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    NOTE: The game is a spin off and NOT a sequel to any Fallout game. However, there are story elements from Fallout NV.
    The game takes place two years after New Vegas. You play a retired solider from the NCR. Unlike other Fallout games, this one relies more on stealth then action. There is no Character Creation so you have a set character, however, in between missions you can get new clothes and different hair styles. The game is a stealth action game like Deus Ex Human Revolution and the Metal Gear Solid games.

    The game is presented in Acts; an Act is set in a different location.
    The game starts off with you and a few caravans walking past the border to Mexico. As you make your way in, you are attacked by a local tribe. The game starts with you taking out the tribe members (a bit like the start to Honest Hearts)
    This starts the first act of the game. You start off with torturing one of the tribal for information. You learn that a man in a black suit told them to kill the next caravan that passed by. You find out that one of the caravaners you were with is working undercover.
    You go to a nearby town and there you can free roam.
    The first act revolves around you not trusting anyone while you figure out who is the traitor. The missions are more mystery based and don’t require much action. You have to go round and ask questions to people, see if you can find different stories and contradictions.
    The Act is the shortest in the game. At the end, you learn that the traitor has fled. This puts you in the last mission of the act where you have to go to the tribe to see if he is there. This is the first mission in the game which requires stealth. You can sneak up in people and kill them, kill them head on or just do the mission without killing anyone.
    At the end of the mission, you come face to face with the tribal leader; this is a boss fight where you have to kill him using your weapons. Once you have killed him, you find a holotape.

    The second Act starts with you making your way into Mexico. You stop off at a small town near the other. Here you find someone who can play the holotape using a pip-boy they found in America. The person in the Holotape sounds young and is telling the Tribe leader to kill the next Caravan or his family will die.
    You are then told to see the Mayor. Once you have done that, he tells you that Raiders have been attacking the town. He tells you about an old bass near the town.
    The first mission of this act requires you to sneak into the abandoned base. There you try to find power armour or weapons. You soon learn that this was an old secret Brotherhood of Steel base from seventy-five years ago. You find a diary there which tells you about a small group of BoS paladins who were sent here to find a strong signal that were being picked up at Vault City. There you find out a group of soldiers have also entered the base. You sneak out and get back to town. There you bring back weapons and power armour. You go to the mayor who tells you the Raiders are attacking.
    You fight back against the Raiders. The mayor tells you where the Raider camp is. You go into the raider camp and can either sneak in or get captured. Sneaking in will impress the Raider Leader while getting captured will make him think you are weak.
    Once you talk to him, he will tell you that his group are running out of food and water and that they attack to get those resources. You can make a deal with him or Kill him. Making a deal will make him grateful however, the town will start complaining as they are not getting as much food and water. Killing him will make the raiders hostile but make the town grateful.
    You go back to the Mayor and tell him what you did. He is grateful either way. He then tells you of a strong signal the town have been picking up for a number of years. He tells you to head south to find it. However, before you head south, you are put on one final mission for him, kill the Weapons Trader. This mission is the longest for Act II. You find the Trader and aim your gun at him. He asks you what you are doing. You tell him you were told to by the Mayor. The town’s people then hate you for trying to kill the trader and so you are locked up. You try to tell everybody that the Mayor told you to do it but he tells them he didn’t. You then have to break out of Jail. You can do this in a number of ways. Unlock the door and sneak out. Unlock the door and knock/kill the guard at the Jail and take his clothes or you can make a fake suicide and sneak out of town undetected.
    Any option you pick makes you have to go to see the Mayor. Once you find him, you will have to torture him to get him to talk. He tells you he was told to kill you or his wife will die. You ask him about the signal and he tells you that he is where he must go if he wants to find who is trying to kill him. You can now either kill him or let him live.

