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    So I know a lot of people thought the Fallout franchise had no future, making this section pointless, but now there is at least a faint hope we will get at least another decent title. Therefore I ask what would you like to see in a plausible future installment of the series made by Obsidian under this new management?
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    I don't think Obsidian gets to handle the Fallout franchise again unless someone in Microsoft really feels that they handled it better than Bethesda does; they listened to the feedback on Fallout New Vegas for example.

    Perhaps, very perhaps Microsoft might consider having Obsidian handle "spin offs" while Bethesda continues the main series.

    But you have to remember that this Obsidian is not the Obsidian that made FNV. A lot of those people have moved on.
    More, the design philosophy of Obsidian has also changed over the years and I am not talking about social justice activism.
    Obsidian's efforts in making old school RPGs has not been working out well, the company went nearly bust a couple of times. Chris Avellone and other former members have shared their experiences online about this.

    Feargus has for a long time intended to sell Obsidian. I don't know how long, perhaps since the original Xbox days when Obsidian was making titles such as KOTOR2 and Alpha Protocol.
    Had Microsoft not stepped in Obsidian most likely would have gone bust or bought out by another studio in a couple of years.

    Even Tim Cain and Leon Boyarsky are not the same people that they were twenty-two years ago, I think the Outer Worlds showed that.
    I wasn't expecting a Fallout-killer or a spiritual sequel, but even as a game on its own it was just average despite the initial promises.

    Okay I did not mean to give you this unwanted history lesson. I just wanted to explain where my line of reasoning comes from when I try to respond on what you are asking.

    -Well first of all that stats and attributes are brought back, Making character build options Perks was plain stupid.
    -Ignoring or using Bethesda's additions as little to none as possible. Especially Fallout 76.
    -I think it is time that the Brotherhood of Steel is retired. Their role is played out, they were never meant to be a major faction.
    -A main quest that is more player focused. I love FNV but after you have dealt with Benny it becomes less personal as the player is now the "empire-maker"; the person who chooses which faction gets to rule New Vegas.
    The player of course should still play the role as an agent of change who can help or break factions but that should be sort of secondary.

    I always had wanted that Lonesome Road had been sort of an epilogue to FNV even though that would bring many technical difficulties, that after the player had dealt with Benny and have become involved with the NCR, Legion, and House, a lot of the focus would go to Ulysses who at this point would have been a companion and who based on the player's actions and decisions had decided which side should be nuked with the missiles from the Divide.
    At the same time the player would discover that it was Ulysses who was the original Courier 6 and intended the player to die at the hands of Benny and the Khans and the player now wanting to find out why Ulysses wanted the player dead.

    I would like something like this suggested plot in an Obsidian Fallout game. Not the same of course but a questline that feels personal.
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    Only being level 2 in my longest New Vegas playthrough, this is all I'm qualified to talk about. Specifically, I'd like the sexual orientation to be a trait rather than a perk because most, if not all, players know who their Courrier/PC is attracted to immediately. Additionally, here needs to be one for bisexuals. And, for the players who don't know their courrier's SO immedately, it should be on all perks screens and not count against the player if selected.
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    The point of traits is that they are double-sided and offer esoteric benefits as well as drawbacks. What would be the drawback to picking sexuality?
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    Sexuality's inherant to a person and, thus, should, at least, be selectable at level one. However, I'll grant you that "trait" was the incorrect term in Fallout's usage.