FO2 restoration project seems to have some old bugs that arent fixed...

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    Mar 10, 2007
    Use F12se to delete map records from your save.

    Personally I don't consider it as a bug but poorly designed, like, well, many other stuff in the game. Guess I have a weird standard for calling things "bugged."
    Also there are other stuff like stimpak in his shop inventory but he doesn't have during barter. I do think the player should be able to buy leather armor mk2 from Harry (or maybe make it available earilier in Balthas's shop if you saved Modoc), given that it's already possible to buy the even better(?) metal armor from him.

    I don't see any problem here, because T-51b power armor is also considered as one of the standard uniforms for Enclave soldiers.

    AFAIR making him disappear was for preventing him not getting killed reliably and a possible game crash due to explosion (which should already be fixed with newer sfall.)
  2. Question2

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    Jun 20, 2017
    Okay i deleted the vault 15 records from my save, darion still runs away after installing the vault 15 fix. I think the problem is that he doesnt have big gun animations so cant use his flamer in the first place.

    Darion save :

    Abbey bug : If you kill the deathclaw, but dont give the book to the abbot, he says he will give you the keycard to access the terminal, but he doesnt actually do it. So you get stuck and cant access the terminal.

    Sierra army depot : On level 3, there is a robo brain stuck in the walls, it is to the SW of the room where you find skynet's body.

    The base commander glitching out when you surrender in power armor is definately a bug though. Also, T-51b is only used on the oil rig for new recruits according to the wiki...the quartermaster at navarro does a double take when he sees you in T-51b armor because you arent supposed to be using it. It would still make more sense for the sergeant to send you to get advanced power armor instead of sending you to stand guard in T-51b armor.

    Do you have any idea how to adjust the shop restocking scripts?
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    Jul 5, 2017
    I'm having the same restocking bug but within San Francisco—only with Red 888. I tried to delete the .sav using the save editor but nothing.

    Also, not sure if this was fixed via RP, but when I would try to steal from people, their guns wouldn't be in their inventory.

    (Playing GOG version on Mac)
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    Dec 6, 2007
    People not having guns in their inventory is a feature in the base game so you can't steal their guns. AFAIK you can only do it to Buster's guards in NCR because they don't actually have their guns equipped.

    You can sometimes get around this by Bartering with the person a couple of times, the second time you press the button they may or may not drop their gun into the barter inventory. You can then exit barter and the gun should be pickpocketable.
  5. Magnus

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    Dec 6, 2007
    Can you open Darion's proto file in a hex editor and tell me what the 4 bytes from offset 8 and onwards say? They should point to the FRM called HMLTHR (hero male leather armor), which contains all weapon animations.

    Or you could open Vault 15 in the mapper, equip him with the flamer and see if he actually puts up the big gun anim in game mode (i believe the key is F8). If he's visibly holding the weapon then he also has the anims to use it.

    I do recall being roasted by him in previous games, but memory is a fickle thing.

    Regarding the base commander: If you sneak onto the vertibird in power armor, they should think you're a soldier. You can then pull a fast one and pretend you're much higher rank than they are, and if you succeed they will send you off. But in this case I don't believe they should ever send you to the commander.

    If the soldiers who open the verdibird say something about "mutie", then you are not a "soldier" to them, and then they WILL send you to the commander if you surrender, but he should just have a few simple dialogues that all lead to combat. If the commander gets fooled by regular Power armor but the soldiers do not, then that's a bug.
  6. Darek

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    Jan 7, 2008
    Darion works in the Mapper,. Ichecked that a couple of days agp, since I disn't have a good save to test.
    On vacation now and of course I forgot to load up my lap top with any fallout mods and tools. Will see if I can find a proper internet connection and remedy the situation.
  7. Question2

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    Jun 20, 2017
    I was wearing T-51b armor when i snuck onto the vertibird. The soldiers then went "holy shit! we got some mutie stowaways here!" then i had the choice to either go out guns blazing or surrender. When i surrendered, i was teleported to the base commander, had all my weapons, but he simply said "The base is on alert and i dont recognize you soldier. Show me your papers". Neither dialogue option initiated combat (as it is supposed to), the base wasnt on alert at all, and he didnt react to me opening the locker and taking the FOB.

    Some more bugs :

    -I convinced sergeant granite to help me take down frank horrigan, but for some reason he kept initiating combat and shooting me. He was still highlighted as green for ally, but he would shoot me a few times then i would be able to end combat.

    -Using the presidential override to disable the turrets seem to do nothing. All the turrets on the oil rig, including the ones in the entry way, still start shooting you if you go hostile for any reason, including after frank horrigan's dialogue.