    The Third Act begins once you have reached a large city a few months after you have left the last town. You start off by doing odd jobs around town i.e., killing mole rats, fixing pipes etc.
    Once you have gained enough respect, a group of mercenaries will approach you, they attack you and so you are involved in a skirmish. Once you have killed them all, you find a note telling them to kill you for the sum of a billion caps. However, you were injured in the skirmish and you pass out. When you wake up, you are greeted by a female doctor. She tells you that you will be fine. When you leave, she tells you she might need your help.
    You then go and see her and she tells you that she hasn’t had any medical supplies in a week and is fast running out. She tells you that the suppliers come from a nearby City and so you are told to go there. Along the route, you find a dead body; you search it and find a note for delivering medical supplies. You go to the other town and tell them that the person delivering medical supplies is dead.
    They give you more medical supplies to take back.
    On your way back, you are attacked by a group of wasteland thugs. You kill them and find out they are from a local Mexican gang.
    You go back to the city and give the doctor back her medical supplies. She thanks you for it. You then ask her about local gangs an she tells you about the Bromstone Brothers, a group of thugs who meet in-between both Towns. You search for them and find their hideout. There, you are tasked with finding their leader.
    You find him and ask him why you killed people trying to deliver Medical supplies. He tells you that they did it for the addiction of Med-X.
    He then gets a woman who is chained and tells you to kill her. He then says he has information on who wants him dead, you can either shoot her and he will give you the information or kill him and the gang will be hostile to you. If you killed her, he will tell you that is someone who you wronged in the past. If you kill him, you find a note says you wronged the person.
    Once you save the girl, you take her back to the Town.
    The Doctor then goes to you and tells you her father has just died.
    You spend the night with her, there you tell her that you were part of the NCR and that your wife and child were taken by the Caesars Legion. However, she can see that you are still trying to hide something.
    You then move away and try to find the Signal, this begins the Forth and penultimate act. There you meet your old NCR friends. They say that they are here to help you. You do odd jobs around town again. After you have done that, you pick up a radio signal saying that they have the doctor and will her unless you do what they say. You then have to kill each of your friends one by one and make it look like an accident. Once you have done this, you are told to meet at a nearby abandoned radio station. You head there and kill off feral ghouls. You are then knocked out and taken away.

    When you wake up, you see a big screen in front of you with a man in a black suit standing in front of it. He then pulls out the doctor and a child and tells you to choose one to save. If you save the child, then they will kill the doctor and take the child the way and if you save the doctor, they will kill the child and take the doctor away. The man then tells you that the Caravaner who told on your whereabouts is now dead thanks to a tribal. The screen then comes on with a face of a young man and the he starts talking to the man in the suit. You then learn that you enslaved the child back when you were with Caesars Legion. You then tell him that you tried to put all that behind you which is why you joined the NCR. You then get knocked back out.

    You then wake up in an arena with the man in the suit, now wearing fighters outfit and wearing Knuckle Dusters, he tells you to fight him. This is the second boss battle. When you defeat him, he tells you that the man in charge is your son and he only knows that because he was there when you gave him away to the legion. You escape the building and go to a nearby settlement full of friendly Ghouls.

    This begins Act V. Now, you have to make a peace treaty between all the local factions. You do this by searching around. Once you have done that, a ghoul runs up to you and hands you a note. The note tells you to meet the person by the nuclear power station.
    You go there, and you are then knocked out.
    You wake up in a room and tied to a chair. There you see a man start to torcher you. You can either give in to the torcher or not. If you do, then you are released and dragged away by two men. There they will try to shoot you, but you attack them and escape. If you don’t give in to the torture, You will be untied and told to fight the man. You then win and escape.
    You then find a file saying that the man in charge will turn on the power in the radio station, giving him full power by making himself president of Mexico.
    You then have to destroy the generators in the Station. Once you have done that, you find explosives. You plant them in the entrance so no one can get in or out.
    You then hear a gun click. You turn round and see your son. He tells him that you are his father and at first he doesn’t believe you. You then pass him a holotape of the day you took him to the legion.
    He then asks why and you tell him that you had no choice; it was either take you and your wife in or let the legion enslave the whole town.
    As this is going on, the bomb clock ticks down to five minutes. Your son then shoots you in the stomach and tells you he will kill you. Now depending on your choices you have made throughout the game, the ending will turn out in different ways.

