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    It's not just you. ;)
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    Here is a sample of one of the factions vying to fill the power vacuum: The Gulch

    The Gulch is a community of uniquely freedom-focused and free-minded individuals that upholds individual and property rights over the welfare of its individual citizens. Property, including intellectual property, and an individual’s value to society, specifically what they can do that no one else is capable of, are the only virtues in this society. They have no currency and trade directly in goods and services.

    The Gulch is a fairly advanced post-apocalyptic society, making much headway in many scientific fields and sporting a large, diverse economy. In fact, The Gulch is responsible for the emergence of recharger weapons. The city itself consists of several tall towers and other buildings in the relative safety of a large ravine. Each tower was built by a different individual and fulfills a different role in society.

    The Gulch is very class-oriented. The physical position you are in your tower determines one’s status in society. At the very top is Alisa Rosenbaum, the founder of Alisa’s Gulch (as they call it). Her tower is called “The Fountainhead” and contains the government of The Gulch. Rosenbaum and the other upper crust are together known as “The Collective”. At the bottom are the hard laborers, little more than slaves, called “second-handers”.

    It is very difficult to move up in society, but entirely possible; one simply has to find their niche. When it is found the individual constructs a building to use as a headquarters, and as one collects more second-handers to their cause more floors are built to accommodate them, always leaving the old floor behind in favor of the higher one. In this way individuals both physically and figuratively “move up” in society. Everyone in The Gulch started at the very bottom as a second-hander, even Rosenbaum.

    The Gulch was founded shortly after the fall of the Legion. Someone, no one is sure who or seems to know anything concrete about them, whom the Gulchers call Atlas, ventured out into the wasteland in search of like-minded people to create a perfectly fair and equal society. After several years, he was lost as just another face in the crowd, just as he wanted. Atlas could still be a second-hander today, or perhaps part of The Collective, or somewhere in between, or maybe he left The Gulch entirely. The mystery of his fate is a large, important part of his mythos.

    It was Rosenbaum who decided the group should settle in The Gulch and establish the government as it is. Her tower, The Fountainhead, was the first tower. It was initially a single-floored building, became a step pyramid, and later evolved into a tower. The fountain on the top that gives the tower its name is supposedly in the image of Atlas.

    Bonus points if you can guess my inspiration!
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    Not really.
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    Get it the hell away from the west and anywhere near the NCR.

    If there is any NCR presence in FO4 the only thing I would want to see would be some NCR vets who finished off their military duty, formed a Merc Crew, and headed east to sell their services.

    Same with Legion, some ex-Legion who said to hell with this and took off.

    I would like it in the midwest to fill in the story of wtf been going on. I kike the Chicago area, even Detroit. Can have a mad scientist type there, and there are the Great Lakes, urban and rural areas.