Fallout 3 reviews round-up #80

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    German edition, part 2 of 2.

    Spieletipps, 92.<blockquote>But the developers made an almost perfect job with packing „the Oblivion stand “in „the fall out garb “, even if some smaller inadequacies from the quasi-predecessor were exported. The end time tendency is however simply magnificent caught and draws into an oppressively triste world inclusive society criticism and much Sarkasmus. There playing makes simple for mood despite many Déjà vus. For role performance fans must!</blockquote>Splashgames, 8.9375.<blockquote>Who feels only a breath discoverer urge in itself, its atomic Paradies finds in fall out 3. Which interests me a gescriptete history, if I can form the world with all my acting. I am free to save villages to close friendships and protect the weak ones. Freedom meant in addition, humans their have and property to steal to destroy houses or enslave NPCs!</blockquote>Mega-Gaming, 88%.<blockquote>Fall out 3 connects the strengths of fall out and fall out 2 and creates it in addition to extend it by some innovations. And it functions. The play principle functioned, the power of decision is largely, the technology is addressing. Where fall out draufsteht is also fall out in it - and fall out 3 is better ever! History around the fled father connects the happening of the play, which is good for some surprises again and again.</blockquote>Daddelnews.<blockquote>Apokalyptiker of the old school will need its time, in order to get along in the new, large, dangerous world, but if they are occupied sufficient with the subject, becomes them bitter-bad humor, which used oppressing Setting and seeing again with old acquaintance a probably-industrial union-warm Kribbeln in the gastric region provides. Beginners in the fall out sector can access here still unloaded, are here nevertheless really offered a better Oblivion with Knarren, cool scenes and a binding Storyline. Well, the play must argue in parts with crashes, Freezes and the devil in the detail, but nevertheless, for a recommendation and an invitation to the post office supergau walk it is here still enough.</blockquote>4players, 87.<blockquote>If one first times the magnificent entrance of the played character charaktererschaffung enjoyed and to the brittle beauty got accustomed postapokalyptischen Washington, then one comes loosely so fast no longer of it. One sinks between orders and dependence, between prejudices and surprises, between unbesuchten places and not chopped computers - there is so much to discover, while the atmosphere loop tightens itself merciless. The combat system is however a zweischneidiges sword: So much one over the tactically intelligent to sight as well as is pleased the spectacular slow motions, is noticeable so much the misfires within the AI range, which rob the reliability from so some situation. Fall out 3 has also comfort gaps in the inventory as well as weaknesses in the graphic detail, which become again balanced however by the architectural Monumentalität and the end time tendency.</blockquote>eXp, 8.4.<blockquote>And how does the title from the technical side present itself? No question, the world is enormous. And it works stimmig. But an optical splendour is it really not. The animations are ridiculous to large parts and many textures are wash.

    No question, fall out 3 is a worthy successor. In certain respects. But - and that is here emphasized - it is not perfect. It is far to be perfect.</blockquote>
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    Online translators are fun, I tell you, fun fun fun!

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    Per man, stop before you kill yourself!
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    WTF :shock:

    Is that really FOUR digits after point?
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    Stereotypical German precisity! It's not quite an 8.94, but it'd be unfair to drop it down to 8.935.
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    This is crazy.

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    If there's one gut Charakteristikum the Postapokalyptischen Oblivion with Knarren has to offer, it's, of course, its Charaktererschaffung. I mean, this is obvious, nein?

    Ende des Sarkasmus.