FoT Redux 1.1 Comments/Issues/Bugs

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  1. Felipefpl

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    Jun 17, 2010
    Hi, i never installed redux and i'm curious, does it have a "fixes only" option like in sduibek's mod for fallout 1? I dont want to install new content that doesnt have anything to do with the original game. ;)

    Btw, in case you want something to fix there is one HUGE problem that never was fixed properly, the speed of scrolling, i tried the booster patch here and you know what? It made the scrolling WORSE than it was before, scrolling isnt a problem at the beginning of the game but it's a annoyance close to the end of the game where the maps are huge.You need a wikia detailing your efforts like the one of killap the beginning of the killap's wikia could be copied to yours since it contains everything ppl need to know to report a bug correctly. ;)
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  2. Regisman

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    Feb 2, 2014
    Hello there. In your installation guide you included a case for peapole not wanting item rebalancing and recruits rebalancing. I however would like my game to keep all the old sprites, sounds and item stats. Is there a way to incorporate everything but those changes listed by me into the game? And by the way you realy should consider releasing a random encounter rebalance as a standalone mod. I saw many posts on many forums naming your mod as a random encounter problem sollution but peapole were unhappy that installing the mod means changing the game's balance. Anyway keep up the great work and thanks for all the effort you have put into it so far :)
  3. Endocore

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    Mar 14, 2010
    @ Felipefpl

    Nope, but anyone else welcome to make such an adaptation and publish it. :wink: I have no interest in doing so.

    @ Regisman

    Yep, it's not that hard but you'll need to be familiar with what you're doing or else a mess could ensue. I recommend reading the manual the comes with the FOT Editor (that comes with the game) for a pretty good overview of everything.
  4. Al_Sleeper

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    Dec 27, 2013
    A few issues I noticed:
    1. Two turrets on the Brahmin Armor map are unreachable, and therefore the player cannot loot them for ammo when they are destroyed.
    2. Charon does not return to Brahmin Wood after his rescue in Freeport, and the player cannot get their reward from him.
    3. Chuck with his buddies does not attack player's squad when they return to Junction City to punish him for his scam.
    4. There is no ladder to the topmost level of Cold Water.
    5. One of spear-wielding super mutants is on the roof of a shack near the south gate in Kansas City. IMHO, he should be placed on the ground because there is no ladder to the roof of the shack.
    6. There is no ladder to the platform occupied by the grenadier super mutant in the mutant base in St. Louis.
    7. Many recruits don't get perks when they should after their initial level ups (but they get perks normally afterwards).
    8. Low range of laser rifles (30, whereas plasma rifles have range 35) is just plain ridiculous. IMHO, it should be 40 or 45, like in the original game.
    9. Wasp Sting is still unusable. Did you forget to edit its attack modes?
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  5. Endocore

    Endocore Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Mar 14, 2010
    Thanks for the detailed comments, Al_Sleeper. I envision laser rifles as working very differently from many folks, and short range is a part of that. Not much can be done about some of the other troubles due to engine restrictions (mainly the ones involving revisiting a map after a mission is finished), but I'll add everything else you mentioned to the list to problems to be examined.
  6. xkcon

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    Apr 2, 2003
    This is really no big deal. you can exit and enter a map as many times as you want and the triggers will hold. You just have to make sure that 'Nuke triggers on Exit' is unticked.

    Unfortunately the way that the original maps are triggered only allow for one exit and debrief, and then they rely on the the 'Nuke triggers on Exit' feature which automatically exits you.

    You will need to edit each map you wish to revisit, and Hack the exit sequences. This is a lot trickier than you would expect, but not impossible. I've already undertaken this idea in my project - since being able to revisit a map and continue a storyline is integral to me.

    I can help you out on this on up to map 'mission19' - I haven't conquered the final mission's exit sequences yet.
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  7. Al_Sleeper

    Al_Sleeper First time out of the vault

    Dec 27, 2013
    A few more:
    1. There is an ureacheble workbench on the second floor of Peste's laboratory in Newton.
    2. There is no ladder to the second level of Bunker Epsilon map.
    3. Is it scripted that all Behemoths in random encounters are without any ammo if the player's team is below level 20?
    4. ExtraBrahminDeathElectrify = {looks like<sex_he>is dancing to techno, high on 24,000 volts.} - There is a missing "1" in this line, which makes these combat messages to be displayed incorrectly.
    5. Quite a few enemies on various maps have wrong ammo in their inventory (e.g. snipers with MX14 rifles and gunners with Avenger miniguns have 7.62 ammo), which forces them to resort to HtH combat.
    6. Fleetfoot's Charisma is too high for the Loner perk he has.
    7. Several recruits have Fast Shot trait, which is useless for them because they have only Big Guns weapon proficiency.
    8. Something is broken with Riddick: he just stands in the exit zone of the Pitch Black map, and does not become available for recruitment afterwards.
    9. HR 1205 has EMP Shielding perk, but does not have electric damage resistance bonus it should confer.
    10. Player characters cannot equip banding armor. Is it due to a bug or game engine limitations?

