Black Isle Studio's Cancelled Fallout 4.

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    You know, it's crazy to think that we would've gotten a Fallout 4 made by Black Isle Studios if Van Buren wasn't cancelled, and that the IP for Fallout wasn't sold to Bethesda back in 2004.

    Now just to be clear, even though the Van Buren Development Team was talking about making FO4 due to having so much content, and having to cut corners with Van Buren due to the growing budget issues at Interplay, in which they were planning to save the Cut Content for a sequel. It still was just a thought, an idea, nothing was 100% sure if they were going to do a FO4 to begin with, basically it was in it's early stages!

    As you can see here in an interview that Van Buren Designer Sean K. Reynolds did with DAC(Duck and Cover) on August 10th, 2004:

    And one of the things that they were planning to do in FO4, was diving more into the brutal conflict between The New California Republic & Caesar's Legion. Which is set up in Van Buren BTW, through certain legionary camps and squads that were to appear in the game.

    Which puts it into perspective that if you really think about it, Fallout New Vegas is really a mixture of both of Black Isle's cancelled Fallout projects. Yes New Vegas took a lot of ideas and concepts from Van Buren primarily, but the whole thing about the war between The NCR & The Legion was from FO4. It's pretty crazy to think about really!

    And this pretty much destroys that notion, of all of New Vegas's content being reused from Van Buren, which can be perfectly describe with this meme:

    And if you guys want to see a detailed video about this, check out TriangleCity's video right here:

    Oh, and here's another video that mentions this fact about Black Isle's cancelled Fallout 4 by Retcon Raider detailing Van Buren's storyline:

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