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    GameSpot sat down at E3 to play a bit of Fallout. They discuss the VATS cinematics (no mention of an option to turn it off wholesale).<blockquote>When an extremely powerful shot is landed in Fallout 3, the camera often slows down to show the full weight of your actions. In this case, we were treated to a few slow motion bullets, a tortured yelp, and two wolves who could only lamely limp in our direction as we slowly finished them off. The wolves are pretty easy compared to the other enemies in the wasteland, though.
    As we continued along our path, cutting over hills and through pools of water, we came to a crumbling church. Here we found out it's not fun to be picked on by those stronger than you. The church was full of super mutants and centaurs who laughed off the tiny wounds our weak pistol doled out. One grotesque being wore a protective shell, so the only way to deal damage was to shoot it in a tiny eye hole, a low percentage shot. After shooting one club-wielding freak in the left leg ten times, we finally crippled him. He was no longer able to perform a lunging strike, but he still endlessly limped after us. When he got too close, he landed an off-balance blow directly on our arm. It caused the right arm, the one carrying the gun, to be crippled. You can continue to fight in this state, holding a wobbling gun and hoping for the best, or you can go into your Pip Boy screen and heal specific mangled parts. Even with a healed arm, the onslaught was too much and we found out the hard way that veering off the beaten path in Fallout 3 can lead to quick, painful deaths.

    The death and the mutants are probably expected parts of Fallout 3, but one element that surprised us was the fully-functional third person view. We were able to position the camera in an optimal angle and distance behind us, and then it closely followed our every move. Fighting was just as easy and satisfying in this view and moving around the terrain felt just as natural as in first person mode. </blockquote>Third-person over the shoulder, that is, not bird's eye.

    And 1up.<blockquote>But the best, and also the most reassuring, part of playing Fallout 3 is the combat. From this first taste, it seems genuinely capable of marrying the tactical nature of the originals with the trigger-heavy controls of a shooter. At any time you can call on the Vault-tec Assisted Targeting System (or V.A.T.S.) and stop time to take a planned action. When you do, action points can be spent on a number of different things, from basic called shots to firing more complex guns to using a skill to heal yourself. Your action points recharge once you use them up, but you are not completely helpless. You can always fire your weapons, just like you would in a shooter. The trade-off is that while firing, your action points come back much more slowly.

    In practice, this keeps the game's pace moving along well, and it let us take on enemies that might have been tough to beat in a straightforward shootout. We could use up all our action points on precision shots to cripple an enemy as it came into range and then seamlessly slip right into shooter-mode to finish it off. This strikes a really nice balance. On the one hand, we get a sense that how we maneuver at the start of a fight -- and the perks we choose to improve our character -- really matter by letting us get an early jump on the critters. At the same time, because we knew we could just fall back on shooting, getting into a fight never feels like an interruption to the game, and using V.A.T.S. becomes like a sort of enhanced slo-mo. </blockquote>IGN.<blockquote>We approached the front door and entered, at which point the game went through a loading sequence. Once inside, we found dark hallways littered with debris from decayed walls and shattered furniture. From somewhere within the complex a raider yelled something threatening, then fired at us. Coming around a corner we spotted the threat, and, from a first-person perspective, blasted a few bullets at them in real-time. The raider was pretty far away and taking cover behind a broken door, so we decided to move forward and take advantage of the game's V.A.T.S. targeting system.

    Since we were playing on an Xbox 360, we hit the right bumper to bring up targeting, which overlays percentages across each of the enemy's body parts. You then select which ones you want to damage: cripple an appendage, crit for bonus damage, or simply blow up their head. The camera shifts from your first- or third-person perspective to a more dynamic view of the targeted shots you take, showing hits, misses or special effects. Howard says the team has worked to ensure this section of battle isn't distracting or boring.</blockquote>Link: We go hands on with Fallout 3 on GameSpot.
    Link: Fallout 3 Hands-On on 1up.
    Link: Fallout 3 Progress Report on IGN.
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    My God. Bees.

    I now feel justified in having called it "bleak humour". It's you and me, IGN. You and me.


    I don't get it... missing speeds you up with respect to the rest of the world?

    Not in mid-combat, surely.

    It's a trap!
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    Also, wondering if Giant Bees make an appearance...
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    But that would mean they'd have to put in giant flowers too. Maybe the flowers can shoot radioactive pollen which heals the ghouls that you *know* are going to mob you.

    ....Dude, I'm SO going to buy this game if there are giant bees and radioactive pollen-shooting flowers!
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    Who gives a fuck about the bee.
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    A lot of people didn't give a fuck about the bear. They are dead now.
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    I'm not dead, your theory is broken.
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    "The church was full of super mutants and centaurs.."
    Centaurs??? Are you kidding me?

    Does Bethesda think nuclear bombs can blow a hole in reality straight though to Greek Mythology?

    Or is that what happens when radiation hits a horse farm?
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    The fallout centaurs, the ones with 6 legs, two heads and lots of weird tentacles.
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    Per, I could feel your desperation, and the slight tremble in your voice, from here! :lol:

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Great joke, almost believed yo didn't play FO and FO2. Wait... 1 post... oh crap... :shock:
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    Alright, that's egg on my face. I have played both and never saw any centaurs. But I must know, where are they in FO and FO2? Is it some random encounter?
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    In Fo1 you had to fight past a couple to reach the end. In Fo2 you could miss them if you skipped a quest here and there.

    Edit: Come to think of it, almost all players would have to face them in Fo2 as well.
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    Cant remember for sure but those centaurs that you met certainly if finished the game (f1) were called "masters pet" so one could have missed that if you were really lucky/unlucky ?? Meaning escpecially the ones in cathedral... not in general.
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    I will have one more hands-on coming tomorrow for you guys. It's by Gamekult and it's really, REALLY pessimistic...You thought that at least exploring and interacting with the NPCs would be fun ? It won't...
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    I must've missed it but I can't find where they say that you can turn VATS cinematics off, only where they say that you can adjust the play speed. Quote please?
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    Reread "no mention of an option to turn it off".
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    As I said: no mention of.

    I don't know about you guys, but I'd be really relieved if they could confirm the damned thing can be turned off when you get tired of it. Same way you could turn off bloody mess by simply going to option and putting back the violence setting.
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    Hahah, whoops. Sorry about the misread, I guess my mind was blocking out further bad news. My issue with VATS from the very start has been the cinematics, I think that I'd probably have some fun with VATS without it but I've had the feeling ever since the first announcement that they were not going to make it togglable due to their statements about it never getting old.