Could the NCR reverse engineer the Boomer's B-29?

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  1. valcik

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    I would bet on ghouls, they are much smarter. Let those NCR boys ride on brahmins!
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    Damn straight!

    Only problem, though, is that he WOULDN'T do it... Not ambitious enough! He's gonna recreate modern civilization AND put man into orbit! Reverse engineering some mid-20th-century bomber wouldn't register on his radar. It's like all the other questions the Courier could ask of House which he dismissed; he'd just smirk at the idea and casually explain why it would be no challenge whatsoever to do, and exactly why that would be a complete waste of his time. After all, he's already calculated figures to explain HOW MUCH of a waste of time it would be, ahead of time!

    He's awesome like that! =D
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    Apr 4, 2011
    For transportation proposes, ground ones (trucks and cars) would be much more easier and cheaper.
  4. Horatio

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    Jul 9, 2012
    I think NCR would certainly move their convoys with these babies.
    Don't you roll eyes, FOnline folks.

    But planes will be useful for quick troop and cargo deployments, so the interest in restoring a big cargo plane would be there. And NCR has gotten their vertibirds from the Shi, who reverseengineered Enclave Vertibirds (and if not, they were probably able to repair vertibirds in Navarro after conquest by NCR)
  5. Languorous_Maiar

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    They just got few from Navarro but their number certainly will not increase.
    And actually NCR use trucks, but they're also limited.
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    Judging by the technological level of the NCR they could easily make something as relatively simple as the B-29. However it would be pointless for them to make a high altitude pressurized cabin bomber when for the same amount of resources they could make smaller simpler aircraft with simple internal combustion engines that would be easier to maintain and faster to manufacture. Why they don't use some manner of simple transport aircraft is probably because they don't need to move more than infantry supplies like food and ammo which they can easily truck anywhere in greater amounts and fast enough than they could do with aircraft. If they adopted fixed wing aircraft they would also have to build airstrips everywhere they wanted to land war material. This would be faster in the long run but if they have trucks they can move anything they need to faster than they would be able to build an airstrip and move material with small aircraft. Small ground attack craft with machineguns and bombs could be useful but they suffer the same problem of being tied to airstrips and being difficult to supply with the NCR's already over stretched logistics network. Lastly aircraft require pilots who would have to be trained and they would need maintenance crews to maintain them as well as a steady supply of spare parts to keep them running in good order.

    TLDR: transportation aircraft would be expensive and less efficient than making more trucks. Ground attack aircraft would be expensive difficult to maintain and keep supplied and would be generally less effective than the infantry that could be fielded for the price of the aircraft.
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    The question is whether the NCR's industrial base is ready for such an aircraft. The Vertibirds were mass produced by the Enclave, yes, but they're manufactured using different techniques and likely have completely different control schemes. The B-29 is old technology, likely with very few copies of the blueprints available. As far as we know, the Boomers' plane is the only 1940s bomber to be in service, and I doubt they'd be willing to let it be dismantled so the NCR could learn all its secrets. And even then, there's only so much they can learn.

    Moreover, what would be the point? There's very few clear spaces for such a large plane to land and turn around for takeoffs and refueling/rearming, so it would take a huge effort to clean up enough infrastructure to support a bomber. I doubt they have a lot of air-dropped bombs, so it would be pretty expensive to use the plane for the massive carpet bombing attacks (or nuclear bombings) that it was designed for. And who would you bomb, anyway? The Legion is the only group that can stand up to the NCR in size, and a carpet bombing run is a waste because their settlements are relatively small. The lack of available airfields and landing strips means that it would be very inefficient for transport, since you probably won't have an airfield immediately next to your destination. You'd still need to bring in the trucks and pack brahmin.

    The B-29 is a relic of an old age for a good reason: it's just plain not worth it. Even today, strategic bombers like the B-52 are sparingly used because most targets don't require sending in a gigantic airplane to saturate it with explosives. The NCR faces even fewer challenges: their enemies are mostly foot soldiers and raiders who can be killed efficiently with assault rifles and shotguns. Even howitzers like the Boomers have are overkill most of the time. Most of the problems the NCR face can be solved by sending in infantry. Transport is much more flexible if done through trucks and brahmin, since they're not reliant on pre-prepared landing areas.
  8. Scare

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    You guys are so technical, I'm pretty sure the NCR has dirigibles and steam powered trucks like every military in the Fallout universe, right?
  9. Horatio

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    Jul 9, 2012
    If we were so sure about that, we could stop the discussion at the point that nothing in Fallout makes sense unless it serves a purpose for the setting.

    And as this topic doesn't serve a purpose for making a point, but rather joy for speculations, at least in my humble opinion, so...

    What would make a dirigible in your opinion a good air vehicle, compared to the plane?
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    With the existence of power cells, lighter than air transport become very much viable. You dont need to messing around with flamable H2, or rare Helium. Just a straight forward bag of hot air with a power cell: Voila~

    The existence of mutant animals mean land travel is dangerous, even in cars or trains. Hot-air travels eliminates that worry.

    Heck, even if you dont have access to power cells, old fashioned wood and charcoal will do. The danger of air travel doesnt even come close to that of mutant animals.

    And what's wrong with a stationed balloon to act as radio contact, anyway?
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    Yeah, if you think of it Airships would be waaay useful. Trade, transport of sensitive materials, rapid deployment of troops, problem is making sure enemy doesn't simply shoot your airship with a rocket launcher.

    Also planes are of marginal use to them, maybe as transport for deployment of quick response units?

    We in the Alternate History community already know the superiority of airships over the puny airplanes.