Fallout 4 Weilard steam review (November 2015)

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    I know it's a bit late but still, be positive. After @CT Phipps elaborated on his high praise for F4, I suddenly remembered of another rather long and interesting piece of positive review from a Fallout vet. fan.

    Weilard is an artist for hire, mostly famous for art support for Wasteland 2 KS campaign.

    Anyway, the subject: http://steamcommunity.com/id/weilard/recommended/377160/
    The courtesy of Google Translation+small editing.
    I could call here the richness of Russian words, similes and metaphors. But I will not. The time has not come. The Russian-language sector is hugely polluted mud in the address of the new game. Therefore I confine something brief and capacious opportunities. Pours bile master comparisons, jokes and sarcasm ... forget about one important fact. Post-apocalyptic sandbox games of this magnitude in this world no one produces. They are not here. Analogues - no. Do not compare. No one who would do such great worlds better than it does Bethesda.

    Do not tell me about the last part of "The Witcher"(I.e. Wild Hunt). It is different. And this is not the world of Fallout. And it is - not a sandbox, but the book. Impressive. Long. Beautiful. Impressive. Immerse yourself in. The story of the witcher Geralt. Not about the Vault Dweller. Not about the world after a nuclear war. Not for the most different areas filled with rabble and the most outlandish creations. Not the "Korvege" not about deathclaws and the Brotherhood of Steel. Keep this in mind, please, when you compare them.

    Games Bethesda is a testing ground for those who are a pleasure to see the world after a nuclear war. Post-apocalyptic world. Rare games can boast such an army of lovers in this world of men, and this army of those who love the game to be modified. Rare games can afford simply to explore the world. Over tens and hundreds of hours. After this time, there is simply nothing to do. There is something to do. Here is what to do, even if the game is not what you expected. Keep this in mind, please.

    No one will return you to the time of the first Fallout, who and if you've been dreaming about isometric view should pay their attention towards other developers. Your time has gone, and now there is a new time. And it's ... time never stands still. Ask any old man. We can only choose from, or grumble on the bench, or to see the good that is in this game.

    Giant world woven from hundreds of locations, images and references. Interesting characters if you do not measure their resolution of the textures. An interesting and eye-catching design, if not measure the quantity of polygons modern games. Interesting conversations, if we evaluate the dialogue, rather than the variability of responses and the number of text. Attractions if you do not stop up all the possible holes of Rivia poor man, who has no hiccups, but it works like a nuclear reactor at constant mention of him on occasion, and without it. Wonderful sound, turn off the Inon Zur's music. Vehicles, if considered exoskeleton with replaceable batteries and a high load-carrying capacity as a means of transportation, but do not try to ride on machines that nowhere more not move. Distinguished combat, if not all the criteria to measure the Counter Strike, which is done regularly "professional reviewers" and experts from the world of ballistics.

    Yes, it is not visible behind the rifle. Yes, there are bugs and lazy-ass-Bethesda has that crawls like a snail when it comes to correct them, and that seems to not care about the players with monitors 4: 3 and 5: 4 (by the way, I am one of them). Yes dialogue system - reduced. Yes, skill is no more, and there are only perks. Yes, again, cartridges does not weigh anything. Yes, there is no hunger, thirst and fatigue. Yes, you can build something. Yes, you can decorate his apartment, and many of you think that this is not necessary. Yes, again marker system. A lot of minuses. A lot of.

    But this game from Bethesda. This whole world. This post-apocalyptic. And it continues to Fallout. Let the other. This is still the world where you want to be, and who would like to explore. It is a titanic work of artists. The whole city, coast, amazing places and mysterious discovery. And all this will soon be - modified. Because the bones of the engine remained the same. This is something that does not like to criticize, but then, what will play even five to seven years before the release of yet another game from Bethesda.

    As long as someone else has learned to make the game in the style of games from Bethesda - you have no alternative. On this planet on the whole ball - and no one is doing anything like it. No one else is holding the flag post-apocalyptic. Keep this in mind, please, when uncovered bandoliers with Staaken. And imagine a world where these games - not. What will be left? Play in up and down trodden Fallout and Fallout 2? For ever and ever?

    Be realistic.

    I am delighted that Bethesda has, for all its faults The motion follows his. And making the game as he wants. Let it remain. When developers as one of the game will do as he wants someone else - game development industry will disappear. A brothel only will remain.
    That was written 7 days after the game's release but still can be considered topical.
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    Awesome review.

    I also agree with him. The Witcher 3 is probably the best game of the next generation console but it does kind of run out of things to do after the main quests and side quests.