Fallout 1 upscaled cinematics

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    May 29, 2024
    I found all the Fallout 1 cinematics upscaled and they look amazing so I copied them to Fallout\data\ART\CUTS only to realize they're format is .avi while the Fallout videos are formatted in .mve

    Does anyone know a solution or where to download high resolution cinematics already in .mve format?
  2. ArmagdoGaming

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    Nov 11, 2018
    According to this thread and this comment, it is not technically possible, as .mve files only support a "specific" size.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    how about You boneheads go to the modding section and use the search button?

    I don't want to go all over the forum and search for any rogue topics on this matter.. seriously let's keep the topic locked to modding.

    as for the answer to your problem.. Sfall ( the notorious ddraw.dll and acompanying ddraw.ini) have since long ago the ability to play Xvid .avi cinematics.

    simply find the line:

    and change it to:

    put the movie files where they belong and name them apropriately, You shoud have both .mve and .avi of the same name i.e.

    iplogo.mve and iplogo.avi.

    just make sure you have a recent sfall and old High Resolution Patch enabled in your fo2 install and your're good to go ( the movies play in 720p regardless of in game resolution set. as long as screen maximum resolution allows it) meaning if you play on a potato or a hand calculator, keep using the original videos..

    I know the videos are kind of huge in size, i'll be working on improoved versions sometime later this year..

    and yeah.. as noted in my thread in moddingsection, fo1 vids are jut a minor fraction of what has been done, however i can't just spit new dropbox accounts, and call it a day, each new e-mail requires new phone number now, and in my country phones even the pre-paid ones need to be registered prior to use.

    Long Story Short:

    If You've Found *my* work out there You *will be* able to play it in game, as for the competition I highly doubt it. They may be skilled with video editing but lack knowledge on Fo2 +sfall engine, I on the other hand am just a beginner in video editing, although I ate my teeth in th Fo2 modding section here on this forum so to speak.

    No point in converting everything back into .MVE. By design MVE tools for video conversion are limited to 640x480 resolution. I will improove those .MVE videos in quality sometime in the future, however the upscales are going to be Xvid .avi only for the time being.
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    Nov 11, 2018
    Oops. Yeah, you're right. Sorry that I didn't check out the modding section. In all honesty, I forgot it even existed. Haha.
    Thank you for the detailed answer to OP's question.
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