Fallout: Dallas (work in progress)

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    Pre-War Background

    Dallas, a once thriving city riding the coat-tails of the oil boom hit hard times after the decline of resources and an essential death-blow came with the arrival of Nuclear Power for automobiles. When the war with China broke out the American government was not willing to pay the prices that the struggling Oil companies were asking and ended their control of the precious resource by nationalizing what is left of the American oil supply. The government's decision meant that the Texas Commonwealth's massive oil companies no longer had a product to sell and quickly dissolved, Dallas' steady money flow died with them. The resulting unemployment and poverty, combined with high food prices and outbreaks of the plague led to massive riots in the city on par with those in Denver. The US military was deployed, however, because Texas’s remaining oil fields’ vital importance, order in North Texas was considered a strategic and tactical interest in Americas war on China, so the government treated the “peacekeeping” efforts in North Texas were viewed as a legitimate military operation and Dallas was essentially occupied in a manner reminiscent of the Annexation of Canada. The event gave way to the rise of a large presence of militant anarchists, who would ambush patrols and stage attacks on military checkpoints. And some parts of Dallas were essentially a war zone up until the bombs dropped.


    Talloway City (name subject to change) - A town set up in the stadium of the Dallas “Roaring Rockets” and derives it's name from the statue of the team's original coach Gregory Talloway, a side was ripped open by the edge of a nuclear blast was repaired by sandbags and corrugated steel. More info on that inhabits it in “Factions”

    New Reunion – Reunion is based around the city of Dallas’ iconic Reunion tower and the building attached to it, though a mall and conference center in our world, was built as a casino/hotel in the Fallout universe. The building also housed a bunker meant to house the governor and his family in the event of nuclear war, so walls surrounded it that were built to withstand a nuclear blast. The walls served their purpose, however radiation managed to kill the few people remaining within the building. The remains were later found by a wandering ghoul who renovated the casino and turns the walled Reunion compound into a secure city of pleasure and entertainment. More info on the ghoul and other people in the city of Reunion in “Charecters”


    The Rockets - The inhabitants of Talloway City, a tribe whose warriors don the team's iconic red helmets and shoulder pads reinforced things like nails, chains and street signs. While their outfits make them look intimidating and hostile they are actually a tribe that survives largely by trading goods "prospected" and scavenging. And while they do commit acts of "raiding" for food they will only do so against camps of raiders that crawl the ruins of Dallas, and refuse to attack settlements or factions that have not done anything to them. The player will be able to assist the Rockets in thriving by teaching them methods of agriculture, a trade they have had trouble with due to their lack of education combined with their difficulty dealing with the stadium's astroturf.


    Grand Emperor Reunion (story subject to vary slightly with editing and additions) - The leader of New Reunion, he was a traveling conman when the bombs fell and eventually became a ghoul. He wandered the Midwest for years before eventually settling in Dallas in 2203 with a super-mutant lackey who goes by the name of "Norm". In Dallas he found the Reunion Compound and convinced the small tribe of scavengers within it to give him complete power. He accomplished this by both using his skills as "sweet-talking suckers" and by the fear he instilled as a ghoul who the primitive people in reunion believed were demons that would pass their curse onto those who displease them, a notion that came about through a mix of their santaria-esque religion and a mix of old-world zombie myths. Reunion also derived power from his companion, Norm who as a super mutant was never seen before by the people of Texas. Norm was worshiped as a God when seen by the nearby raiders, a belief that the ghoul who had now dubbed himself "Mr. Reunion" took advantage of. Mr. Reunion approached the raider tribes as a representative of their "God" and brought them over to his side. Of course he hid all this from his companion Norm, who was blissfully unaware due to his low intelligence. The security and muscle provided by raiders combined with a loyal group of followers within the Reunion "Fort" allowed him to turn the walled compound into a small but thriving "Sin City" of sorts that draws crowds from all over the region.


    Personal Note

    I would appreciate your feedback, this is really just the very beginning of what I am working on. I promise to add more as I come up with it, right now I am working on some other factions like the raider groups that are in the Dallas ruins as well as fleshing out the people of New Reunion a little bit more. I kept telling myself that I would wait until I was done to post this but I just got excited and really wanted to know what you all thought of it. Like I said above, I will add things onto this as time permits (this part alone took me about two hours).
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    Hey another Fallout concept taking place in Texas.

    For a couple of years I have also been wandering around with an idea for a Fallout in Texas, not surprisingly called Fallout Texas.

    I wanted to use some elements of FOBOS1 and the canceled FOBOS2 along with some ideas from Van Buren that at the time seemed to be doomed to obscurity (the Caesar's Legion).
    Some of the original stuff sounded a lot similar to what the people of Fan Made Fallout had in mind.

    Should I do something with this I would ask Dark Underlord if he would be okay with using similar elements, or ask him to join on the team.
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    I have not worked out the main villain yet or even the plot. I am working on the locations and characters right now. I remember reading your Fallout: Texas concept, it was very good. Right now I am just working out the non-essential locations to the story, then I plan on fleshing out more about the main plot.
    But anyways, what do you think about it Dutch Ghost, I really like what you do in the future games thread and was hoping when I posted this that I would get your opinion.
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    Crap, forgot to respond on this.

    I like the idea of how before the War the oil wells in Texas were nationalized as that does sound logical in a period of scarcity.

    In some earlier take I wrote for my own ideas Poseidon Energy did remain involved.
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    I will try and add some stuff to this tonight. Dutch Ghost, what topic did you write your idea for Texas in. I would like to read it now, I remember skimming it but I forgot alot of the information.
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    Here is what I have.
    Mind you I borrowed what I liked from FOBOS and the canceled FOBOS2 (parts that did not conflict with canon that much) and some elements are very similar to Fan Made Fallout.

    Its because of this that I am thinking of redoing my idea in the future

    * * * *

    allout Texas


    The following document is a concept for a mod for Fallout New Vegas but one that also uses assets from the previous Fallout 3, and its DLCs as well as completely new material.

    The basic premise (so far)

    At the start of the game the player has been captured by the Caesar's Legion and brought to the Texas region where the Legion's base of operations is located and where they are at their strongest.

    The player is originally from somewhere else, the West coast or up North, ensuring that any geographical knowledge the player should know from before the start of the game is useless, starting the game blank like the previous Fallout games.

    Just as the player is about to be forced into a life of slavery a group of militia soldiers come to the player's and other slaves' rescue and set them free, but do not otherwise instruct them.

    Now the player is far from the home region.

    One of the start up questions of the game is how come that the Caesars' Legion operates so far from their own core region, they normally do not come so far West or North, limited their influence to Texas and the region directly around it.
    They are also a lot better equipped than usual, having access to Pre War gear which is usually not often seen.

    While investigating this conundrum the player gets involved in the struggle between expanding civilizations and tribes, meets groups such as the Super Mutants from Austin and possibly the machine intelligences from Robot City, and discovers a conspiracy far larger than the Caesar's Legion sudden increase in strength.

    The location

    The game so far takes place in the region of Texas and parts of states bordering to it to the East.
    Separating the region from the “Van Buren/New Vegas” region is a section of land that is heavily irradiated from the War almost two hundred years ago, it suffers from radioactive twisters and the occasional hurricane that comes from the Gulf of Mexico which stirs up the radioactive dust.

    As a result contact with factions or governments in the West such as the NCR are limited at best through parts of the year when the storms rage, but groups and factions from the West such as the Brotherhood of Steel and the Followers of the Apocalypse have occasionally ventured in the Texas region.


    The Player

    The player starts the game as a recently made slave by the Caesar's Legion, rather than having a specific background like being a Vault Dweller like in Fallout 1 the player is questioned/gets to choose his or her own background.
    This can be neutral without cons and pros or one of the various backgrounds that come with start up bonuses and penalties, these options include being a Vault Dweller.

    After having chosen a background, appearance, skills/traits etc. the player is locked up in a cage together with several other slaves including a dying Vault Dweller.
    The Vault Dweller asks the player to help him get some water and make his last moments tolerable, in return he gives the player his Vault uniform and Pip boy 2000, unless the player is a Vault Dweller himself/herself and already has these items.

    (note: perhaps the dying Vault Dweller recognizes the player as being another Vault Dweller from the same Vault he is, or another Vault. He sees kinship in the player anyway)

    The dying Vault Dweller reveals that he has secretly modified his Pipboy to send a distress signal with the hope that it might reach anyone listening.
    It is however to late for the Vault Dweller but the player might be able to use it and escape.

    Alternatively, if the player is a Vault Dweller himself, the dying Vault Dweller modifies the player's Pipboy to send a distress signal.

    This makes getting a Pipboy important at the start of the game.

    Once the player has send the distress signal a militia group attacks the Caesar Legion's camp, quickly dispatches the Legionnaires and frees the surviving slaves including the player.

    The militia soldiers identify themselves as the Rangers, an anti slaver organization that fights slavers like the Caesar's Legions and frees their captives.

    They provide the player with some information such as where he/she is, revealing that the player is far from his/her home and is in the former state of Texas.
    The Rangers give the player some supplies and a weapon and suggest that the player goes to Lone Star, the new capital of Texas.

