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    Dec 7, 2013
    OK, let's try this - maybe something comes out of it.

    It was the summer/autumn of 1998., a month or two before Fallout 2's release.

    The 15-year old me was a mischievous teen, my parents just got divorced but all I cared for in this world was the sequel to the first true RPG I played - Fallout.
    I knew my best friend's parents would buy him Fallout 2 and that he would eventually pass it over to me.
    But the devil never sleeps! I picked up a local pirate's game catalog to see if the game has already been made "available."
    I browsed the catalog and something VERY interesting caught my eye - Fallout 2 Beta.

    So I picked up the phone and called the shady pirate.
    We spoke for a short time about the beta and I remember how he emphasized that it was an incomplete version of the game
    and I might be better off waiting for a full release which was "just around the corner".
    I shrugged it off, a few months later Fallout 2 was released, my friend got it and I eventually played it.

    I completely forgot about the Beta during all these years ...
    until yesterday when I browsed Interplay's old Fallout 2 website and noticed this:


    So Feargus found out and wasn't too happy about the leak.

    Also, I remember seeing this image from time to time.
    Notice how it says Fallout II 0.5 in the lower right corner and the menu items are on the right side, just like in the first Fallout.

    I know it has been over 20 years, HDs die, CDs get broken, and people forget.

    But, the million dollar question is - does anyone have Fallout 2 Beta, knows someone who still might have it or just simply played it and could tell us more about it?
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    Nov 26, 2007
    Feargus should know the difference between 'then' and 'than'.

    This is the first I've heard about the F2 beta. It'd be interesting to find it.