F1.5, drugs & stat bonus, request for hint

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  1. th44

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    Sep 8, 2019

    I'm a fan of old classic Fallout (F1, F2) and I want to try mod Fallout 1.5 resurrection for the first time.

    I want to play without any walkthrough, but I'm asking You guys for some hints with character creation. I have my own builds, but I know that You can't make a decent character without knowing what stats bonus You will get through the game (like everything +1 in F1, ST, PE, IN +1 and CH +3 in F2).

    I don't want to spoil my fan and I like to be surprised, but I want to know something, cause I don't want to curse in the middle of the game that I completely fucked up my character, that would be frustrating.

    So I don't want any spoilers, just to know if in this mod player has easy access to drugs (like mentats, buffout etc.). For example when there are mentats available I could save 2 points of CH, when I will be planing how many friends I want to have.

    I've just finished F2 restoration with 5 team members and now I'm little bit tired of them (they’ve driven my crazy in tight places), so I want to play with max 2 team members, so I want to know if I should take 2 CH or 4 CH. Two free points are a treasure, so I don't want to waste them unnecessary.

    Of course I'm counting at least on normal power armor with +3 ST bonus :).

    So please give me some delicate hints with character design stats assigning, but without some brutal spoilers.

    There are stats that I'd like to have 10 at the end without wasting perks (like AG & IN & LK), so if I know, that there will be no memory modules as such for those stats I should take 10 at start :). I mainly mean these three stats.
  2. Bloodlust

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    Mar 19, 2005
    I haven't played 1.5 since it was released so my memory of it ain't the best,but since no one else replied ,I 'll give some hints.

    There are stat boosting drugs like in f1 and f2 although not so common and pretty expensive.

    There is a way to boost stats similar to f1 and f2 operations/modules although the price to pay is too big so I never used it.

    Prepare for a blast, game is excellent !
  3. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Pretty tough, though. Get your combat skills up quickly.
  4. Alphons

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    Aug 9, 2017
    Drugs are easily available, though you'll be spending most caps on something else. (Retarded character can get loads of drugs early on)

    Like Bloodlust mentioned you can pay to increase all attributes (aside from luck).

    You can get +1 to Luck from a different source.

    Hope you have fun!
  5. th44

    th44 First time out of the vault

    Sep 8, 2019
    You’re right, this game (this is not a mod, this is fully fledged game!) is awesome.

    I think that I’m near the end. Main plot is brilliant, many quest very interesting. Main plot probably better than in pure F2, where in the middle of the game u are a worldwide mane and u don’t care about some primitive tribe you coming from.

    Drugs are everywhere, so there is no problem with that.

    I’ve taken big guns, so of course I had some problems early on, but later I have only problems with ammo (never enough ammo for minigun and saw). Every encounter is associated with fear of wasting ammo. Probably it would be much easier with energy weapons, cause there are many fine energy weapons, also unique, and ammo is no problem.

    The game is a little too easy for a F2 veteran, even considering that I play without any walkthrough. General fallout experience makes it easier. You make money too easily and get access to good shops too soon. But beginnings in rat hole without investing in small guns skill points was hard.

    Great dialogs, some of them are so long that is impossible to read without using “review” option. Fraction, main plot, quests, npc, unique weapons, new items & weapons are so damn good that it’s unbelievable.

    You can’t plan character development as in F2, cause there is not enough experience to get slayer/sniper. You can level up killing Deathclaws but it’s not “ammo efficient” with big guns, it would be a lot easier with energy weapons. But I’m scared of boosting energy now cause I want to have some spare skill points surplus to boost proper stats in final stage of the game.

    Unfortunately I’ve found only 2 recrutable npc’s, one of them doesn’t want to join cause of my fraction membership, and second one was weak cause doesn’t want to wear decent armor. I didn’t want to look in walkthrough to see if there are others :). With 10 ST I’m self-sufficient with wearing eq.
  6. Muttie

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    Oct 9, 2017
    Perhaps a bit of a pointless necro, but maybe (?) interesting:

    In game stat bonuses
    There is an option to get a +1 improvement to each of your stats in-game (ST, PE, EN, CH, IN, AG & LK). But those stat bonuses are karma dependant. Some literally require karma (LK) while others have consequences for your karma. So a character may not always want to use them (some even can't).
    The only bonus you can expect regularly is the +3 ST of the power armour. Which means a regular character doesn't need to put more than 7 points into ST. Although, always starting with low ST will miss out on a bit of content (it's an RPG after all ;)).
    Last, you can use drugs to improve your stats and meet the requirements for perks and NPCs.
    However, this stat juggling is restricting. In fact, if you base your build on in-game stat bonuses and then follow the standard route you may end up playing 75% of the game with an underdeveloped character. So unless you have a specific strategy & route in mind I would suggest to take the stats you want now, ignore in game stat bonuses, and take the stats you need and want during character creation. Personally, I'm not a fan of stats-juggling, goes a bit against the concept of RPG. However, you may go with an all-rounder (aka Gifted) character, as that's what Gifted is for, imo (i.e. to build a character that can unlock most, if not all options in-game).

    (gender doesn't matter, female has a bit more “quest-relevant options etc.” but it's fairly even)

    Strength 6
    Perception 9
    Endurance 6
    Charisma 7
    Intelligence 7 (preferably 8)
    Agility 8 (preferably 9)
    Luck 2 (dump stat, alternatively, drop CH & Sex-Appeal (esp. if male), or CH to 4 & ST to 5, but CH 6 is better if you plan on having companions, CH 7 is for all options (so you may stat-juggle if you know what those options are...)
    2 points left (consider IN 8 & AG 9, or AG 10).

    Small Guns (other weapon routes are possible but require in-game knowledge)
    (or Science) (btw, these tags are “immersive” if you know the background, but not necessary, i.e. you can take whatever, as your third tag, but I would suggest to roll with Doctor at least once; may be fun... but Science may prove more useful in the end)

    This should cover everything I'm aware of.
  7. .Pixote.

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Never underestimate luck, I typically build a character with 8 luck and try to gain a few extra points to max it out at 10. Charisma is my dump stat...but just select "speech" to avoid dialogue restrictions due to crappy charisma.
  8. Mario_Dweller

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    Apr 9, 2004
    The game is somehow designed to end around level 21 so Slayer/Sniper level requirement is modified to be available since level 18.
  9. Muttie

    Muttie It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Oct 9, 2017
    I'm not :). And it wasn't meant as the dump stat in general. It's just the stat to drop if you want a build that has most options, without knowing what those are. So far I do have found uses for Luck but none that were imperative. Still, I haven't checked everything.
    If played "normally" I would say you get Slayer/Sniper just before/around the end-fight. Like the Gauss-Rifle.

    Anyway, it's also fun to play an all-rounder (as suggested) and then a normal dude (IN 5 or 6) as it will close down several options previously avaiable and force to find alternative solutions. I also found that not tagging/using speech is perfectly viable. All in all, FoRes is a very cohesive design, in fact, I'm repeatedly amazed by how slick it all fits and comes together.