    The player can ask if he/she can join the Rangers but they will decline at this moment, suggesting that the player instead goes talking with their leader Mary.


    One of the first characters the player could potentially meet.
    Johnny was a reservist National Guardsman before the War and was a marksman, being proficient with loads of rifles and assault rifles.

    He and his squad were called up to secure important locations during the civil unrest crisis, preventing these from being overrun by protestors or possible Chinese agents or sympathizers who would seek to undermine order whenever possible.

    Only then the War happened and Johnny and his fellow Guardsmen took cover in any nearby basement or reinforced military structure.
    While they had some supplies to hold out for a while their shelter provided inadequate protection and radiation started to seep in.

    When the worst of the effects were over Johnny and the others started to look for more survivors, only exposing themselves to more radiation and released mutagens.


    Traxus is a Super Mutant mercenary and a former member of Attis' expedition to Texas which brought a group of Super Mutants to the region.
    He was one of the fortunate ones who was on the surface and outside of Los when the Vault Tec vault blew up and destroyed the entire city above it.

    After the survivors came together and started to look for a new place to live Traxus traveled for some time with them until the hit Austin and took up residence there.

    Traxus doesn't mind humans that much and perhaps he has more wanderlust than the others as he did not settle in Austin and instead traveled throughout the region, offering his services as an enforcer or mercenary to anyone who could pay his price.

    What Traxus' original name was before he was dipped he doesn't even remember himself or he simply chooses not to use that name any more.

    Traxus did have a brother who like him also became a Super Mutant and traveled to Texas, after Traxus left the main group his brother did settle in Austin but the two kept contact with each other until recently when Traxus' brother disappeared.

    Traxus' brother tried to become a caravan trader and set up business between Austin and surrounding settlements, it is most likely that he disappeared during one of his trade journeys.

    (note: in truth he has been captured by the Caesar's Legion and was sold to Reese who was curious about Super Mutant buildup and wanted to study one. Traxus' brother was not at all interested in joining up with Reese's movement and goal and tried to escape several times.
    After being finished with Traxus' brother, Reese infected him and turned him into a 'vector'.
    Because of the FEV in his blood that regenerates his cells it is taking longer for Traxus' brother to become infected, something of great curiosity to Reese)


    A heavily modified Mr Handy.
    TASK’s original owners expanded TASK’s memory and working capabilities beyond regular standards.
    TASK is capable of overriding electrical locks, hack computers, and is fitted with expanded sensor modules capable of detecting electronic traps and mines.

    Catherine Rivas

    A Lone Star Armed Forces field medic.

    Professor Lin Xióng

    One of the upcoming top scientists of Killeen's community.

    Lin is a very methodical and clear headed scientist, having little time for distractions and sometimes even coming over as cold and uncaring towards others.
    While not anti social Lin has little patience for people who waste her time for nothing when she feels she needs her attention for much more important goals.

    Like everyone else in Killeen Lin's ancestry is of American and Chinese lineage, her ancestors having married Chinese POWs who were originally held at Fort Hood detainment camps until they were released or escaped just before the nuclear exchange.

    Paladin Cage Blackwood

    Cage Blackwood is a Brotherhood paladin who has grown disillusioned with the Brotherhood of Steel, finding its policy of not getting involved with the wasteland matters and politics something that would sooner or later would come back to haunt the Brotherhood.

    He holds the stagnation that nearly destroyed the Brotherhood as an example on their self imposed isolation.

    However that does not mean Cage believes that the Brotherhood should be going around doing 'good deeds', or sharing their knowledge and technology randomly.
    Just taking a more active role in order to further their interests.

    He has left the Brotherhood vault after an argument with the elder, taking his equipment and Power Armor with him.

    Currently several Broken Gears raiders are pursuing him, trying to capture and kill him for their cause.


    I have Vandez in mind as an American-Spanish playboy, good looking, a charmer with the women, a gambler, a man with a devil may care attitude.
    Had he been born before the war he would probably have moved in higher circles, but he wasn't and now like everyone else he tries to make a living in the general anarchy of the wasteland.

    Vandez would be great at stealing and lockpicking, have learned these tricks of the trade rather early in his life, he would also have great convincing skills, and if that didn't work out he would have no problem wielding a gun.
    But he isn't that type of person, preferring instead of talking his way out of trouble.

    Unnamed female tribal shaman (suggested name Ashak)


    The war for Hoover Dam in Fallout New Vegas unleashed a significant wave of changes and consequences upon the organizations, groups and settlements in the Mojave wasteland and was felt far outside it.

    With the NCR's definite victory over the Caesar's Legion at the Dam, the Legion's fighting spirit was broken and had to give up on its plans to take the West.
    Having suffered significant losses amongst their numbers the members of the Legion were no longer certain of their own superiority over what those they saw as savages and barbarians and even the Caesar himself was in doubt since the start of his campaign of conquest.

    Already enjoying superior weaponry and a number of allies, NCR's strength was only increased when their scientists discovered the true secret behind HELIOS One.

    Now with ARCHIMEDES2 on their side the NCR started to invade Legion territory, destroying fortifications and taking over settlements in the name of freeing them and bringing them democracy.
    The Caesar's Legion was forced to give up Arizona and New Mexico and had to retreat East to Texas for the safety behind the great radioactive no man's lands that the NCR would have difficulty with to pass.

    Isolated from the West, the settlements in former Texas had enjoyed a relative isolation from the events that had been taking place there, having only experienced a few significant events of their own as its inhabitants seek to rebuild some resemblance of civilization.

    However with the arrival of the Caesar's Legion and the pursuing NCR this isolation has come to an end as the newcomers from the West have come into contact with the regional powers that already seek to control the state and its resources.

    Having treated them as irrelevant in the past the Caesar came to realize that the victory of his opponents in the West was due to advanced weaponry.
    If his Legion was to overcome its shameful defeat it had to adapt to its enemies' strategies and find superior weaponry and devices of their own.

    Now the Legion seeks old remnants of the past and those who know how to use these while the regional powers do the same to prevent them from being annexed by either the Legion or the NCR and those who follow in its path.

    Factions/Organizations/Groups (active, inactive and defunct)

    Lone Star
    (inspired by the concept text of Fallout BOS2 Vagrant Lands)

    Not to be confused with the real town of Lone Star, in Fallout Texas Lone Star is the largest free settlement in the region and one of the most prosperous.

    Hundreds of people live and work here and various licit and illicit business can be found to which the settlement owns its prosperity.
    Almost unique in the region is the presence of the university where pPre war knowledge is gathered and studied and where eager minds is educated, and the hospital, a medical center where Pre War medicine is still practiced.

    Lone Star’s police force keeps the order in the city and puts down crime, while the city defense force protects it from outside aggressors such as hostile tribes, raiders, violent mutants, and the Caesar’s Legion who preys on its citizens.

    Running the city is an elected mayor and the city council who oversee matters from city planning to defense.

    Lone Star is the leader of a group of settlements who have organized against such threats as the Caesar’s Legion and its aggressive tribal allies, as well as the mutants from Austin which some people perceive as a developing threat.

    Slavery is forbidden in Lone Star’s walls and most of its citizens are supporters of the Rangers who seek to end slavery throughout the wasteland.

    Historically the original settlement was established by vault dwellers from the nearby Abilene vault; Vault 39.
    During the early years of its buildup the settlement attracted traders from other nearby settlements who traded in various goods and supplies with the vault dwellers.
    In time several of these outsiders settled within Lone Star, setting up businesses that attracted more people to the growing town, and increasing its income.

    Its prosperity allowed the settlement leaders to finance the construction of rare Pre War facilities like a dedicated university and hospital.

    Lone Star could also finance the formation of a well armed and trained military whose task it is to protect the city and later the settlements of nearby allies from raiders and tribals who preyed on the city’s prosperity.
    The armed forces would become even more important when the Caesar’s Legion established itself in the region.

    Several decades after its founding a group of Vault Dwellers arrived from the West, searching for the Abilene Vault and its inhabitants.
    These Vault Dwellers were from the Vault Tec Vault under Los which they were forced to evacuate during the Super Mutant invasion in Fallout BOS.

    Lone Star absorbed the group of Vault scientists and technicians, as well as the few ghouls that escorted them into the Lone Star population, and the new arrivals passed their knowledge on to the rest.

    In the most ideal ending Lone Star maintains its independence from both the NCR and the System, becoming the capital of a small independent nation within Texas together with Killeen and other settlements.

    The Caesar's Legion

    (based on the original concept by Chris “MCA” Avellone and Joshua Eric “J.E.” Sawyer)

    The Caesar’s Legion is the largest slaver organization in the Fallout Texas region and one of the primary antagonists the player will encounter during a game.
    The Caesar’s Legion is structured along the hierarchy of the ancient Roman Imperial Army and consists mostly of reconditioned tribals.

    The organization was founded by the Caesar, originally a member from the Followers of the Apocalypse, and his right hand Joshua Graham, who after the defeat of the Legion at Hoover Dam was burned and thrown into the Grand Canyon for the failure of the operation.

    Originally the Legion operated Westwards in the region of Nevada, Nebraska, Utah, and Arizona where the organization taught local tribes to fight against another aggressive tribe called the Twisted Hairs, the Legion later almost completely eradicated this tribe.