    Not a bug, but a possible future improvement: add replenishable sources for all main types of ammo.

    Needles - No replenishable sources now, AFAIK. Is it possible to make a new beastlord template for random encounters?
    2mm EC - No replenishable sources now, AFAIK. Is it possible to include robots with Gauss pistols into random encounters?
    9mm - Raiders, Robots
    .45 - Ghouls
    .44 Mag - No replenishable sources now, AFAIK. Is it possible to add .44 pistols as a sidearm for reavers with grenade launchers?
    5.56mm - Reavers with miniguns, IIRC.
    7.62mm - Raiders, Super Mutants, Robots
    .303 - Reavers
    .50 cal - Super Mutants, Behemoths
    12 gauge - Ghouls
    Bolts - Not necessary, IMHO. Their usefulness is rather limited. One possible solution would be to make a new beastlord template for random encounters.
    Flamer Fuel - No replenishable sources now, AFAIK. Is it possible to make a new super mutant template for random encounters?
    HCl Acid - For a unique weapon. Maybe add some to quartermaster for the last few missions.
    Rockets - Hover Bots, Super Mutants
    40mm Grenades - Reavers
    75mm Tank Shells - For a unique weapon. Maybe add some more to quartermaster for the last few missions.
    Micro Fusion Cells - Reavers, Robots
    Small Energy Cells - Robots
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  8. Blackout2013

    Blackout2013 First time out of the vault

    Apr 28, 2014
    So after playing this mod for a while I am impressed, but I have one question:

    Were the experience switches in Bunker 1 and 5 a joke? I can't find them anywhere.
  9. Endocore

    Endocore Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Mar 14, 2010
    The switches are intended as a 'safety valve' for players who, lacking skill, may need to level-up more; with the reduction of random encounters, opportunities for the usual means of getting extra xp are reduced.

    They're just big switches, and may blend in with the scenery. In bunker one for example, they're in the general's room (along the 'west' wall).
  10. Blackout2013

    Blackout2013 First time out of the vault

    Apr 28, 2014
    Thanks for the answer. I think I found the swithes, but cannot seem to interact with them. I put my cursor where I think they are. Picture is below:

    Fallout Screenshot.png

    In any case it's a great mod. First time in years I have played the game and I am really enjoying it! Thanks!
  11. Endocore

    Endocore Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Mar 14, 2010
    Looks like you may have a map problem in the pictured screen; the switch isn't there (it's one of the big toggle switches, like ones that usually open a gate or fence). I'll have to open the game to check the exact location (can't do that from where I'm writing this), but in the meantime you may want to take a look through the download files for the mod and make sure the time/date on the bunker one map in the zip file matches the time/date on the bunker one map in your game directory.


    Here's the location of the switch in the first bunker (also note the info terminal not shown in your picture either).

    Is Blood-Seeker Squad present on your bunker one map? They should be there from the start.

    Here's the location of the switch in the last bunker.

    The bunker maps go in the folder core\campaigns\missions\core in the game directory. The bad news is that if you have a map that didn't get properly installed (i.e. copied), the game only updates maps the first time that map is entered. In other words, after copying over what's in your game directory with what's in the zip file for the mod (perhaps re-downloading first in case you somehow got a corrupted file the first time), to see updates for the first bunker you'd have to reload a savegame from right after Brahmin Woods (i.e. before you entered the bunker for the first time).
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  12. Blackout2013

    Blackout2013 First time out of the vault

    Apr 28, 2014
    @ endocore

    Long story short:

    I must have only installed part of the mod when I did the copying over the files. Maybe I didn't let a file replace a file it should have. So the game was a heck of a lot better, but not the full experience.

    Followed all the instructions in the readme this time and got the whole deal!

    Thanks for your help and great mod!
  13. rummtata

    rummtata First time out of the vault

    Jul 9, 2011
    I am very much enjoying your mod, thanks for granting this imbalanced, bug-ridden fallout derivate some first aid patching =)

    I wanted to ask about the teamplayer / loner perks. I assume they cannot be fixed (same reason as the leader perk)? If so, why not remove them and replace them with perks that do work?

    Is there a comprehensive list of broken / useless perks which is valid for your mod? If not, maybe we can make one?

    edit: Also, while healing yields XP, disabling traps and picking locks does not. Is it within your abilities to correct that?

