Fallout V (What it would BE)

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  1. Argonauts

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    Jul 4, 2019
    I was thinking if we could have a good Fallout not like part 3 & 4 & 76. What would it be like and where. The 1st thing I would do was to make part 3&4&76 kids Stories not actually happening just kid stories. Fallout New Vagas would be part of the actually happening. 2nd thing is where would it take place. A couple ideas came to me.

    1) It starts around Washington DC and The Pentagon Area to get more info on the war.

    2) Another Idea was have it on the sea where a bunch of ships took to the open sea linked up and built cities around them and have them think land is Radioactive so they dont approach it thinking all life was killed on land. But some type of Disaster makes them have to go to land.

    3) Here's an idea both Fallout 1 ,2 &, New Vagas take place in America why not it take place in China or Russia.

    The China Idea my brother told me there would be a problem with Vault Tec since its an American base company China wouldnt allow it. So I thought China not trusting USA base Vault Tec didnt notice a Russia Base company was secretly a Russian base Vault Company doing Experiments on Chinese which China started having a Vault war with Russia. The China idea would lead to the reason why the war was started and who Started .

    The Russia Idea They learned of the USA base company Vault Tec and Started 1 up maybe have more Info on the war.

    My Thoughts on Vault Companies operations

    Vault Tec Company USA base Company: Experiments (like 1 man with lots of Women & 1 Woman with lots of men)
    Russian Type of Vault base Company: Experiments (same as USA but More Extreme Studies)

    not sure how to handle the China Vault company but it would not be like USA or Russia. And Russia has always copied USA so I see them doing the same but more extreme

    China Type of Vault base Company: not like USA or Russia maybe more Tech or Science (Any Ideas is welcome to this part)

    please tell me your thoughts and try and be nice lol
  2. Millim

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    Oct 13, 2010
    If I had full control over what would happen in Fallout 5, I'd set it in a completely different area with no relation to previous games.
    Brotherhood of Steel and The Enclave would be a mention at best, new factions would be explored.
    Power Armour would be very different, it may not even be called Power Armour.
    Super Mutants simply won't be in it, unless they are just a group that ventured out after the events of F1.
    It wouldn't matter if 3&4 are canon, as they would have little bearing of the story. Same with 1&2. Essentially, it'll be Fallout in structure, but the actual meat would be very different.
  3. Big No

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    Oct 28, 2014
    It would be something terrible.
  4. zegh8578

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    Mar 11, 2012
    FO5 should never exist. But, I'm gonna play along - If Fallout were to ever function as a franchise, I'd do with it what GTA does - pretty much explore the same exact premise, from different locations mostly.
    The whole time-passing continuity thing is cute and all, but makes no logical sense, because it requires society to rebuild, and eventually not be "post apocallyptic" anymore, once societies around the world begin to flourish again.

    Instead - I would of course banish this universe to the darkness, and take FO3 etc with it (sorry New Vegas, I love you, but I'm changing the timeline) - and FO3 would simply be something like "Fallout Finnmark", because I'm Norwegian, and Finnmark is flat, vast, empty, and deeply frozen most of the year, and if nuked, it'd be a survivalists dream

    Next could be any climate, any place, tropical, dry, urban, rural

    None of this would really pan out though, it'd get boring quickly I think, it'd be like a generic "post apo simulator", except some lore might bind it together and stuff.
  5. GonZo_626

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    Jul 29, 2016
    Hmm Fallout 5, well first off I hope it will never exist as long as Bethcrap still owns the franchise..... But that being said

    -Stay within at least North America
    -Explore somewhere like Texas, Florida, or Seattle or anywhere near one of the US borders with Canada or Mexico

    It just seems to be a more American game, there just is not enough guns in the rest of the world for me to see ammo and guns in almost any other country still being around 50-80 years after a nuke apocalypse. It would be too game breaking for me playing the Elder scrolls essentially within a post-apoc environment.
  6. Veers

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    Jan 3, 2017
    Play as a member of the Enclave. You're part of a patrol that gets ambushed and now you're stuck in the wastelands. Over the course of the game you try to get back in touch with your base, and the endgame is choosing between multiple factions to move in an assert control over a particularly resource-rich area or one with bountiful post-war ruins to explore, including the Enclave and various factions you meet while out there. I'd like it set in the South, maybe Florida or Georgia.
  7. Kadscaner

