Does the Barter Skill Work in Fallout 1 and 2

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  1. NMLevesque

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    Jul 2, 2016
    Fallout 1
    Has anyone personally tested whether this ever makes a difference at high levels or not? Please only answer if you have gotten it to 100% or something like that and seen the difference.

    I've already read as many posts on various forums as I can but there doesn't seem to be any definitive answer. I know charisma makes a big difference (stacked mentats on a 2 charisma character to get it to 10). Apparently it checks your barter skill against the NPCs, so there's a skill level threshold.

    Some people neglect to mention that they play with mods, at least one of which affects it. Apparently the GOG version might be different (I use the Steam one). About as many people say it does nothing as those that say it's amazing at high levels.

    So, what's the dealio?

    Fallout 2
    Haven't looked into this one yet, but the thought just occurred to me that it might be a similar situation. So, has anyone tested the diff with low and high barter skills in this one as well?
  2. Tribalus Maximus

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    Dec 27, 2018
    I've been replaying Fallout 1 lately. Charisma 5 + barter about 80 to 110. It works but sometimes It breaks the game. Buying and reselling for higher price (books at Mrs.Stapleton). Combat armor at Jake's was around 12000 with 60-70 and 6000 with 100-110.

    GOG + 0.81fix

    My 1st time here. Hello NMA and sorry for my rusty english.
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    Nov 7, 2014
    I have played through Fallout 1 with a max Charisma and Speech/Barter build for shits 'n' giggles and the benefits are only really noticeable early in the game when you go to the Hub and buy yourself some gear that is way more powerful than what you should have at that point in the game. Later on it becomes a total waste.

    In Fallout 2 Barter is borderline useless due to the ease of farming random encounters for loot to sell.
  4. SquidWard

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    Jun 1, 2018
    That's pretty funny. I imagine most bartering builds are nice early to mid game but become pointless late game. There's only so much you can obtain that matters.
  5. NMLevesque

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    Jul 2, 2016
    I tried it now, but it's also my first run where I steal stuff and that's making it kind of moot. It does make farming skill books from Stapleton really easy tho which is nice. Just sell and steal back the Red Ryder Le BB gun a bunch to buy a bunch along with a few hundred caps each time.