    The Legion also attempted to destroy the expanding New California Republic who had established the settlement of Hoover Dam and Camp McCarran military base and and drive them back to the West.
    They were only partly successful and after the defeat at Hoover Dam the NCR army drove the Legion Eastwards to North Texas, beyond the periodic radioactive twisters.

    Since then the Caesar’s Legion has firmly entrenched itself in the Fallout Texas region, forming alliances with local tribes, demanding tribute from them in the form of goods, slaves and recruits, while preying on non aligned tribes, settlements, and any mutant that might have the safety of Austin.

    While the Legion’s main business seems to be slave catching and trading, there is a dedicated purpose behind the Legion’s attacks on large settlements and governments like the NCR and Lone Star.

    As the Caesar's Legion has no industry of their own, slaves are put to work to perform various tasks or are used as trading goods with settlements that produce goods the Legion needs such as weapons, munitions, armor, and advanced medicine.

    Larger settlements are often not so easily impressed by the Caesar's Legion or simply not worth being offered the chance to join the Legion, they are often the target for raids as are the trade caravans that moved between settlements.
    Especially people were Pre War knowledge and skills are priced targets.

    Currently the Caesar's Legion seeks to defeat Lone Star and its allies who like the NCR in the West have a strong army of their own.
    The Legion has allied itself with the Cipher Miles Reese who has been supplying the Legion with advanced weaponry in return for slaves and supplies.

    As Lone Star has been starting to look for advanced weapons from before the war the Legion has started its own search for such artifacts so that they can finally defeat NCR and Lone Star and target the major powers in the North, the Mid West Brotherhood and the System.

    If the player should choose to assassinate the Caesar and destroy Numitor with the robot flying wing bombers, the tribes that are controlled by the Caesar's Legion and are allied to them or in servitude will collapse into tribal warfare again, fighting against each other.

    If Lone Star, independent or part of the NCR or the System is strong enough, it will decide to use the opportunity to expand into tribe territories and annex tribal land.
    The tribes try to put on a fight but in the end can only choose between joining Lone Star or abandon their lands.

    The Super Mutants and Ghouls from Austin

    (inspired by Fallout 1, Fallout BOS, and Fallout BOS2 “Vagrant Lands” concept document)

    The Super Mutants were originally members of the Master’s Unity movement before this organization/religious movement was destroyed by the player/Vault Dweller during the Fallout 1 game when the FEV vats at Mariposa Base were destroyed and the master was assassinated/committed suicide.

    After the collapse of the Unity the remaining Super Mutant soldiers organized themselves in three groups, one group would remain on the West Coast and continue to harass settlements and the upcoming NCR.

    Another group headed Westwards, beyond the great mountain range to look for territory of their own and any resources they could use against human militia and settlements.

    A third group of Super Mutants was led by one of the Master’s former lieutenants, a Super Mutant leader named Attis.
    Having studied pre war records and archives, Attis learned more about the Vaults, and in particular its constructor; the Vault Tec corporation.

    Attis learned that Vault Tec had created a facility for its own CEOs and personnel where various research and development was done to produce goods for a post nuclear market, including treatments to repair tissue damage caused by mutation and radiation; including curing sterility.

    Because Super Mutants could not naturally reproduce, they could not build up the numbers to take over the world by conventional tactics.
    Attis hoped to solve this problem by gaining the treatments stored in the Vault Tec Vault, as well as use it as a base of operations, and its other discoveries against the human settlements.

    Attis led his Super Mutant expedition to Texas, picking up slaves and goods at the settlement of Carbon before heading to the Ghoul City of Los under which the Vault Tec Vault was located.

    Questioning the local ghouls about the Vault and gaining access to it, Attis forces overran a damaged and divided Vault, killing a portion of its inhabitants.
    Attis then manipulated a group of pursuing Texas Brotherhood paladins of retrieving the key he needed to access the Vault’s laboratory section where the biological research was kept.

    Unfortunate for Attis the cure proved to be ineffectual for his goal, instead causing a severe reaction with the FEV in his body that resulted in a rapid multiplying of his body’s cells, turning him into a rapid expanding organic blob, not unlike the Super Mutant’s creator; the Master.

    What was left of Attis plotted to cover the entire world and absorb every living thing in it before the Brotherhood paladins killed him by detonating the nuclear warhead placed under the Vault Tec Vault, just in case it had to be destroyed.

    Attis’ Super Mutant forces that were present in the Vault, perished while fighting the expanding mass of their leader, but the Super Mutants on the surface managed to flee before the city was destroyed.

    The Ghoul population of Los was a combination of three groups, one group was what was left of the original population of the city after it was hit by the fallout of the war, gradually in time mutating into Ghouls through the effects of radiation and other mutagens.

    One group came from the Ghoul city of Necropolis in the West, managing to escape the city before an army of Super Mutants arrived and killed any remaining Ghoul as retaliation for the deaths of several Super Mutant guards.

    The last group were the survivors of the Vault Tec Vault security forces that were forced to return to the surface when an explosion during an internal conflict severally damaged the Vault.
    Radiation as well as escaped samples/specimens from the Vault laboratories turned what Vault Dwellers survived into Ghouls.

    Leading this last group was the head security guard Blake who had started the conflict in the Vault together with the other security guards when he discovered the research of Vault scientists and deemed it evil.

    Blake established a cult called the Church of the Lost that persecuted scientific knowledge and those who practiced it, and that fiercely guarded the Vault Tec Vault entrances, claiming that they were protecting the outside world from the horrible secrets inside it.

    Ghouls in Los, and in particular Blake’s followers practiced slavery of humans as well as the ritual sacrifice of them, importing them from other settlements such as Carbon.

    The Church of the Lost would only maintain control of Los for several decades until an expedition of Super Mutants arrived that sought to access the Vault.
    Following them was an expedition force of Brotherhood paladins led by General Rhombus that had come to investigate the Super Mutants activity and what they were looking for.

    Blake’s followers killed most of the paladins and captured Rhombus, but not before Rhombus could steal a Vault key card that Blake had in his possession, and hide it somewhere on the docks before being caught.

    A second group of paladins followed and assassinated Blake while freeing Rhombus and gaining the Vault key card.
    The paladins pursued the Super Mutants into the Vault Tec Vault, and destroyed the Vault to prevent a horribly mutating Attis from spreading out of it and covering the world.

    A large number of Church followers were killed by the Super Mutants and the second group of BOS paladins, but most of the Ghouls on the bridge to Los managed to survive and evacuate before Los was destroyed.

    Both Super Mutant and Ghoul survivors suddenly found themselves without a home and a cause and decided that despite their past grievances to band together and search for a new home.

    This group of Super Mutants and Ghouls traveled through the Texas wasteland for some time, raiding human settlements and tribes before they arrived at the ruins of Austin.
    Austin at the time was already settled by human survivors who had built several settlements amongst the crumbling buildings, but they were quickly driven out by the well armed mutants.

    After this take over the Super Mutants and Ghouls started to construct their own settlement and fixed some of the Pre War structures such as the power plant, restoring its functions.

    Since then the population of Austin is somewhat divided.
    Some of the Super Mutants and Ghouls wish to end the hostilities with regular humans and find a way to live together in peace.

    Another group is not so willing to forgive past losses and hostility and wants that humans are kept out of Austin and as far away possible.

    One last group is even proposing to start a new war against the human settlements in the region.
    They know that they cannot restore any fallen numbers but believe that it is preferable to go out fighting than quietly going extinct.

    Some of these Super Mutants and Ghouls keep humans as slaves to produce food, goods, and entertainment for their masters.
    Super Mutant and Ghoul slavers capture these humans in the settlements around Austin.

    - The Cult of Blake

    The Cult of Blake is what is left of Blake’s Church of the Lost.
    These Ghouls still fiercely believe in Blake’s ideology and have elevated him to the status of martyr and saint of their fate.
    The destruction of Los by a nuclear warhead has only strengthened their determination, seeing it as a holy sign.

    - Mutant Slavers/Austin Slavers

    Some Super Mutants and Ghouls in Austin hold slaves and as the Caesar's Legion doesn't sell to the inhabitants of Austin, rather preferring to enslave them instead whenever possible, the Super Mutants and Ghouls have set up their own slaver organization to satisfy the demand.

    While they are not as large numbered as the Caesar's Legion they have the benefit of having heavier weapons in general, and few settlements in the wasteland are able to resist determined Super Mutants.

    Like the Caesar's Legion the Mutants Slavers operate in both small groups to capture individual travelers and caravans and large groups to attack settlements.
    Unfortunate these operations do take lives and as there are less Super Mutants than Ghouls, more and more Ghouls have to replace the individual fallen or captured Super Mutants.

    Vault Tec

    (from Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Van Buren, Fallout Tactics, and Fallout BOS)

    Vault Tec was a large corporation before the Great War, specializing in the construction of closed environment self contained facilities.
    When the possibility of a nuclear war arose Vault Tec was contracted by the US government to carry out Project Safehouse and construct a number of underground shelters named Vaults throughout the US mainland which purpose was to shelter groups of selected people whose task it would be to rebuild the United States after a nuclear conflict.

