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    I've been a causal watcher of NMA since (Bethesda) 3 was new-ish and decided to make an account recently and spitball a pitch for a mod that's been on my brain for a long while now. I put it on reddit before, so if it sounds familiar that's why.

    Project Watchtower aka Fallout in Canada

    Basic Premise:
    You play a pre-war person, who first is imprisoned then ultimately frozen in a Guantanamo bay like holding facility before finding themselves released in 2287 and discovering a land full of possibilities in the "Free Vancouver" Wasteland. For an idea of what I'm getting at, I'm using:
    • 1 part Van Buren
    • 1 part abandoned Fallout Live action film
    • 2 parts "What happened to Canada after the great war?"
    More in depth:
    Your character is tossed into a Black site, think Guantanamo bay, for "crimes against the Republic" in early January 2077. If you committed these crimes or these are false charges leveled against an innocent person to shut them up? Not important, unless you want it to be. (My original vision was: You were a hacker who got caught after stumbling upon the social experiment aspects of the vaults, but that wouldn't work for low Int or gun focused runs/builds, as well as malicious people.) As you're being processed into the jail you create your character's look, Name and set SPECIAL stats. You're given a prison jumpsuit that looks close to vault suit which has your prisoner number on it and shown to your cell. As the bars close you get the title card, but the 'War, War never changes.' is still absent. Fallout 3 style of vignettes: You're introduced to a Communist revolutionary who is trying to make friends with, A few days/weeks later the revoutionary is jumped and you can help out or try to escape and a few other events, each time you're given blame for something whether or not you're directly apart of the problem by the Warden who has it in for you. This all leads to an event in early October 2077 where your character is frozen in an experimental cryopod by the warden as an example with the last thing they hear is "We'll see how they like a month in the freeze." fade to white/black and so we get:

    "War, War never changes
    After the liberation of Alaska in January 2077, The United States government foresaw the great darkness was enviable now. The Chinese were bloodied but no where near broken and as soon as the first intel reports of spies and platoons being pulled back in part if not whole, the federal government braced itself. Many already of their ranks converting to living in bunkers and modified vaults before the bombs fell using public relations to cloud their movements away from public life.

    The general population of the world was not made aware until the first bombs landed in October of that year, the deaths and turmoil were catastrophic and the war was seemingly over. In Canada, the fight for freedom against the remaining US troops continued even as the radiation and the food shortages demoralized and thinned the numbers both sides. Canada won it's independence back and the who fought and remained in the aftermath declared that they'd never allow Americans to gain hold in their lands.

    In the mountains near Vancouver a vault-like prison meant for the enemies to the US people and Vault-tec was hidden away by the earth. This is where you have were taken after being accused of crimes you denied until they sealed you away, not knowing you'd be the most safe against the coming riot and uprising of the prisoners. The prisoners were able to free themselves, take over the vault prison and escape into what is know now as Free Vancouver, a wasteland of settlers and hunters. There the prisoners became a new threat to the land under the name of the Red Scare Raiders, a group inspired by a revolutionary to try and rebuild the world using the ideals of of Marx and Lenin. A majority of the people of Free Vancouver fight them tooth and nail.

    The year is now 2287, from the south. the New California Republic have made themselves known with exploration teams after finally settling the former Seattle and Portland Areas, using modified technology stolen from former enemies. the NCR expands North into Vancouver to try and take back what their forefathers annexed before the bombs fell. And so begins a new war, but much like many of the others it's for land and pride. Because while many factors may be different...

    War, War never changes."

    From there, your character is dumped the out of cryopod, it having implemented it emergency release function before it loses power. Your character is in the ruins of the prison vault, it's clearly been a while since it's been functioning properly though people are still living in there as well as vermin. Between the radroaches, a few mole rats and raiders who have set up camp you find as you scavenge around, you get a decent taste for combat and it's pacing. If you follow the path of enemies You'll see a stair case up to where the Raiders come in and out but a story event (the raider base above is under attack by the NCR) will cause the staircase to become broken/blocked, forcing you to go to the processing area you initially entered, that's been long abandoned. Along the way you'll discover both written and computer logs giving you more lore info including that depending on if you were friendly or antagonistic towards the revolutionary it may be reflected their feelings on your character, including possibly purposely leaving you locked away. Once you get to the processing facility you find a skeleton of guard, underneath fallen rubble from the bombs dropping, they're equipped with a Pipboy, it's a 3k model based on the Mk4 variant though slightly tweaked with more military look and feel as well as prototype features and slot for modifcation. That's your key out similar to fallout 4. where you'll find as your character comes out instead of a nice quiet serene view point, you're treated to a reveal that you're in the middle of a raider base camp that's been built around the prison vault and it's under attack by the NCR in patched together vertibirds, it's your choice to help a side or run and leave them to their own fight.

    And that's how you start the game, from there:

    • If you ran: You're free to roam what you discover is the south west Canadian country side with hints of the conflict going on in the background.
    • If you helped the raiders: Are welcomed as an honorary member of the Red scare Raiders and their plans to securely take over the area and force the NCR back.
    • If you helped the NCR: You'll be taken back to their base as a potential recruit in the NCR Army's expansion efforts up into Canada.
    Other details I was thinkin about:
    • Make the First nation citizens of Canada a faction onto themselves, having reclaimed parts of the land after the war and wanting little to do with non-natives/first nations people. They'd be treated very much like a neutral party for the most part though they ally themselves more with the factions for pushing the NCR out.
    • Make Canadian non-first nation locals immediate distrustful or refuse to talk to you if you wear US & NCR related stuff due to the annexing before the great war and post war fighting.
    • Nuka Cola is rare in any variety the north and they have their own soda of choice and currency that comes with the difference in region, making Nuka caps worth more to some and less to others and vice versa.
    • Bow and arrows and other various hunting weapons along with a hunting focused arsenal for those who like to play the survivalist role as well as have more quiet options (most likely using framework from bow mods found online currently for both Obsidan and Bethesda games)
    • Wendigo instead of Deathclaws, I understand Deathclaws are interesting and a staple of the series but lizard-based mutants surviving that far north? that's a bit hard to buy. Also When in Canada do what the Cunucks do and fleshing eating white maned beast that are 8 feet tall, sound like a blast to fight.
    • Moose creature, Moose are already intimidating as hell, a mutated post apoclyptic moose? Now that's gonna be a horror show and fun to fight/face down similar to super mutant version of a rag stag.
    • Hockey gear, it's Canada, they love their ice sports and having gear made from hockey gear would be amazing.
    What do you think? Too ambitious of an opening? This was just me bsing, I'd be open to change also I'd be willing to let anyone else who has an idea on how to expand on this or make this reality run with it.