Creating Unique Items for Fallout 2 Modding

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    Dec 12, 2020
    Hello All, I've made a basic comprehensive guide for new beginners just starting on how to get personal made art into the game mapper for fallout 2.

    It was quite tedious starting out from scratch and figuring out how to relatively get newly made items to be both in the inventory of the ingame character inventory and also on the ground while in the mapper itself.

    So I made a small guide to help get people quickly started on making items and so forth for the mapper.

    If anyone else has any more tips please leave a message below and thank you.

    Note Dec 24th:
    - Guide also helps with critters.

    Edit: Fixed punctuation in the guide

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    Now the trend is to make video guides, text format is already the last century))

    like for your efforts)
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