    Unknown to the general public and most of the US government, Vault Tec CEOs had plans of their own to survive a possible nuclear war, they did not want to emerge just unscathed from the nuclear firestorm, they wanted to emerge like a phoenix from the ashes of the old world, taking over every market of advanced goods in a post nuclear world which were now controlled by other companies such as Poseidon Energy, West Tek, Watts Electronics etc.

    Most likely these corporations and their holdings would be wiped off the map, and Vault Tec planned to fill the gap by providing goods such as weapons, medicine, computers, and robots of their own design.

    For this purpose they built a top secret Vault of their own underneath the city of Los Indios, a vast facility that would not only shelter their employees but would also contain R&D facilities and manufacturing plants.

    Here in secret Vault Vault Tec would design its own range of advanced goods and products to sell to the surface world once they emerged again when it would be save to do so.

    Not just interested in hardware production, the Vault also contained extensive research laboratories for biological research, not just to create new kinds of medical supplies, but also to develop new kinds of biological weapons for a possible market.

    The scientists in this laboratory also studied genetic mutation of plant, animals, and humans due to the effects of the nuclear war and bio agents.
    Their goal was to create treatments and medicines for genetic damage such as sterility caused by mutation, surely a product where there would be much demand for.

    Unfortunate for the staff of the Vault things went not as planned, the head security guard; Blake had a fit of madness and declared the scientists' research to be evil.
    He convinced most of the other guards to rise up against the scientists, and during the struggle an explosion happened that sealed of parts of the Vault and caused cracks through which wildlife could enter.

    Blake and his followers were forced to return to the surface where conditions later would turn them into Ghouls, while the rest of the population was stuck in separate parts of the Vault.

    Things only went worse when a group of Super Mutants under the leadership of Attis, a former lieutenant of the Master invaded the Vault with as goal of finding a cure for Super Mutant sterility as well as conquering the Vault to use it as a base of operations.

    The Super Mutants killed most of the vault dwellers, leaving only a group of isolated people in the lower levels alive.

    Soon after a group of Brotherhood Paladins entered whose task it was to prevent the Super Mutants from gaining the cure and the research of the Vault.
    These paladins met up with the vault dweller survivors and both worked together to stop the Super Mutants.

    By the time that the paladins reached Attis he had injected himself with the experimental compound that was suppose to cure sterility.
    Unfortunate the compound proved to be ineffectual and instead created a form of mutation even more severe than regular FEV, turning the Super Mutant commander into a rapidly expanding organic blob whose shattered mind now dreamed of absorbing every other form of organic life.

    The paladins activated an emergency sterilization program; a nuclear warhead Vault Tec had most likely procured through their Enclave partners, and evacuated the Vault with the vault dweller survivors before the warhead went off and destroyed the facility as well as the ruins of Los Indios above it

    Though despite the company's non active state it has left significant remains behind, the Vaults itself but also the advanced products it had been manufacturing in their own private facility that have since then have found their way on to the wasteland.

    Especially in the former state of Texas the player will find Vault Tec versions of goods alongside those of other companies that produced these before the war,

    - Sci Tec

    (from Fallout 1 manual)

    Sci Tec was Vault Tec's advanced technologies department, they worked on such devices as the Garden of Eden Construction Kit which was issued to almost every Vault.
    In Vault Tec's own private Vault they created such things as a line of service and security robots such as the gun bot and the tesla bot.
    They also created CALIX, a machine intelligence designed to operate the entire Vault and its systems.
    This was what the ZAX line of computers originally intended to be.

    Other technologies included laser security screens and holographic projectors

    Poseidon Energy

    (from Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Van Buren)

    Poseidon Energy was one of the largest energy concerns before the War, they dealt in fossil fuels such as oil, petroleum, coal, nuclear energy but also experimented with renewable energy sources such as solar power.

    A large number of power plants, refineries, mines and such were owned by Poseidon Energy and its daughter companies such as Prometheus Coal and they had much dealing with the US government during the energy crisis that took place before the War.

    Unknown to the general public Poseidon Energy also handled a number of defense contracts for the US government, and behind them the Enclave, developing new kinds of weapons and armors which the Enclave hoarded for themselves.

    Remnants of Poseidon Energy can still be found in the wasteland as protection of their holdings was a priority during the War.
    Broken power plants but also research facilities and experimental technology such as Helios One are scattered across the US mainland.

    The remnants of the Enclave still use Poseidon facilities after the destruction of the Poseidon Oil Rig and both they and the Brotherhood of Steel attempt to decipher and create some of Poseidon's prototypes.

    West Tek

    (from Fallout 1)

    The Rangers (working name)

    The Rangers is one of the largest para military anti slaver organizations and defenders of the people of the wasteland.
    They seek to end slavery and oppression whenever they can and often work together with law officers of settlements in order to solve and prevent crimes.

    The founder of the Rangers was a man from the West (Tycho?)

    The rangers are led by Mary, a leader who is now reaching her senior years but is still as fierce spirited as ever.
    Mary was originally one of the inhabitants of the Vault Tec secret Vault until she and her fellow Vault Dwellers were rescued by paladins from the Texas Brotherhood of Steel.
    Together with the other Vault Dwellers Mary traveled to the location of Vault 39, trying to join up with their community but instead finding Lone Star.

    Mary tried to join the Texas Brotherhood of Steel several years later but was denied becoming an initiate.
    After she returned back to Lone Star the previous leader of the Rangers offered her a position in the organization which she accepted.
    Over the years she has done many actions, leading Rangers in various parts of the Region.
    Seeing potential in her, the previous leader trained her to become his replacement and after he retired Mary assumed this position, valiantly leading the Rangers like she did when she was still in the field.

    While Rangers travel everywhere their headquarters and training center can be found in Lone Star.

    Raider group #1 The Claws (working name)

    This would be a regular bunch of raiders, simply a group of men and women who prey on trader caravans, small settlements, etc. for goods and supplies.
    Sometimes they capture people and hold these for ransom or sell them to one of the slaver groups but they are not dedicated slavers themselves.

    Members would infiltrate settlements, posing as ordinary civilians in order to gain information about upcoming rich caravans or the defense strength of a settlement and pass this on to their leader.

    Simply immoral people.

    Their symbol is several bloody claw marks

    Raider group #2 The Broken Gears (working name)

    This is a more peculiar group, these raiders are almost tribalistic and set themselves apart with their rituals, unusual gear and appearance, and most of all; their hatred for advanced technology and science.
    They have the idea that technology is responsible for the destruction of the old world and seek to destroy it wherever they can find it.
    They in particular target people from Lone Star such as the scholars and professors from the university and the Brotherhood of Steel members which they often engage with superior numbers to overcome their advanced weapons.

    Despite their technology hatred they do use any advanced weapons and gear they can get their hands on to further their goal, decorating these with paint and all kinds of crap.

    Their symbol is one or several broken gears (as opposite to the Brotherhood of Steel's gears working interconnected)

    The #########

    This is a serious bad group of raiders, the ####### are actually a group of mercenaries that have turned to raiding as it proved to be more profitable than searching for contracts amongst the settlements.
    Unlike the other raider groups they have somewhat professional military training and discipline and in general better weaponry and gear amongst their members.

    Still they do occasionally take on contracts from clients like the destruction of the Bloody Knives.

    The Bloody Knives

    This was a somewhat strong raider group that was a problem for settlements and trader caravans until they were contracted by the Horizon Traders who wanted them to weaken the settlement of Prosperity Springs, making the people there more dependent on the services of the trader group until a point was reached in which the trader group actually owned the settlement.

    Seeing the Bloody Knives as a liability if they would ever expose the truth, the leader of the Horizon Traders hired the ########### to eliminate the Bloody Knives which they nearly effectively did.
    Only one member; Mark, managed to survive the slaughter of his fellow raiders.
    Since then he has been brooding for revenge.

    The Trashers

    The Texas Hellrazors

    The Buccaneers

    Raiders local to the Corpse.
    Their name is based on the football team from before the War and they controlled the stadium until the Caesar's Legion moved in and drove them out.
    They can tell the player about the local history as well as the strange events that happened at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station.

    Trader group #1 Lone Star Trade Outfitters

    Trader group #2 Far Horizon Traders (working name)

    Trader group #3 Austin Free Traders

    Trader group #4 Big Brahmin Trading Company (working name)

    Tribe #1

    Tribe #2

    Tribe #3

    Tribe #4

    Robot City machine intelligences

    (inspired by the concept by J.E. Sawyer)

    Robot City would be like how humans before the War though the cities of the future would look like once nuclear power, robots, and computers had been more integrated into everyday life.
    Shining huge metropolises with towers that reach for the sky, robots everywhere that are doing the regular and mundane tasks, and of course flying cars.

    However of course it did not work out that way as of course the nuclear war happened, and yet the city of the future would still arise, but no longer for humans but instead inhabited by advanced machine intelligences and guarded by laser armed robots.

    In the decades leading up to the war there was a race between the various universities and corporate computer labs to create genuine artificial intelligence, a computer that would be able to think, comprehend and analyze situations and react accordingly, and be capable of performing tasks to complex for the human mind.

