Fallout 3 reviews round-up #90

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    Platform Nation, second review.<blockquote>There are RPG elements here but they all seem to be well hidden. If your not into RPG don’t look away. The only thing in Fallout 3 that seems anything like an RPG is the Skills and Perks….and MAYBE the inventory system. None of them require you to understand anything as complicated as any D&D game and that makes it so much more accessible to an average gamer.

    In closing: Fallout 3 gave me an open world that never got stale. Its a deep role playing game in a polished FPS presentation. It makes you feel like everything you did in game effected the world around you. It allowed you to make decisions that tell a story that only you could tell.</blockquote>AceGamez, second review, 9/10.<blockquote>To defeat these enemies you need to utilise a range of specialised skills; as you level up with experience, you can assign points to a wide range of skills in areas such as speech, sneaking, energy weapons, science… the list is far too long to fully explore here but as you can imagine it offers a wide ability to customise your character to your liking. You can't accumulate anywhere near enough points to maximise every skill either, so you need to pick your talents focus tightly on them. Every second level you can choose a perk too, similar to the process that occurred every four levels in the previous Fallout games.

    For all its faults, I cannot deny that I enjoyed Fallout 3 immensely. It's not perfect and fans of the original Fallout series might feel that it doesn't quite reach the mark, but it's both unfair and unnecessary to compare this to the original games; Fallout 3 is undoubtedly a worthy title in its own right and has enough character and charm, coupled with solid gameplay, to make this one day after tomorrow that you shouldn't miss.</blockquote>MuzikReviews, 4/5.<blockquote>The open environment allows you to make your own way, but you also have to choose what karmic path to take and every interaction with another person or creature offers a chance to do good or evil. Even when you finally catch up to Dad you can show him unconditional love or ask him why he’s such a prick. The ways you can affect your moral compass are pretty amazing. Oddly enough, Fallout might stir some soul searching. When a Supermutant with a conscience turned down my offer to join forces because “Mad” Maria’s karma was too low, I went on a good deed frenzy just to earn his respect. Good luck staying “good” though. Almost every character I spent more than a passing moment with inspired rage that could only be quelled by systematically removing their limbs with a shotgun.

    The dialogue is clunky and redundant at times. Characters will repeat themselves verbatim without any prompting and the dialogue options will include clarification on subjects that haven’t been broached. Bethesda’s trademark uninspired, overworked voice actors are on full display as well. Why do so many Wastelanders share the same voice? Didn’t the Elder Scrolls series make enough money to get the personnel budget upped? Do the good folks at Bethesda think we don’t notice?</blockquote>AudioScribbler.<blockquote>So, Fallout returns with a new developer and a new gameplay direction. Consequently, elitist fans of the previous games whinge about the whole ‘change’ thing with close-minded cynicism.

    Bollocks to them, though, as to dismiss Fallout 3 for not sticking to the conventions of its predecessors is akin to dismissing a particularly delicious slice of beef because it didn’t come from a better-looking cow.</blockquote>The 8th Circuit, 9.0/10.<blockquote>Fallout 3 plays pretty much like Oblivion with guns, except with the addition a special targeting system.

    This game is almost perfect, but it does have its shortcomings.</blockquote>Examiner, 5/5.<blockquote>The game is an excellent mix between a role playing game and a shooter. You’re given a set of Special Stats - Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck – where you’re given the ability to customize your character. You’re also given a skill set ranging from a weapons expert and scientist to hand-to-hand combat master to a hacker. You start off with three skills you’re exceptional at and throughout the game you earn experience points to add to any special skills you want. It’s really a superb system because it allows you to play the game in a variety of ways which offers decent replay value. Regardless of what skills you choose, they will all be useful in certain points of the game.</blockquote>Teletext, 9/10.<blockquote>Moral choices are almost commonplace in modern games, but nowhere do your actions or simply attitude seem to have as drastic and obvious effect as here.

    As with Oblivion the only real faults are technical, with plenty of graphical glitches. The autosave can also leave you in very dangerous situations.

    But these are miniscule problems in what is not just one of the best games of the year but the whole generation.</blockquote>
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    high praise :P

    unofficial goal of nma: "Fallout 3 reviews round-up #100"??
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    Has someone informed Guiness World Records?
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    Platform Nation has really helped me to understand Fallout 3. The RPG elements are, like, hidden and shit. There's skills and perks and an inventory system, which are all hidden... somehow. Oh, and it's a really deep RPG with, uh... hidden RPG elements.
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    That's talent.
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    A man of great astuteness, if I ever saw one. :clap:

    The score? 9/10, unfortunately.

    No comment on this literary wonder. Oh, wait, here's one: "does... not... compute..."

    No argument there. The brainwashing beauty, awesomeness and epicness of such weapons is undeniable.
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    Bloody hell.

    Per, did you try to find any "good" reviews? Or maybe you want to share them with us on the end?
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    I like people with determination that will last at least till the end of the review

    There. Is. No. Hope
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    Painful as always...
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    An "average gamer" is considered to be rather dumb nowadays, isn't he?
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    Here it would be good to have some examples. Because I can not say that I felt like everything I did has effected the world around me ingame. Even the slideshow at the end didn't showed me some real effects, just some images from brahmin dude and some funny text about father and hero or shit.
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    And actually taking time to inspect the meat instead of mindlessly gobbling it down, discovering that it isn't actually grade A meat and that it suffers from several conditions that could lead to food poisoning.

    Honestly, insulting people as part of your review doesn't help sell it, except for those who already think like you do.
    In that case, your review doesn't hold much value to begin with.
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    That's cool with me, because I don't dismiss it for that reason alone. I also dismiss it for shitty writing.
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    Let's face it.

    Big games are made for the average gamer.

    The average gamer is a console player AND is borderline retarded.

    Can you imagine what would've happened if Beth did Fallout 3 like Planetscape: Torment?

    I can see the reviews..

    "Passing through tons and tons of boring letters we get to where the meat - the combat - lies, only to realize there's not much of it at all. Bethesda wrote us a book, when we expected a game."

    "Somewhere in the beginning of the game I became totally confused, as I turbomoded over yet another mute NPC dialogue. When I escaped the conversation I had no idea where to go - there were no compass markers, no directions - nothing. I ran around the area (which is, by the way, pretty) and started shooting people to get the quest forward, but to no avail. The game is confusing, unintiivite and with some very bad design ( it's amazing how they took a step back from Oblivion - turn based combat? lol?)"
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    It didn't come from a cow at all, it came from a chicken.
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    And the boring combat.

    And the unrewarding combat.

    And the excessive combat.

    And the mediocre voice acting.

    And the repetitive grind-holes.

    And the terrible character system.

    And the stupid questline.

    And the stupid setting.
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    I so agree here. The fantasy world in Oblivion was just so much cooler, and you could have a horse, and like real swords and stuff. The Capital Wasteland is just plain boring and whoever first came up with the setting is just not cool enough. I do give the game props up for the exploding heads...

    ...[spoiler:8156c6a9f2]Just kidding ;) I'm not that great at pretending to be a dumb Oblivion fanboy anyway lol[/spoiler:8156c6a9f2]...
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    I find these reviews insulting to my intelligence. I'm quite... offended, that they assume that my standards are low enough to pass Oblivion as the "greatest game of this generation".
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    My vote for most overused word in "Fallout 3" reviews: breathtaking.
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    Something galls me about the way that's written, as if it's a great thing. Aside, I never knew so many game reviewing sites existed!