll get it when it's properly released though, I'm not buying early access.
  3. Alphons

    Alphons National Beholder

    Aug 9, 2017
    Can't believe that it'll be a decade from Warband release in Early Access.
  4. Mr Fish

    Mr Fish Snug Rubber

    Sep 11, 2010
    Hmm, makes me wonder, did they just go with Early Access because it has been so long that they are running out of funds?
  5. BigGuyCIA

    BigGuyCIA Yer fond of me Lobster!

    Oct 26, 2016
    Disappointing that it's an early access release but I'm ok with what I've seen so far. I think it looks compelling enough to risk an early buy-in.

    Though, on second thought, it's really close to Cyberpunk 2077's release. It might ultimately be better to just follow the development and bide my time with 2077 until the folds are ironed out.
  6. The GoBernment

    The GoBernment First time out of the vault

    May 29, 2017
    It's actually happening...

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