    In any case, keep it up! ;-)
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  14. Endocore

    Endocore Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Mar 14, 2010

    Thanks, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the mod. Unfortunately things like perks etc are part of the game executable rather than in an end-user configurable area (for example, Arcanum handles such things in text files anyone can fiddle with), so I don't think much can be done to create any interesting new things on that count. Off-hand I'm not sure about the traps/locks matter (something to look into); my first thought without checking it out, though, is that it's to prevent exploits (unlock, get xp, lock, get xp, repeat 1000 times, etc).
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  15. rummtata

    rummtata First time out of the vault

    Jul 9, 2011
    True, that could be exploited. But there are so many possibilities to exploit bugs and the vanilla game is so poorly balanced that I dare say it hardly matters. It would just "feel" better to receive some XP for completing a tricky resp. extremely dangerous task.

    I've been playing on in the meantime, so I have more thoughts for you to consider:

    1) I don't know whether it's the vanilla game's fault or your mod's, but many weapons seem to be clones with identical stats, even if it makes little sense, e.g. for a marksman/assault-rifle to have the same stats as a light machinegun. This way the player is constantly being disappointed by newly discovered weapons which offer no improvement. It's also frustrating to have the nagging feeling that you should have more tactical options than there actually are. Do you have any plans for improvement in that area?

    2) My recruits are duplicated. When I visit a new bunker, the ones I have in my squad appear as Doppelgangers in the pool. I'm pretty certain that did not happen in the vanilla game (?)
  16. Endocore

    Endocore Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Mar 14, 2010
    Sorry about the duplicated recruits in the early bunkers; that was a bug I introduced in the last update, and though it's fixed for an as yet unreleased additional update that doesn't make it any less obnoxious for current players. :eek:

    I mainly divided the weapons into classes by caliber of ammunition. While it's true that many conventional weapons have quite similar damage values, the distinctions in place are intended to indicate quality of manufacture-- in other words, the differences are in rate of fire and range rather than damage inflicted. Also, explosive weapons are radically more powerful than in the regular game (as I recall, damage was at least tripled in most cases), and energy weapons work somewhat differently as well (lasers are weak, plasma deals crippling radiation damage).
  17. rummtata

    rummtata First time out of the vault

    Jul 9, 2011
    Plasma dealing radiation damage - that doesn't mean Supermutants will be immune or even healed, right? :look:

    I will try to look closer at those weapons, but some seem to have truly identical stats and differ only in the slightest detail.. Most ammo types have "+15% penetration", no damage modifier. They have different caliber sizes, but are identical gameplaywise, while their descriptions state different facts like supposedly higher/lower damage penetration. Maybe you could do one or more of the following?

    a) reduce redundancies by merging ammo types with identical stats
    b) scale ammo damage with caliber (so the player knows: larger caliber = better). realism should not be an issue the way calibers are depicted ;-)
    c) correct the descriptions to match the game-relevant properties so the player doesn't get confused

    Update sounds interesting, will you let some stuff on you're going to change?

    One more thing. I am trying to further improve the portrait-situation and have, so far, prepared 50 pictures as candidates to replace vanilla ones or some of your choices (e.g. I don't approve of JA2 portraits, they're both too familiar and don't fit the FOT style). I can only work with what I find online, but I know my way around Photoshop and always try to quench an optimum of quality and uniformity out of portraits I use for games. Maybe you'd be interested to pick some of those for your next update?
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  18. Endocore

    Endocore Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Mar 14, 2010
    Radiation from plasma damage was a way to make the game harder-- given the mission-based format, enemies don't suffer too badly from it (because you're going to exterminate them all anyway moments later), but player-characters will have some trouble.

    There was a more detailed discussion a long time ago where I gave some stats and so forth on the weapon design philosophy. Take a look over here. You should be seeing values corresponding to these, or else there may have been a problem with your installation.

    Some day I'll make an update based on feedback and bug reports, but it'll probably be a while. I've been rather ill for several months, and before that I had some fairly big projects in-progress for Fallout 2 that will take me a while to finish when I get back to modding. In the meantime I'd be pleased to take a look at your portrait work-- though a better idea might be to post them publicly for everyone to enjoy right away. :cool:
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  19. Samson3

    Samson3 First time out of the vault

    Jun 29, 2008
    Hey Endocore, loving the mod, so far ^_^ I had a question, for ya. Have you ever thought of including an option in the player creator for players to go as a race other than human, or do you think that generally wouldn't fit with Redux?

    It'd be hilarious to run around as a dog...You know, for all of five seconds, before something insta-killed me in one shot ;-; I was always interested in playing as a robot, though, and all those race-specific perks have always intrigued me :D I play Tactics on a laptop without an internet connection, so I can't play as any of the other races in multiplayer, or anything :(
  20. Endocore

    Endocore Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Mar 14, 2010
    You can edit the prefab characters (using the Editor that comes with the game) to make them pretty much anything you want (like a robot), but I don't think there's any way to get the regular character creation process to offer those options. Without actually checking, I don't think a dog would work at all, though-- can they go up/down ladders? I'm not sure, but I don't think they can (which means you would eventually get stuck on some map). If you wanted to make a robot, also be aware that many robots except the humanoid kind are too big to fit through most doors, which would again break the game.