    -Metzger doesnt recognize you are a ranger and will still give you the slaver's camp location, but somehow the slavers at the camp recognize you as a ranger on sight. This seems very weird. Also, the guard at the NE shack where Sulik's sister is doesn't enter combat even though the dog next to him does.

    Is Killap still around these days?

    Edit : I took a look in the mapper, and Darion does have a flamer in his item slot 1. If i movethe flamer to item slot 2, he will equip it so he should have the animation.

    Maybe his script or AI package prevents him from using the flamer, or maybe all NPCs just wont weapons in item slot 1?
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  8. Darek

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    Jan 7, 2008
    The Darion problem is definitely AC related, as that affects his chance to hit. Anything above AC 23 will make him run away. Looking at his AI (tough Khan, packet number 163), his "min_to_hit=50" is way too high. I tried setting it to 15 and the attacks the advanced power armor wearing dude with AC 45 (didn't test with higher AC), so that seems to be the solution.

    Chad uses AI packet 24 (Tough Citizen) with a chance to hit of 30. That might mean he can handle an AC of maximum 43 (Tested with Darion so no idea if it's the same for Chad). Then again I have no idea what affects chance to hit more than AC, like weapon, light level, perception.

    If anyone knows exactly how chance to hit works please do tell. I mean what is the point of setting it high on a tough critter when it just turns him into a coward? There has to be something more to it than that.

    Abbey, the beast and the book quest...

    It's not really working well if you do it before getting the quest because of some incorrect usage of global variable 708.
    You go to the wrong starting node so the text makes little sense. Then if you have killed the beast but don't have the book with you, gvar 708 gets set to 3 and not 4 which lets you get access to the computer (as it should). Also, you can't deliver the book later and raise gvar 708 to 4 that way (though dumb characters surprisingly can do that, though I suspect they cant use the computer).
    So need to change so the Deathclaw sets different values of gvar 708 when it dies, depending on if you got the quest first or not, and then have the head monk check those values properly. Possibly add an option to be able to return the book later and also change what gvar 708 value brother Paul accepts (to get computer key card).
  9. Question2

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    Jun 20, 2017
    Regardless of perception, chance to hit seems to get higher as you get closer. With 65% small guns, i can get a hit chance of about 80% on geckos if they are adjacent (8 PE). That explains why even in advanced power armor, most NPCs simply run to get closer to you before shooting.

    Ive literally only seen two NPCs (Darion and Chad) run away instead of running closer to improve their odds of shooting, assuming they have no crippled limbs.

    How do you edit the AI packets?
  10. NovaRain

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    Mar 10, 2007
  11. Magnus

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    Dec 6, 2007
    I told you, it's the AC. Try playing with the HtH Evade perk and you'll notice this with other critters than just Darion. Or mod a Fruit to give you +50AC, munch some and you'll see.

    I'm guessing someone ought to have a look at his AI.txt then. He shouldn't have the runaway threshold that high. Maybe I'll incorporate it into my V15 fix, but then I'll have to make an installer for it.
  12. Darek

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    Jan 7, 2008
    @Magnus But it's not the AC really, it's the "min_to_hit" being too high for a tough guy.
    I looked at the other AI packet and most are between 0 and 15, and mostly a few wimpy critters had it higher.
    Hakunin is another NPC that runs away and he as a min_to_hit of 80. There are a few cases where wimpy critters have it low and tougher ones have it high, which leads me to believe there where several people involved, and not everyone understood what this setting does, and just set something arbitrarily (as usual with this game).

    Anyway, I played around a bit with Darion and found out that it's not his Big Guns skill that is too low here but his unarmed. Because he doesn't have his flamer equipped, the game checks his unarmed skill and tells him to runaway before giving him the chance to equip his flamer ,that he can use. When I upped the unarmed he would stay and equip his flamer.

    Also, he is set to "run_away_mode=never", so one would think he never would, but I guess he just chooses not to listen.

    Also plus, I did notice min_to_hit being affected by distance. With some setting Darion would shoot me if the distance where three hexes or less, but would run away if it was more. so I guess that tells us the game is not smart enough to calculate in advance that a shorter distance will give a better chance to hit.

    Another weird thing I noticed was that at some setting Darion would run up to me and then turn around and run away (same combat turn), could possibly suggest that spending some of his APs would lower his chance to hit. I have no idea if that is part of the game though, at lest not for the player, but maybe for the other critters in the game. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    For some reason? You got caught stealing from him that's why. When stolen from he will attack (and reset the agro variable), so when combat ends he won't attack again. And you could probably end combat because there where a lot of NPCs blocking his view of you. These are not bugs. That he is still highlighted green is more of an oversight, as no one probably expected you to steel from him after he has joined you. But it's not hard to add a team check and make him change teams again if stolen from, so maybe someone will do that.

