Death claw of the Rockies?

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    Jun 25, 2019
    So recently I’ve been trying to come up with a hypothetical Fallout game set in my home state of Colorado.

    I’d like to have new mutants and creatures be present in the CO Wasteland, and specifically, I wanted to have some type of apex predator, like the death claw, but for this region. You guys have any idea?
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    How might mountain lions be changed by mutation? They’re already formidable against livestock, but in a world full of other feral and nastier creatures I imagine they’ll get bigger and deadlier to the point where humans become part of their diet. You could have ghoulish, near-silent cats stalking in the dead of a wintery night.
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    Basing off of these:
    Vortiskamp (Vort-i-skamp) an 8-9 ft. Mountain Lion that has chameleon like skin (texture of a skinned cat though with a thin layer of natural oils) and no fur. It's a creature that was formed after a group of Zoologists performed an experiment on mountain lions taking certain traits from bats ( allowing them to change their skin color using chemical processes in response to their environment, and form blood-bonds by drinking each other's blood.

    It's possible to develop a bond this way but will have to follow a tribal ritual and have the endurance and strength to have a liter of blood sucked from your veins and to suck the Vortiskamp's blood. They have acquired the name through their mischievous behavior and rotten smell they produce. Males will have full chameleon coverage and have a dot like pattern on their back. Females will tend to have a less nauseous scent and have a patch of pinkish skin on the belly. They also are more aggressive than males who tend to stalk their prey more stealthily and both are capable of small tricks like doubling back on trails, sweeping prints, and climbing trees. They've a thick hide that can withstand most small arms and bladed weapons, though they cannot withstand heavier weaponry nor higher-tier blunt weapons so stealth is their ally. These creatures are carnivores primarily and will form small packs of 2-3 occasionally 4-5 if hunting either a large prey in number or size. They have lifespans of 12-14 years not because of any hard-coded lifespan but it is after this time that Genomic instability begins to occur causing horrible cancers to be the reward for any Vortiskamp who thrives in the wasteland ( it is unknown if this was done purposely by their creators or by sheer incompetence. This lifespan results in Vortiskamps having a high sex drive with pregnancies forming 4-7 cubs. The Zoologists realizing this created a check on them so that each female Vortiskamp can achieve pregnancy 2-3 times before becoming barren.
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    Bison turn into friendly giants like elephants. They are already big but the radiation makes them bigger, since they are so huge nothing tries to attack them and they just become really chill. People use bison to guard their towns because other creatures won't go near if they see it.