Fallout: New Vegas 2 - Some Chris Avellone Twatter Q&A

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    He means this:
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    And some people dare to ask why me and others believe that many of the old school RPG designers have gone off the deep end in recent times and thus don't want them to touch any of the IPs they have made good games out of in the past.

    Only 5 to 7 are actual mistakes, 4 is debatable at best. 1 to 3 are definitely not mistakes.
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    Why FalloutNV2 or the glut of re released DLCs that add to Fallout4 or wherever.? To me that IS like movies; good box office then sequels, prequels until contradictions occur. In gaming new =fresh, unless its a piece of fruit you find in a dungeon that should be rotten. Gaming still incorporates many lazy stupid ways to progress a character. Alas gaming just repeats like an Onion sandwich.