Fallout Apocrypha - By Chris Avellone

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    Apparently, it seems like Interplay only owned the Fallout rights due to a "technicality". At least that's what Leonard Boyarsky said in an interview here on NMA:
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    That's the thing though, when one is on staff work for hire, the technicality is that they did the work [for hire] instead of the owner.

    Technically HP owned the Apple 1, because Steve Wozniak was an HP engineer at the time he invented it. He had to offer it to them first; they refused for lack of vision, and Apple was created.


    This one's sad, but legal.

    Jack Kirby Marvel Characters Were Works Made for Hire: Second Circuit

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    I don't think anyone else could have made it worse (not even EA, Activision or any of the greedy companies) because Bethesda's take on it is borderline parody and it completely misses the point of the series. And anything worse would be just whatever because Bethesda did such a piss poor job.

    It's like making a car that can't do anything, but someone else makes the same car but it has no doors. Like, the car already doesn't work, making it worse doesn't do anything because the car doesn't work anyway.

    I would have taken the chance of the franchise dying and down the line maybe someone that gave a shit about the franchise could at least make something at the very least decent out of it. Atom RPG and Underrail are pretty solid games and are much more Fallout than any of the Bethesda crap, so there are companies out there that care about roleplaying elements and quest design that goes beyond "kill this or get this and you get a reward".
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    I have never believed this to be unintentional; always interpreting it as a deliberate revision for sake of a simpler elevator pitch. It is [sadly] far easier to conceptualize [and easier to sell] a future obsessed with the fifties, than a fifties prediction of the future.
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    The way I see it, at this point we ought to be on the exact same level on them to actually get the conversation *anywhere*. Not saying that we should, but if we could at least have a taste of their own personal experience, maybe then we can get through to them.

    Imagine VD and/or Styg sitting with these guys, holding a list of questions asked by the community, but the asking is filtered through either one of those two, who has solid experience in developing games themselves. VD/Styg might be able to get the answers we truly need, even if we don't really want them in the end. You know, seek and ye shall find, not that you'll know what you actually find until you found it.
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    Reading through this stuff by Chris is very interesting. He mentions a good point about the motorcycle and horses. Why include cool scenery with them if you can't control or interact with them? While it's nice to see it will subconsciously remind the player they can't use it and ultimately be a negative experience. Wish they could have used the horses from Oblivion in NV. I guess that would have required a larger map size however and the consoles and their limited memory already held the game back.
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    Sounds like Avellone is applying for a job at Bethesda.
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    Jun 7, 2015
    Personally I like the little touch that horses are extinct. All too often it feels like not much has really been lost form the Great War aside from some of the superficial trappings of civilization.
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