    Ending One: This is if you didn’t kill the Raider Leader, the Mayor, the woman and if you chose to let the child live: You throw then gun away and struggle to get up. You walk towards your son who is still holding the gun. You then reach him and tell him that you are sorry for the mistakes you made and hug him. Your son then drops the gun in a sigh of forgiveness. The countdown reaches Zero and both of you die in the explosion.

    Ending Two: Don’t kill any choice characters and Save the Doctor: You throw your gun away and get up. You struggle to walk over to your son who then shoots you again. This time you are knocked back and you start coughing up blood. You then tell him once again you are sorry for what you did. Your son, realising what he has done, throws away the gun and runs over to you. He hugs you then the countdown reaches Zero.

    Ending Three: If you killed One or Two of the Choice people and save the child: You throw away the gun and tell your son to ran out of the building and live a life of his own. Your son then throws the gun away and runs over to you. He then tells you that he forgives you. You both hug and the countdown reaches Zero.

    Ending Four: If you killed one or two choice characters and save the doctor: You throw away the gun and struggle to walk over to your son. He shoots you, this time you fall back and you start coughing blood. He then tells you that he lost his childhood because of you and so he escapes the building, the countdown reaches Zero.

    Ending Five: Kill everyone and save the child: You pick up the gun and aim it at your son. He aims his gun at you as well. You both shoot each other at the same time. You then start coughing up blood and smile as the countdown reaches Zero.

    Ending Six: Kill everyone and save the doctor: You pick up the gun and shoot you son. You walk up and say to your son “sell you in hell, you bastard” you then struggle to walk out of the building but you still escape. Your son then lays on the floor, blood pouring out of him stomach, he tries to reach for the gun to commit suicide, the countdown then stops and freezes.

    The settlements in each Act serve as a hub for the game. They are places where the character go to get missions, but new items and so forth. In these settlements, there are a number of side quests that the character can do. Doing these can give the character additional items such as Stealth Boys and stinpaks and even special items.

    Levelling Up
    Levelling up is different as it was in previous fallout games. They do not allow perks but allow certain missions. These could range from side questions to actual missions. So, even though the levelling up system is not as it was in other fallout games, it is still an important feature.

    First Person/ Third Person/ Isometric
    The game also takes advantage of all three viewpoint In the fallout series. The game will rely heavily on Third Person View, however, First Person can be used especially in combat. The Isometric view can also be used to show the player how many enemies there are on a particular map.
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    I don't like it. Fallout was born as a cRPG, and it should stay this way.
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    No offense, but this is a terrible idea. Why would you want this to exist in the first place is beyond me.
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    MS Word autosummarized to 10%:

    I didn't know Todd Howard posted on NMA...
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    I am sorry, but this idea is terrible.

    It is nothing like FO at all. Why should it be like MGS or Deus Ex?
    At least when Bethesda got a hold of the series, they kept most of the RPG elements. In fact, the only thing they really changed was the perspective from a isometric turn based RPG (which I doubt would see much interest on the major market) into a FPS/TPS hybrid.
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    I thought your other idea was the worst I'd ever see.. I was wrong.
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    Oh boy. I can only mirror the comments already made here.

    The first 3 endings are almost exactly the same as follows;

    1) He shoots you, you hug and both die.
    2) He shoots you twice, you hug and both die.
    3) You both hug and die.

    The last 3 are just so generic and clichéd that I saw them coming before I had finished reading Act III.

    And I also agree with the sentiment that changing the game into a action/stealth style gameplay is mental. WHY?! There is no reasoning behind your idea, it makes no sense, nothing in the Act's seems to suggest that it needs to be done in a MGS type style.

    God I'm so angry now after reading this!

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    Terrible idea. Personally I would never post a "Game Idea" on here in such a rough draft, additionally that idea is overall pretty meh. IF you have to describe your game by referring to other games, then you need to think about it some more.