Does Fallout 76 have a story?

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    I honestly thought I was done with the Fallout series after 4. But I guess I've come back to punch myself in the balls again and suffer through BethSoft apologists.

    My first question is, sure, there appears to be a """""""story""""""", but is there ANY CHOICE AT ALL in it, like the previous games had?
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    Jul 2, 2016
    So they tried to ripoff Metal Gear Survive. They are gravediggers, pulling rot and decay out of dead games.
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    In what little story Fallout 76 has there is no choice the player has to make at its "end". The player must secure codes in order to launch ICBMs in order to close fissures from which Scorch Beasts emerge that spread the Scorched infection.
    After a while another fissure opens and Scorched start to emerge from those again.

    I don't even really call this an MMO RPG like for example SWTOR in which the various character classes have their own narrative. You go around collecting holodiscs and watch corpses in funny poses while collecting junk to make your camps and occasionally need to close fissures.
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