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Should a Fallout: Motor City Happen?

  1. Yes, there is an opportunity there!

  2. No, i think that there is not a lot of story there

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  3. I really don't know...

  1. Rtdslayer

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    Sep 23, 2017
    This is a fan-made image I made and after I thought about this I was thinking about how this might be the next fallout game that might happen because we have not seen the upper part of the USA. And if they do this that means that they might have an opportunity to show Canada as a DLC or as a small part of the game if they do it. There is a video that I watched "what about Michigan".

    Here is a story to a Fallout: Motor City game I would do.

    Base Game: Have all major cities like Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing and more. Be able to go to the upper peninsula and travel to Mackinac Island. Have a cult in Detroit where they have one of the only working automobiles but you are not allowed to use it but only view it, The factions that I would like it would be a faction that is a Brotherhood Of Steel fanboy faction that praises BOS, And A Faction that has conquered Mackinac Island and is like the Minutemen of Michigan but not quite they would be called the Consious, And a faction that lives in the Trainstation underneath Detroit and has a working makeshift Train that travels you to small Places that they have conquered across Michigan, And The last and final faction that I would add would be the Mr.House of the game, They have conquered a big portion of the upper peninsula and has beliefs like the Fallout 4 BOS but without the high-tech. In the game, it is the year of 2300 and you are a Boy/Girl who gets kidnapped by a mysterious faction that you don't know who the faction is, At the end of the game you get to pick which faction you think did what they did to you when you were a child and destroy them by picking what faction you want to help you destroy them at the end. And of course, I would add where you can keep on going at the end and add (please don't hate me) Settlement Crafting.

    DLC: If I added DLC to this game, If I was in charge I would only add a handful of DLC, The first DLC I would add would be about going to a small part of Canada and it would be like the Nuka World DLC but opposite. that's all I could think of

    Here is the link to the video.

    Video made by a YouTuber called Mittin Squad

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  3. Rtdslayer

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    Sep 23, 2017
  4. TorontoReign

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    Trust me we aren't the first ones to think of this idea. :lol:
  5. Alphons

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    Aug 9, 2017
    Fallout and NEO Scavenger crossover?
    So many cool creatures:
    Deathdogs or dogclaws? Melon ghouls or Ghoul heads? Super Muthas or Bad Mutants? Blue Atoms or Children of Frog?

    Now seriously- every story has potential. Can't say how big potential is here, maybe if you expanded this draft more- maybe some more faction goals?

    Also Detroit isn't really lore-friendly location. Whole place was leveled by Mothership Zeta in my 4th favourite DLC (after Workshops) of the same name.
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