Fallout news tidbits round-up

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    While there isn't much Fallout-related news to report, we've still rounded up a few minor news items for you to read.

    - IGN Middle East has published a list of features and improvements they'd like to see in a hypothetical (but very likely) Fallout 4. While IGN is popularly perceived as a lowbrow website, they seem to actually be very concerned about the game's writing, and dedicate it two items on the list ("A personal story" and "Better writing"):

    Better writing

    As much as I love Bethesda, I will be the first to admit that they don’t know how to create memorable characters. Fallout 3 absolutely nailed the world building, the freedom, the atmosphere, but the characters were as charismatic as a wet tissue. New Vegas on the other hand had far more memorable characters (Mr. House, anyone?), with interesting dialogue, fleshed out companions, and most of all, the dark humor. This made Fallout 3’s shortcomings all the more obvious in contrast.

    Fallout has always been about balancing the the doom and gloom of the wasteland with the black humor of its characters. Fallout 3 did have memorable characters like Fawkes and Three Dog, but these were few and far between. We don’t want a The Last of Us-type plot, but we would appreciate a few livelier cast of characters to accompany you while you Mad Max it up.​

    - YouTube channel TheGebs24 has a video on the canceled Fallout Extreme. It's mostly a round-up of info that was already available, though apparently some of the devs that worked on the title were contacted and the video might be updated with their feedback in the near future:

    <center><iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ntEknFFEJJM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe></center>

    - Finally, Kotaku has highlighted the work of a Reddit user who played Fallout: New Vegas on an old black & white TV. Surprisingly, the game is still largely playable on the positively ancient TV, and one might argue that this setup even enhances the atmosphere.
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    "Steel be with you."
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    Future's Past: Drink The Koolade, Eat The Dorito


    Did they forget to chase the media Koolade with massive quantities of Mountain Dew?



    Maybe in the IGN Middle East revisionism, lurks the cold hard hangover reality that Fallout 3’s writing award has meta-morphed, in the many morning-s after,
    into the "unpleasant physiological and psychological effects" of game media self congratulations … for largest, Grandiose, plot holes ever ...!


    How soon we forget. ;)

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    Very interesting much info wow
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    nice meme
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    "xxx is unconscious"
    "You cannot proceed in that direction"
    99% of houses boarded up
    you have to help the brotherhood no matter what dialogue option you choose
    your choices have absolutely zero consequences

    the freedom has been nailed indeed

    to a cross
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    World limitations, all sandbox games have those.
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    Self imposed limitations. Those boarded buildings could have been filled with interesting encounters, loot, quests, etc. There could have been multiple factions you could side with like in FNV. Not being able to kill essential NPC's is hand holding to the extreme. Something Fallout 2 and even Morrowind did not have. Limitations placed upon a game that was meant to be a cRPG. A series built upon C&C, which Fallout 3 sorely lacked...Bethesda did it with Elder Scrolls, then they did it to Fallout.

    Who knows what the future holds but I hope it's more New Vegas than Fallout 3. Thankfully the modding community is there to pick up the slack. At the very least we get a Fallout walking simulator, we might even get a decent game out of it...

    I'll play it regardless. Hope it has a cool collectors Bobblehead or some shit. Haha.
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    I'm aware of that, but it shouldn't be so in-your-face explicit, it's just lazy.
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    Writting in Fallout 3? There was some writting? Woha. :eyebrow:
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    I was talking more about the limits of the map, because mef used the "You cannot proceed in that direction" which only happens if you try and leave the map which I felt was unfair because every single sandbox game in existence has world limits. Not necessarily invisible walls mind you but everygame has some sort of border on the game world. But F3's world obviously couldn't continue on forever if you traveled in a certain direction which is what it looked like Mef was criticizing and that is what I felt unfair about it.

    I don't know, I feel like it's more realistic barring the text that appears onscreen IMO. In New Vegas, there's only three major routes into the Mojave (I can't remember if there's more, please tell me if there is) and two of them are more or less inaccessible by normal means which makes the game world feel so self contained. In F3, it feels like there's more to the CW that we just don't see ingame and I like that because it makes the wold feel bigger than it already is.
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    okay, it wasn't the best example, but it still shows how lazy the developers were.
    World limits in New Vegas were done better (still not perfect, thought, but I can't think of better idea for first-person open world) and I never really felt like I'm limited. I guess Nevada was easier to work on, since there are mountains.
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    Did an IGN writter actually made sense for the most part? I think the real Apocalypse is neigh....