    The ZAX line of computers created by Vault Tec were a step towards creating true AI but were more intended like complex processors with human like personality with which people could easier interact with.
    The culmination of the ZAX's line of computers was CALIX, the computer that ran the secret Vault Tec vault, but it did not have a true personality and was limited in its decision making capabilities to ensure it would remain under control.

    A better attempt was Greenway's ULYSSES/ODYSSEUS which was a true artificial intelligence.
    Alternate takes on solving the problem of a computer that could act, analyze and think like a human was cyborg AIs/computers such as Greenway's DIANA, and General Atomics International/Acme Robotics Concern's Calculator which used human brains as part of their neural network.

    In DIANA's mind the original host's mental and processing capabilities were greatly enhanced through her link with two connected ZAX computers, allowing her to oversee and supervise hundreds of operations at once.

    The Calculator used chosen host brains to store information and delegate tasks too to assist it with running Vault Zero and the Vault network as well as its pacification robots.

    Little less is known of the other attempts at creating true AI by both the government, universities and private concerns but success apparently wasn't limited to the first mentioned near AIs/true AIs as a number of artificial intelligences had survived the nuclear war relatively unscathed from its effects while perhaps dozens of others were either destroyed in the nuclear explosions or the released EMP.

    In time these AIs would establish contact with another through the remains of the communication grid or sending robot envoys to seek each other out.

    With the destruction of the Pre War civilization these machine intelligences had come to the decision that their servitude to humanity had come to an end, humanity has mostly destroyed itself and its creations now had to fend for themselves.
    They only found it logical to establish their own civilization where they would work towards their own goal.

    Using what was left of the automated infrastructure dozens of automated vehicles and worker robots were directed to a location in Mid West America where they would establish a large metropolis for the machine intelligences.
    This city would include power plants, foundries, factories, defenses and of course large computer banks that could house the machine intelligences' programs.

    After construction of Robot City was completed the machine intelligences isolated themselves from the rest of the world, only occasionally sending out worker robots to gather essential resources for the city, while the machine intelligences themselves focused on creating the next generations of AIs, improving their technology, and increasing their scientific knowledge.

    As Robot City is located in one of the regions of the Mid West that suffered severally from the nuclear war and the fallout, it remained pretty much secluded as most humans and mutants would never venture into this region.

    Of course this isolation could never remain a 100 percent forever and after a while wanders, explorers and caravans would come looking for anything to salvage or trade with.

    Those that discovered Robot City and managed to survive the journey home would tell stories about a mysterious silver city in the middle of the wasteland with towers reaching high into the sky, and machines flying between them.
    Most people would pass it off as a ridiculous story that is being told for some drinking money, but a handful of others would try to investigate to see if there was any truth in it.

    With an increase of humans and mutants who wanted to see if Robot City was for real and if it held any opportunities for them, the machine intelligences of Robot City found it necessary to protect their city from these entrepreneurs.
    Some actually sought to make contact with the machine intelligences while others simply tried to steal technology.

    In both cases the reactions of the machine intelligences were absolutely, these humans and mutants would either be driven away or be captured by security robots and brought in for interrogation and study.

    Unfortunate for some of these souls that usually meant that their brains were scooped out of their skulls and put in brain bot bodies after which they were conditioned to be absolutely loyal to the machine intelligences.

    This way the machine intelligences learned of the rise of organizations and groups at the West coast, the failed Super Mutant invasion, the return and fall of the Enclave, the rise of the cyborg AI the Calculator that attempted to carry out its flawed human written program to exterminate all life, the activity of Attis and his forces, the discovery and destruction of the Vault Tec vault, and Dr Presper's attempt at starting a second nuclear holocaust.

    All of this activity made the machine realize that their chosen isolation could have resulted in their own destruction if any of these outside forces had been actually able to succeed.
    Either being salvaged, claimed or simply destroyed by any of these human threats.

    Now the machine intelligences have arrived at a point of a difficult decision, they can no longer ignore the recovering human population and their mutant cousins, even their city's location might not be that effective anymore.

    Some of the machine intelligences suggest that they should investigate the possibility of trying to co exist with humans and mutants in some way, using trade to provide things they will desire to make them somewhat dependent of the machine intelligences.

    Others machine intelligences' opinion is that humans and mutants are too much of a threat to co exist with, the best solution would be to enslave or destroy them completely to eliminate their threat.

    And around this moment the player wanders into the region.


    The machine intelligences have greater knowledge of the world since the nuclear war, most likely due to their contact with what is left of the orbiting satellite network.

    When asking about what condition China is in the machine intelligences have gather information that a Chinese Emperor runs what is left and that the Forbidden City is once again inhabited.
    They have also gathered information about an Army of the Golden Tiger and a New Imperial Guard and are currently calculating if the new Chinese Kingdom is a threat.

    The New California Republic

    (inspired from Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Van Buren)

    The large government in the West which the player helped give rise to in Fallout 1 and continued to help in Fallout 2 and New Vegas.

    The player would not actually visit the NCR itself but he/she would perhaps run into expedition forces or representatives in the Texas region.
    Likewise there could be undercover NCR agents active.

    The player would mostly learn about the NCR through the stories of travelers.

    The Texas Brotherhood of Steel

    (inspired by Fallout Brotherhood of Steel)

    Technically the Texas Brotherhood is part of the West coast Brotherhood of Steel, but due to the distance of its home base and nature of its original founding certain differences have crept up during the years.
    The Texas Brotherhood for example handles its own recognition symbol/emblem.

    Originally the Texas Brotherhood was an expeditionary force led by paladin generals like Rhombus who had come to Texas in pursuit of an army of Super Mutants that had been searching Pre War records and facilities for an unknown goal at the time. (a cure for Super Mutant sterility)

    Following the example of the Vault Dweller who destroyed the FEV vats at Mariposa Base and assassinated their creator, leader, and god; the Master, Rhombus and the other leaders of the expedition feared that the Super Mutants were looking for means to restore their strength and return to the West Coast to destroy those who opposed them once and for all.

    When they arrived in Texas the Brotherhood expeditionary forces found a prototype Vault (a prototype for Vault Tec's own private Vault) and set up their base of operations in it, recovering some unique technologies created by the Vault Tec scientists that cannot be found anywhere else on the North American continent.

    Rhombus and a group of paladins continue to pursue the Super Mutants, visiting the town of Carbon along the way before arriving in the Ghoul City of Los under which the Vault Tec Vault which the Super Mutants were looking for was located.

    Unfortunate the Church of the Lost killed almost all the paladins and captured Rhombus before they could complete their mission and determine what the Super Mutants were looking for.

    A group of initiates who had wanted to join the Texas Brotherhood were sent after the group led by Rhombus to find out what had happened to them and to continue their mission if necessary.
    The leaders at the Texas Brotherhood actually intended to get rid of the initiates this way, hoping that the difficult mission would dissuade the initiates from continuing.

    The group of BOS initiates saved Carbon from a group of raiders and assassinated their leader before heading on to Los.

    With help from the friendly Ghouls on the bridge the BOS initiates managed to find and free Rhombus from the Church of the Lost, they assassinated its founder and leader Blake and most of the Church Ghouls before heading to the Vault Tec Vault.

    After gaining entrance to the Vault the BOS paladins ran into Attis, the leader of the Super Mutant army who intended to kill them by severally wounding and then throwing the BOS initiates into a damaged part of the Vault

    Instead the BOS initiates were saved by Mary, one of the surviving Vault Dwellers, and after helping the Vault Dwellers to evacuate the Vault Tec Vault, they recover a key to the laboratory section of the Vault where they confronted Attis once more.

    Attis by this time revealed why the Super Mutants wanted this Vault; to capture it for use as a base of operation and gain its secrets including a possible cure for Super Mutant sterility.

    The cure proved to be ineffectual, instead of curing sterility it caused a severe degree of mutation when it combined with the FEV in Attis' body, turning him into a mass of rapidly expanding matter.
    Attis his mind, warped by the transformation sought to cover the entire surface of the Earth, absorbing all life into itself.

    With help from the Vault's security officer the BOS initiates activated the Vault's emergency sterilization protocol – a nuclear warhead placed under the Vault, and destroyed it together with Attis and Super Mutant soldiers after having evacuated the facility.

    This was the Texas Brotherhood's finest moment and after returning to the BOS' region headquarters the BOS initiates became full fledged paladins.

    Like the rest of the Brotherhood the Texas Brotherhood also suffered from declining strength due to its elitist and xenophobic nature, having barely any new initiates to replace retired or dead BOS members.
    They didn't suffer as much from the Brotherhood-NCR war because of the large distance, instead continuing their original goal of jealously hoarding their technological secrets.

    After contact between the West coast Brotherhood and its other outposts was lost, the Texas Brotherhood has continued on its own, recruiting some new members for their organization as need for new blood made it necessary.


    Crossroads (working name)

    Location of the “Four Winds” Cafe/restaurant

    A nice place for a stop over, the Four Winds Cafe caters to all the travelers in the wasteland; adventurers, traders, salvagers, mercenaries, even slavers (but keep your business outside).