    Will look into the turrets later as I'm not sure how they works, but from a quick glance at their scripts I found nothing that would turn them off.
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  13. Question2

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    Jun 20, 2017
    I guess the game doesnt count a flamer in his first item slot as "equipped" for purposes of to hit calculation then. Only if its in his second item slot.

    I didnt steal from sergeant granite though...i mean, at that point, i have no reason to try and steal from him in the first place. Or did the savegame show me stealing from him?
  14. Magnus

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    Dec 6, 2007
    Wait, he has the flamer in the first slot? That at least explains why he won't use it. It should be in the second slot or it won't be considered "equipped", and critters are very reluctant to change their equipped weapon. They seem to only do it if they run out of ammo for their current one, but if they're unarmed they'll happily smack away at you even if they have a bazooka in their pocket. So there's an even easier fix, just swap equip slots for his flamer. The AI fix should probably also be done, for good measure.
  15. Darek

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    Jan 7, 2008
    Your save did show that, yes. Perhaps you did it on your way into the oil rig, and Sgt. Granite just couldn't see you to initiate combat, until you asked him to join you which made him move about?

    @Magnus, I don't know why the flamer is not equipped, maybe for that special effect when he pulls it out and roast you? Anyway, just lower his min_to_hit is enough. He always goes for the flamer from what I have seen.
    Maybe it depends on their combat settings what weapons they choose to equip?
  16. Magnus

    Magnus Weapons Manufacturer Modder

    Dec 6, 2007
    There is one other quirk of their AI: They will always try to equip a weapon that does Explosive damage, if they have one. Since the Flamer does Exp damage for some reason, this could be why he switches to it instead of trying to punch you. I'll do some testing on him and see if changing the Flamer's damage type has an effect.
  17. ThatZenoGuy

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    Nov 8, 2016
    I've never had AI run away, even in APA mk2 with the dodger perk. 0_0
  18. Magnus

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    Dec 6, 2007
    It happens occasionally if you have the HtH Evade perk. With a full AP bar and good Unarmed you can get around 30 AC from that perk alone - add to that your natural AC and that of the armor and people will start running when they see you.

    I first noticed this when I modded Psycho to give you AC instead of DR - Metzger's thugs with JHP ammo wouldn't even fight me, but the ones who had AP ammo would, because it reduces AC.
  19. Question2

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    Jun 20, 2017
    I made an edited version of vault15 that made it harder and changed Darion to use the bounty hunter (combat armor) stats. I also made Darion use Dogmeat stage 3's stats. All of Darion's guards now have combat armor, and I changed the weapons of the normal guards to make more sense at this stage of the game, because stuff like 10mm pistols cant hurt the player at this point.

    They now have P90cs, assault rifles, .223 pistols, rippers + psycho (instead of the low level weapons like 10mm pistols). They also have AP ammo loaded (or should, might depend on the default ammo settings for whatever weapon mod you are using).

    You should be able to just drop this into your data/maps folder. Wont take effect if you have already entered vault 15 though. It's based on Magnus's vault 15 fix.

    I still found it REALLY easy though because most of the guards only have leather armor. I would like to change them to have metal armor mk2 stats, is there an easy way to do that for all the guards?

    Im also having a problem getting trader bill to recognise that I have marcus in my party. Telling marcus to wait and re-hiring him does nothing. Im looking at the script :

    procedure Node001
       if (local_var(4) == 0) then begin
           gsay_reply(1310, 200);
       else begin
           gsay_reply(1310, 201);
       giq_option(4, 1310, 202, barter, 50);
    [B]   if (local_var(7) == 0) then begin
           giq_option(4, 1310, 210, Node006, 50);
       if (map_var(0) > 0) then begin
           giq_option(4, 1310, 203, Node002, 50);
       giq_option(4, 1310, 204, Node999, 50);
       set_local_var(4, 1);
    Node006 seems to lead to the option where you can ask bill about old things, but i never get that option. Im not sure what local_var 7 refers to either...

    And after leveling Dogmeat for a while, he is now back to his base 128 hp. Not sure when that happened exactly.

    Save :
  20. ThatZenoGuy

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    Nov 8, 2016
    One thing which bugs me about Fallout 1-2 'difficulty', is harder enemies can be critted fairly easily, and then you can loot their expensive shit.