Fallout 76 Nukes Lore and Releases

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    Is Carpenter in any way involved in the industry? Maybe I'm just unaware of it. I don't think being a famous filmmaker gives your opinion of a video game any more weight than your average joe's. Roger Ebert is certainly famous for his clueless estimation of the medium.

    Given how popular modding has been for their games, I was surprised to discover that Bethesda never implemented any Steam workshop support, and that adding any mods to Oblivion or Skyrim was a more involved process than I expected. But I don't know anything about the technical side of their games, so maybe that just isn't possible.
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    Amen to that. Maybe Tactics wasn't the best in terms of RPG, but it absolutely nailed the atmosphere.
    The only hope I have for the official franchise is that Bethesda contracts Arkane Studios for the development of Fallout 5. Arkane already works for Bethesda and is a skilled studio with proven skills when it comes to good worldbuilding and game design. Hell, Dishonored 2 is technically a better RPG than Fallout, despite not being a RPG in the first place... Obsidian won't be contracted again for Fallout. In their absence, Arkane would be the better candidate for a new approach on Fallout.

    He probably knows a lot of people who work in the video game industry, considering how many technicians went from the movies to the games industry, back in the late 90s. Probably knows a few VFX studios who make cinematics too. It's a small world at his level.
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    According to Todd Howard, some people at Zenimax Online, same people who work on ESO, apparently helped with the development of this game. And yet, the multiplayer portion of the game is a complete disaster.

    Gotta keep saying sweet little lies as usual.
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    I can already picture Bethesda "lending" the IP to Arkane saying that it's a whole new thing, and then it's the same shit again, only with Arkane name on it
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    Wouldn't be surprised if this was the old trick of sending invoices between companies of the holding for basically nothing (label it "creative counseling" or whatever). It makes sure they spend as much money as possible in order to minimize taxation. And it makes sure you can tell the customers "hey, we worked together on this. From a certain point of view."