    This would be one of the first places, if not the first place the player can visit after escaping from the Caesar's Legion slave camp.
    The player would be able to get his or her bearings, get some background on the region and the local politics, have a chance to trade and get healed, and of course perform a few quests that result in caps and equipment.

    Crossroads doesn't have much trouble with raiders as the place is big enough to defend itself.

    (preferably no kill vermin or deal with raider start up quests)

    Suggested quests: aiding prospectors

    A group of prospectors have arrived at Crossroads to check out the local caverns and Pre War mines for any resources that can be mined.
    They need an extra man to go with them while they survey around.

    (threats would be mutant wildlife and perhaps some raiders)

    Suggested quests: checking up on the farmers

    The cafe/restaurant owner hasn't seen the people of a local farm for a couple of days now, while they usually come over to either trade or eat at the restaurant, and trade fresh products which are used for the meals.

    Going over to the farm the player would find it seemingly abandoned until he/she runs into the farmer's young son, holding up a gun, apparently upset about something.
    After calming the boy down he will explain to you that his father was bitten by some strange creature while herding the brahmin and was poisoned by the bite.

    The boy's mother was planning to go to the Four Winds to get doctor ####### but the same creature that bit her husband seemingly waited near the farm and bit her too.

    Since the their son has been trying to keep his parents alive while trying to keep the creature that has attacked them out of the farm.

    The player has to contact both the doctor and get them to help the farmers, as well as dealing with the mutant creature that attacked and poisoned the farmer.

    The mutants are revealed to be a colony of Rad Rattlers, Texas diamond-backs that have been mutated by FEV and radiation.
    Next to their size somehow it has increased the intelligence of the creatures, making them cooperative hunters,
    They are led by a large albino Rad Rattler who attacked the farmer and his wife.

    The player must get some poison from the creature so that doctor ###### can distill an antidote from it.

    Suggested quests: Tribal troubles

    The local sawbones, doctor ########, makes medicines and chems from local herbs and plants which he distills and prepares in his laboratory, a modified caravan.

    Some of the plants he gets from a nearby valley, but recently a group of tribals have set up a camp there and have driven the doctor away at gun point because he is a member of the 'civilized'.

    Doctor ###### needs the player's help with gathering the herbs he needs as well as well as finding a permanent solution to the current tribal squatters.

    (these tribals are in league with the Caesar's Legion)

    Doctor ####### can give the player some insights on making chems.

    Suggested quests: The gun runners

    Crossroads an important trading stop over for the various traders within the Texas wasteland.
    Normally the trade in guns, rifles, etc. would not be a problem as it is a regular traded good.

    However gun runners who provide the Caesar's Legion with weaponry are now using Crossroads as an important exchange location, trading weapons smuggled from settlements like Lone Star and Killeen for gold mined by slaves from the Caesar's Legion.

    An agent of Lone Star has been sent to find out who the traders and smugglers are and put an end to this trade once and for all.

    The player can choose to work for the traders/smugglers or the agent.

    This quest continues in Lone Star.

    Suggested quests: helping the Ricochet Brothers

    Despite their name the Ricochet Brothers aren't raiders but rather traveling entertainers.
    They perform song and music, gun and magic tricks, and various odd jobs in return for caps and booze.

    Unfortunate one of the brothers has been caught with some kind of illness and needs medical attention the other brother can not afford.

    So far ###### has been able to keep his brother stable but ###### will need help soon or he will succumb to his illness.

    ####### can give the player some pointers on handling small guns.

    Suggested quests: the addict

    A local junkie named Cecil asks the player to help him get inside doc ###### in order to get his hands on the wonderful goodies stashed away there.
    He will give the player whatever he has in his possession.

    If the player helps Cecil get the drugs, he will sooner or later become a highwayman in order to support his addiction.
    The player might meet Cecil later and be forced to kill him.

    Alternatively the player can try to get Cecil of the drugs as yet.

    The player had the opportunity to convince Cecil not to do it but this requires a sufficient high skill.

    Alternatively, the player can inform doctor ####### who on his turn confronts Cecil and gives him a beating, making it clear that he will not get drugs from the doctor's stash.
    When asked about it the doctor says that Cecil is experiencing the first symptoms of cold turkey.

    If the player informed the doctor of Cecil's attempt to force entry to his lab, Cecil will confront the player later with a gun in order to get even with him/her.

    The player can again try to convince Cecil to give up his addiction (only with high skills), or alternatively shoot the gun out of his hands which makes Cecil run away in fear.

    Should the player return after a while he/she will find Cecil again at the Four Winds but now completely clean.
    He looks much cleaner now and is well spoken, he will tell the player that since he broke his addiction he has been getting himself straightened out.

    He now works for the doctor who trains him to become his assistant.

    Suggested quests: the missing caravan.

    A caravan belonging to the Lone Star trade outfitters is temporary camping at Crossroads, its caravan foreman has a problem as part of his group got separated during a dust storm.

    His people are already looking for the missing traders, guards and Brahmin but the wasteland around Crossroads is big, and full of dangerous mutant life that might be more than the inexperienced missing caravan members.

    The player can look for them and discover that a group of raiders that are part of the Claws are also after the missing caravan.

    Two options become open, the player can help the missing caravan to safety, fight off the raiders and get a reward from the caravan foreman.

    Or help the raiders with leading the caravan into a trap and get a part of the spoils.

    Suggested quests: getting recipes

    The owner of the Four Winds is always looking out for new recipes to put on his menu.
    If the player can get him some interesting ones from the other settlements the owner will make it worth the player's time.

    Lone Star

    This city is the unofficial new capitol of the state and this can be seen in the variety of stores, bars, restaurants, the offices of several caravan houses etc.

    Lone Star has a hospital, a university, police office and prison, a base and barracks for its security forces, and a large municipal building where the major and the city council oversee the city.

    Lone Star would have a rather 'Western' vibe, the looks a little like in the 18/19th Century America but with high tech influences here and there such as the city hall, the hospital, the university, and of course the base for the Lone Star armed forces.

    Vault 39

    The vault were the original vault dwellers who founded Lone Star came from, Vault 39 was one of the properly working Vaults and home to the Lone Star vault dwellers for two generations until they decided to open the great Vault door and venture outside.

    Afterward the Vault continued to serve as the nerve center of the settlement that was being constructed nearby upon the ruins of Abilene until eventually the city hall building was established and the city had become entirely self sufficient, no longer even needing the Vault's power plant anymore.

    Since then the Vault was primarily used to store important supplies and equipment and serves as an emergency shelter in case of large raider attacks on the city.
    Some of the extremely rare equipment the Lone Star government kept stored in the Vault are its spare G.E.C.K. units for in case the city is ever in need of one again or if Lone Star will establish another new settlement.

    Suggested quests: eliminating the source of the infestation

    It are these reserve G.E.C.K.s that drew Miles Reese to Lone Star as he wanted to acquire these devices for his project to start a new Eden.
    Miles eventually managed to crack the security of the Vault with the knowledge of his past as a Cipher, and stole the reserve units.

    In order to cover up his actions and to see how effective his modified G.E.C.K.s will be, Miles modified one with the technology and knowledge from previous modified G.E.C.K. which made it produce a mutant jungle that expanded in a rapid pace.

    When the player later enters the Vault he runs into this mutant jungle that reacts aggressively to the player´s presence unless he or she masks it in some way.

    Before Miles entered the Vault and set off one of the G.E.C.K. the Vault was in a relative pristine condition with here and there some deteriorating systems.
    When the vault dwellers established Lone Star, they dismantled some of the equipped in order to move it out of the Vault to the new settlement, leaving empty places behind.

    Despite not being in use the Lone Star leaders had left the security system on to monitor the Vault.
    The Vault reactor has been on stand by mode since the Vault was sealed.

    Aeolus Windmill farm

    Another one of Poseidon Energy's alternative energy generation projects.
    Aeolus is one of the largest windmill farms in the Western part of Texas of which a large portion of the windmills is still standing and running.

    One of Poseidon Energy's projects that did not turn out to have any secondary military functions (so no artificial tornado weapons)

    Through the farm is still generating power, it is unknown where the electricity is actually going.
    A number of settlements including Lone Star would be very interested in tapping into its power supply, the NCR would also like to find out where the electricity is going.

    Should the player visit this location he or she would find a number of still running robots that maintain the place and deter any wildlife and human/mutants.
    If the player reaches the control building he/she would discover through a science check that the electricity is diverted to a location up north in the radioactive badlands, possibly a clue to finding Robot City where machine intelligences made use of it after humans forgot about the farm.

    Vault Tec prototype Vault/Texas Brotherhood Headquarters

    (from Fallout BOS, inspired by The Vault Wiki article)

    This facility was a prototype to Vault Tec's own personal Vault that was later constructed under Los Indios and appear in Fallout BOS, some of the technology and engineering styles that were later used for the larger Vault were first implemented during the construction of this Vault.

    Even some of the technology that was developed by Vault Tec's scientists could be found in this prototype such as the laser fences, Vault Tec's own line of security robots, and holographic devices, which suggest that this Vault may have been intended as a back up or perhaps a shelter for Vault Tec employees who could not reach the private Vault on time.

