"Fallout: Van Buren" Fan Remake

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    The Interplay executives thought Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel would make more money, so they put Van Buren on hiatus and made that; BoS failed spectacularly but instead of trying to rush Van Buren out the door they started work on BoS 2. As you may be able to figure out from these fantastic business decisions, Interplay ran into financial difficulties and were forced to sell the IP off to Bethesda.
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    Thats some really bad decisions. The concept of BOS isn't bad at all bring a fallout game to ps2. But yeah it was shitty and why they tried to make another one..... If you got something that finished you might just as err well finish it. What about things like fallout extreme ect thats all failed aswell
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    Apr 21, 2016
    sometimes, but most of the time employees of a company isn't or aren't fans of the product they are making and they will not continue something that won't pay them because they are workers and that is fair.. problem is the scraped/failed/stopped projects are being held by the other companies that bought it from the original owners and most of the time they have other plans for it. Proof of that is Bethesda's Fallout 3 it changed the path of what we expect from the predecessor of the original games. Now it all comes down to business " it's nothing personal, it's just good business " they can't release or give out something that won't profit them... so about the Van Buren mod for fallout 2 it uses an entirely different engine so being it a TC ( Total Conversion) might not be possible it will be an entirely new game of it's own Fallout 3: Van Buren while there are people who speculates or claims about this game, I don't see it being released. but who knows maybe some skilled or knowledgeable person or people might be doing and trying their best to make it happen.
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    So it's still sort of in development but in reality it's probably in hiatus