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    Feb 4, 2016
    We need a fallout set more in the Midwest. I’d love to see how Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, etc all faired after the bombs.
  8. KingArthur

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    Jun 25, 2018
    We got Chicago and the Midwest Brotherhood in Tactics, and I'm one of the few who actually really likes Fallout Tactics; I wouldn't mind visiting that area and faction again, whether in a tactical game, isometric game, or NV style FPS RPG.
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  9. BigGuyCIA

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    Oct 26, 2016
    Fun topic. Here's my idea:

    It's the year 2210, 10 years after the events of Fallout Tactics. You're a nomad resting at a rather thriving trade-hub in Canada (north of Toronto in the Algonquin National Park). The town is mostly untouched by the nuclear fallout, and parts it are situated above ground among the trees (Metro Exodus Taiga).

    While out of town on a short errand, the town is hit by some unknown group of individuals. They ransack your temporary lodging, steal several keepsakes of yours (the items are based on your initial character build), and take several townspeople captive. It's still standing but it's in really bad shape.

    There are several reasons for why you'd be interested in pursuing this group that attacked the town:
    • The town council-member you found dead had papers in his room implicating that he was involved in the attack, and that there's other trade-hubs that may have sanctioned the attack. (Curiosity)
    • You want to save the captives that were kidnapped because your character's conscience can't allow good people to get harmed like that. (Selflessness)
    • You want to get your belongings back. (Personal / Selfish).
    • They killed the dog that kept barking at you but eventually warmed up to you after giving him an apple slice. (Revenge).
    Your journey will take you to several key parts of the Great Lakes region, some parts of Canada (Toronto area), Michigan, the very upper region of Pennsylvania, and the whole of New York:


    The timeline is 10 years after tactics so you'll be exploring areas that were influenced by the war between the Calculator and the Western Brotherhood of Steel. Some ideas:
    • Disciples of Mechas: Main home is called Mecha based in Cleveland's rust belt. A cult of survivors that came to idealize cyborgs after encountering the Calculator's humanoid robots. A society whose hierarchy is heavily based on how much of your flesh you've replaced with mechanical parts. Primary form of currency is screws, bolts washers, et al. They offer a currency exchange so that they can barter easily with outsiders.

    • Mid-West Brotherhood: After the war with the calculator, the Brotherhood expanded slowly and established several outposts in and around their head quarters. Detroit is home to one such outpost. Members of this organization are not as xenophobic as the regular Brotherhood, with some members consisting of ghouls and super-mutants (very rare). There's tension within the ranks, however, with "muties" being treated like second-class citizens. Joining is an option, however the process of becoming a Knight is brutal and unforgiving.

    • Wyandotte Nation: A peaceful, but wary group of survivors originating from the Wyandotte Nation in Oklahoma. At the onset of the great war, members slowly migrated north back to their original territory where they established a quiet home on the Manitoulin island. They avoid contact with mainlanders in order to preserve their way of life.

    • Harmony: Following the aftermath of tactics, some humanoid robots survived the 'shockwave' effect of Calculator's demise and were unshackled rather than fried. They gathered together and formed a small community which eventually grew to welcome wastelanders looking for a home. Harmony consists of humans and humanoid-robots living together in peace. They are under threat from the MW BoS who abhor the notion of unshackled AI, and the Disciples of Mechas who desire robotic parts belonging to the robot survivors.

    • Trade-Cartels: The trade cartels are a loosely organized mob of shrewd opportunists and thugs, drawing inspiration from the New York gangsters. They inhabit several parts of New York state and consist of several families with similar interests and motives - making caps. They control the majority of trade routes in New York, and tax settlers in exchange for 'protection.' Traders that operate in the area without paying the tax are warned once with a beating. Further violations result in being weighed down by cement boots and tossed into the Hudson river. They maintain and operate numerous gambling dens and whorehouses.
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  10. ReedTFM

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    Dec 21, 2010
    I bet New York or maybe Louisiana. Whatever the location, it has to have big iconic landmarks or a powerful local flavor to switch things up.

    I’m not sure they aren’t going to let the franchise sit for a while to let the nostalgia build and the horrific tase of FO76 to dissipate.