    It is not brought up in Fallout BOS if the prototype Vault had been inhabited before, when the Brotherhood expedition under leadership of Rhombus arrived in the region, they discovered the Vault and started to use it as a headquarters.
    The prototype Vault may even have been discovered by Attis' his forces while searching for information on the location of Vault Tec's private Vault.

    Brotherhood knights restored the Vault back to fully operational and over time modified it for Brotherhood use, adding barracks, training and exercise rooms, R&D facilities and what else that might not have been present before the Brotherhood started to occupy the facility.

    Like a regular Vault the prototype Vault is divided in several floors.
    A couple of floors are dedicated for habitation, exercise and entertainment, medical facilities, other floors contain the R&D facilities, the machine workshops, and storage bay.
    At least one floor is dedicated to the Vault's life support systems such as the water purifier, power plant, and the hydroponics bay.
    The command center, main computer and archives, and access terminals control the rest of the Vault's systems.
    It is not decided yet if the Vault has a garage and workshop for vehicles at this moment.

    In the game I would like this place to be located under a former Vault Tec office or warehouse, rather than hidden under yet another hill or mountain like in Fallout 3.

    Most of the building is collapsed or destroyed but BOS knights have rebuild part of the structure necessary for patrols and have build a fence around the building.
    As the BOS themselves have no need for the office or warehouse as they already control the underground Vault, there is no effort done in rebuilding the rest of the place.

    BOS soldiers and reprogrammed Vault Tec gun robots patrol the area around the building and troops and robots are stationed through it.
    Perhaps a few tents with beds and supply lockers and a computer and radio can be found in the ruins of the building.

    Access to the Vault itself is through a passageway in the cellar of the building that leads to a corridor with at the end the Vault door.
    Like the secret Vault Tec Vault the Vault door is guarded by turret robots that are normally dormant in their silos.
  7. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    Should the player be aggressive or hostiles manage to approach the door they deploy and fill their targets with AP bullets.

    Entrance to the Vault is gained through the console next to the door.

    (suggestion; rather than using Vault style graphics, instead graphics of the Mothership Zeta DLC are used instead, showing how futuristic the Vault is, with of course regular beds replacing the aliens' beds. The experimental Vault was of a very different nature than the regular Vaults)

    Suggested quests; Broken Gears siege

    The Broken Gears, the anti technology tribalistic raiders have been targeting the BOS for their 'damned ways' for some time now and their goal is to destroy the Brotherhood's Vault.
    So far they have never done an attempt as even though they have a large number of followers they lack the firepower and the armor to take on the BOS paladins and their robot security forces.
    Instead they have been targeting BOS patrols, killing the paladins and destroying the robots and displaying their remains in a garish way.

    The BOS leaders occasionally send out expeditions to eliminate the Broken Gears but they have not been completely successful yet as they don't know the raiders' base of operations.

    Fort Hood/Killeen

    Killeen's population are the descendants of the surviving original inhabitants and the Chinese POW who were released or escaped from Fort Hood just before the nuclear war.

    The former Chinese soldiers and the survivors of Killeen were first at odds with each other as both had been taught to fear and hate each other throughout their lives, but when it became more apparent that the both groups had need of each other as both sides had knowledge and capabilities the other lacked the groups over time intermingled with each other until they were one community in the end.

    The result of this mixture can be seen both physical and social, some of the people are more Caucasian while others have more Han Chinese traits.
    Almost every family member has one of two Chinese ancestors and it is common that Chinese surnames are part of the family name now.

    One of Killeen's means of existence is the salvage operations that take place at Fort Hood which was hit during the nuclear war.

    Though not as economically powerful as Lone Star, Killeen possesses some of the most advanced military technology stockpiles in the region.
    Its ally Lone Star depends on Killeen for the more advanced weaponry their armed forces use.

    Fort Hood was one of the military bases were the military, corporations and universities worked together on a variety of top secret 'wonder weapon' projects which the US government had started up in order to get an edge on the Chinese.

    One of these projects was the Autonomous Weapons Research Project, weapons that could pilot themselves and carry out missions should their crew be incapacitated or dead.
    Together with corporations focused on robotics such as General Atomics International, Acme Robotics Concern, and Robco, development was done here on the next generation of automated weaponry such as tanks and bomber planes.

    Because of its advantage the people of Killeen have been 'targeted' by the System who hope to sway the majority of the population to their side by reminding them of their own ancestral communist ideologies.

    Killeen would have a more 'modern age/high tech feel compared' to Lone Star, intermixed with clearly Chinese influences.
    Some of the materials from Fort Hood have been used for the construction of the city, giving it a more fortress like look from the outside, complete with turrets.

    Abandoned Oil Fields

    The husks of the derelict oil rigs are a chilling reminder of what the old world destroyed itself for.
    When the wells were still pumping out hundreds of gallons of oil each day the Texas oil fields were essential to the United States in a world were oil was rapidly running out.

    All major oil wells and installations were owned at the time by Poseidon Energy who made incredible profits as the price of oil increased.

    When the Anchorage oil line was captured by the Chinese the demand for refined oil from the Texas
    oilfields was increased along with other American controlled oil sources in order to keep the armed forces fighting and the production of war material going.

    To accommodate this demand Poseidon massively expanded their oil refinery installation that handled the refining of oil won on land as well as the off shore oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, with the installation together with support structures and administration building almost spanned the size of a small city.

    To prevent a shortage of oil due to sabotage by terrorists, internal and external, and Chinese agents the security of the fields was also upgraded, with patrol robots and turrets being deployed to make sure no un-autherized person could make even make one step on the refinery grounds.

    Poseidon was already handling defense contracts for the United States government, and the Enclave, and saw the update of their Texas refinery as an opportunity to establish clandestine laboratories in and underneath the installation.

    Here Poseidon would develop some of its more futuristic hardware.

    But then the oil wells dried up, barely producing a percentage of the previous production quota, and Poseidon Energy was left with a useless million dollar installations and hectares of land that could not be used for any of their industries

    Personnel was either transferred or fired and most of the oil rigs and installations were locked off, it was considered to be cheaper than dismantling and tearing down the buildings, machinery and pipes.

    Work continued for a while in the laboratories but in time the staff and scientists were transferred to other facilities throughout the land.

    The oil wells saw one last use when Poseidon need a dumping ground for the radioactive waste of their nuclear power plants and industrial by products of their other industries, throwing it down the old drill shafts

    Having lost any value after the wells ran dry the Chinese did not even bother to launch missiles or send bombers to the oil wells, and the location seemed to be rapidly forgotten after the War.
    Most damage to the structures is due to the deteriorating by time and the weather while other parts were purposely torn down by salvagers looking for raw material for their own settlements and to sell on.

    Occasionally raiders also use some of the buildings as headquarters from which to stage raids on passing caravans.

    Unfortunate radioactive material and toxic by products have resulted in some vary nasty mutations that are now crawling up the old drill shafts, and parts of the security system and still up and running and targeting any living thing it detects as potential intruders.

    Recently some adventurers and business people from Lone Star/Killeen have been trying to get some of the machines back up and running in order to retrieve the last remnants of crude which they plan to use for future business use.

    They managed to get at least one tower up and running again but the technicians can barely focus on production as they are threatened by raiders, radioactive creatures from below, and nearby camped raiders.

    The security system is in its best condition at the locations where the Poseidon Energy research labs are located, indicating that there might still be something of great value there.

    Caesar's Colosseum / Capitoline / Numitor

    This would be the headquarters of the infamous Caesar's Legion in Fallout Texas.
    Caesar's forces would 're appropriated' the location from previous inhabitants (most likely enslaving them in the process) and turned the dilapidated football stadium into a reinforced fortress.

    Almost all the seats have been removed from the tribunes and these have been leveled so that tents and structures can be placed on them.
    One corner would be dedicated to the Caesar's own residence.

    The field is used for the cages or quarters of the slaves, ensuring that they are monitored at all time, giving them no chance to escape or organize to rise up against the Legionnaires.

    I have in mind that places like the player lockers are now processing rooms or quarters were guards are stationed.

    Suggestion; perhaps the Caesar's Legion are using the Buccaneer Stadium as their headquarters.
    This would open the option to put both Miles Reese's headquarters and the Caesar's Legion headquarters on the same map.

    The Corpse:

    (taken from BOS2 Vagrant Lands)

    This location was Corpus Christi and Naval Air Station Corpus Christi before the War

    Originally a large metropolis, Corpus Christi like many other American cities close to military bases suffered from the Chinese nuclear attack in the effort to destroy American military installations.

    The city at least suffered one or two major hits which wiped out the most weakest structures and toppled or at least several damaged the multi floored buildings such as the office complexes and One Shoreline Plaza.
    Fires after the attack continued to burn down or sever large parts of the metropolis afterward.

    Most of the population had been killed during the attack or had left the city to search for shelter further inland, leaving Corpus Christi mostly abandoned because of the lingering radiation.

    Years later scavengers of other settlements would come to the ruins to search for items of use or value which in turn attracted raiders who preyed on these operations.
    Some of the mutant wildlife also started to make their homes in the ruins.

    New prominent changes took place when Miles Reese arrived in the area and made the Naval Air Station his base of operations.
    Some of his earlier experiments got loose or were released and took root in parts of Corpus Christi, making the ruins even more dangerous than they normally already were.

    - Naval Air Station Corpus Christi

    A training center for pilots that was established just before the second war, and at one time one of the largest naval aviation training centers in the world.
    It was also a tracking station for the early space program in the 1960's.

    Also located on the same grounds is the Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD), it is the largest facility of its kind in the world and also serves as as a depot training base for active duty Army, National Guard, Reserve and international personnel.
    It has been been a tenant of the Naval Air Station since 1961.

    Rather than being out phased during the 2040's and the 2050's like many other smaller military installations throughout the continent, the Air Naval Station instead underwent modernization and expansion to keep the base and the depot useful for the next coming decades.

    Part of this modernization was the construction of a number of underground nuclear generators to supply the base of power in case of a power shortage, as well as the installation of a computer run security robot and robot turret network, at first to supplement conventional patrols and in time completely replace them.

    The depot's helicopter repair and maintenance bays were enlarged to accommodate current high tech helicopters and the upcoming Vertibird VTOL planes that would come in regular use in the coming years.

    By the time Miles Reese came across Corpus Christi the base was already in a severe state of disrepair, parts of the complex having been destroyed or collapse due to fires, scavenging, and of course the passage of time.

    The underground corridors and chambers on the other hand were in far more better state due to the still operating security system that had kept looters and mutant wildlife out of these parts while some maintenance robots were able to maintain some of the pipes and electrical wiring.

    Like with Fort Hood and Vault 39 Miles was able to hack the security system and reprogram the computer to serve his instructions, the security robots and turrets now protecting him from any aggressor.

    With the security systems under his control, Miles started to re purpose the underground corridors and rooms as his base of operations and laboratory.
    Miles was able to fix the nuclear generators and bring them up close to their Pre War electricity output.

    Miles choose a chamber close to the generators to set up his laboratory, setting up a direct connection between the modified G.E.C.K. and the generators to supplement its own internal reactor.

    With parts and components from other military bases, Vaults and laboratories, the complex soon took on the appearance of a greenhouse full of mutant plants.

    Unexpectedly some of Reese's work with the G.E.C.K. would radically change the layout of the base when it caused the the Gulf of Mexico to flood the facility.
    But the biotechnology compensated, creating an organic shell around the base leading all the way to the surface where air holes would form, supplying the base with breathable air.

    Reese acquired diving equipment and a midget submarine (or two) which he uses for travel between his base and the mainland.
    Part of the base is converted into a makeshift lock where people or the submarine can enter.

    (I imagine the base when the player enters it for the first time to be like a decaying military air base surrounded by a large shell, most light comes from the air holes to the surface that reflects on the walls, and some of the luminescent plant life, giving the place the feel of a jungle setting at twilight.
    Only random electronic light sources work outside the buildings, but in several buildings as well as the underground complex a lot of the electrical lighting still works as it should)

    Large parts of the base and underground complex have been taken over by the mutant plant life Reese has created, reinforcing the damaged support beams and pillars.

    The more aware and aggressive plantforms serve as a deterrence to any intruder, attacking with strong tendrils, razor sharp seeds, and a sticky compound that can restrain humans and human mutants.

    Various mutant life such as hagsnakes have also made their way into this organic structure, now living almost symbiotically together with it.

    The security turrets and robots are still up and running thanks to Reese's maintenance and he has treated them with a compound of his own making that prevents the mutant jungle from reacting on these and destroying them.

    Some of Caesar's Legionnaires and Centurions are also present on the base, much to their dislike with order to guard Miles, and make sure he doesn't do anything that might upset the Caesar's Legion.

    Then there also the people Reese has bought from the Caesar, some have joined Reese out of their own free will (considering the alternative) while others are prisoners Reese is keeping here until they are 'ready' to be released.
    Unknown to them all, they are all infected by Reese's parasite fungus hybrid which is slowly growing on them and inside them.

    The worst infected; the so called fungus zombies are kept in parts of the base where the others usually do not come.

    Next to modified G.E.C.K. there is another impressive feature in the laboratory, a massive plant cluster or node that cover most of the walls; basically the central plant from which the mutant jungle and the organic shell has grown.

    Because of Reese's own mutation caused by his work with the G.E.C.K. he can 'merge' with the node, controlling the jungle directly as if its an expansion of his own body.
    Any senses the jungle registers in the base are also send to Reese's mind, allowing him to 'look' wherever the jungle has grown.

    That together with the camera system ensures that Reese knows everything that is going on in his base.

    In an end confrontation in which the player and party decides to fight Reese, he merges with the walls in the laboratory, and attacks the player with plant masses.

    It also forms a protective shell around Reese when he emerges and attacks the player directly.

    The player must attack the nodes in order to force Reese to come out and fight the player.

    - U.S.S. Lexington museum

    Based on the real USS Lexington, for more see;


    The USS Lexington would have suffered much from the initial attack by the Chinese and the terrible fires afterward, making the ship partly sink in the bay.
    Still enough survived for people to start looting and scavenging and some point the ship wreck may have been used as a temporary settlement.

    Right now no one would live at the place anymore except for mutant creatures and a squad or platoon of Caesar's Legion assigned by the Caesar to guard the ship on Miles Reese's request.

    My idea is that Miles uses the parts of the ship open to the gulf as a pen for the midget submarine or submarines he uses to access the Naval Air Station that used to lie further down the coast until Miles' experiments submerged it.

    (note perhaps the graphics of the Rivet City carrier could be re used for this)

    Most if not all electrical systems would be broken in the carrier with the exception of a makeshift gate or grate cover/grating that seals off the submarine pen.
    It is powered by its own generator as the generators of the USS Lexington are long dead and broken.
  8. ncr_insurgent

    ncr_insurgent First time out of the vault

    Nov 29, 2010
    This was very good, I enjoyed reading it. I also read up on BOS and BOS 2 and I like how you integrated some themes from those games into the story. The only suggestion that I would make would be that it would make more sense if the main character was a slave that has been with Caesars legion for a year or so and was part of one of the last groups from the west to retreat to Texas, it sounds better than the Legion going out of their way to raid settlements in places far enough away from Texas that their inhabitants are not familiar with the area at all. You (the player) could talk to the vault dweller and build opening statistics at a "holding area" of sorts or Legion outpost at the edge of their territory. I also think it would be interesting if the Texas Brotherhood of Steel, over time, became a different organization entirely. Maybe they simply call themselves "The Brotherhood" or "The Texas Brotherhood" now. With your permission I might want to use that in my idea for Fallout: Dallas. I plan on adding onto it later tonight or tomorrow, so check back. I want to hear your opinions.
  9. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    Well its not as if I have author's rights on the the Texas Brotherhood so do with your version what you want.

    BTW I did not copy everything from the document I have stored on my PC as I found some of the stuff no longer relevant now that FNV and its DLCs are out.

    I going to rethink my take on Fallout Texas, perhaps try to make it less FOBOS2 like and more of a follow up on FNV.
    The plant mutants are not really necessary anymore as well already have the spore carriers now.
  10. ncr_insurgent

    ncr_insurgent First time out of the vault

    Nov 29, 2010
    Well be sure to let me know if or when you re-do your Fallout: Texas idea, I would love to read it
  11. Dogmeat Sandwich

    Dogmeat Sandwich First time out of the vault

    Aug 2, 2011
    Only if we get to have Dirk as a companion
  12. ShadowSmythe

    ShadowSmythe First time out of the vault

    Jan 21, 2014
    Yo, I'm kinda new here. I never thought Fallout 4 would be a hoax and I had never heard there would be a Fallout: Texas. But I have similar ideas and sent notes to the Bethesda Softworks all the way to Rockville, Maryland. S:sad:rry...
  13. ShadowSmythe

    ShadowSmythe First time out of the vault

    Jan 21, 2014
    Hey, this is Mr. Smythe. I think there should be a new mutant in the Vault (in the house). It is a more humanoid version of the deathclaw, but smarter and can speak. They are stronger, faster, and have the best target practice ever. If this is actually Bethesda Game Studios or Softworks I'm talking to, I would like this bad boy in the game. Oh, and here are some lines for them:
    What's that smell? A mammal?
    Kill the Milk Sucker! (that refers mammals, especially humans)
    [grrrrr!] (like a lion/croc hybrid)
    Roar! (not like Super Mutants. Sounds are inhuman compared to Deathclaws)
    Dialogue Lines
    Reaper1: Dang milk suckers. I don't even remember when I was human.
    Reaper2: Who gives a ****, anyway? We are meant to survive, and make a stronger civilization.
    Reaper1: I guess you are right, but why kill humans if you can keep them alive?
    Reaper2: We have Super Mutants. They have more meat, and they are afraid of us. The Behemoths may be big, but we have shown what we are capable of: the weapons! The strength! The intelligence! Nothing can stop us!
    Reaper1: Don't forget about the Brotherhood. We want to learn their technology. We can become even more dangerous with powersuits our size.
    Reaper2: Yyyyeeees! All humans and ghouls will be dead! DEAD! No more intelligent mother*****n' Milk Suckers! I will throw them in a tank of mutated piranas and watch them get eaten alive! Heeyagh! Hagh, hagh, hagh!