Games that portray gun combat and reactions realistically?

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    By realistically I mean portrays being being shot realistically. Like something like Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 and GTA 4 from what I know portray the idea of being shot or the impact of it superbly. After getting shot you'd probably stagger around or have the wind knocked out of you. Even if you're wearing armor like in GTA 4 after getting shot you'd still get knocked down. And with honesty people were tough to kill in GTA 4 in comparison to how easy they were to kill in GTA 5. To which in reality I think we're all a lot more tougher to kill than we think at least for now. As for a game that portrays combat realistically I can only say Operation Flashpoint, ArmA, STALKER, Far Cry 2 to an extent. They bring in bullet physics well enough to introduce drag, windspeed, caliber variation, temperature differences. Yeah. But any games you know of that can do both things I've listed? Especially the first one with portraying gunshot wounds and impact realistically?
  2. Insurgency.

    Red Orchestra/Rising Storm.

    Rainbow Six 1-3.

    Hotline: Miami

    Barbie's Dreamhouse

    As far as Bulley Physics, the Sniper Elite games are decent on that.

    The truth is however if you are looking for a "Realistic Bullet Damage Simulator", your gonna be disappointed because real bullets do very strange things, and real people do very strange things. It's pretty depressing really and you should find something else to focus on because it's really depressing.
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    I have heard good things about the Swat games, or more specifically Swat 4 with how lethal gunplay is in that one.
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    You cherry pick certain features you with to portray & you run with it. But there is no game whatsoever that comes close to the real thing.

    You can implement things like bullet drop, wind drift, realistic reloads, realistic stoppages, and so on. You can try to do localized damage systems too.
    However, real gunfights are unpredictable. Things that should by all rights kill someone on the spot, don't always seem to have an immediate effect. And implementing that in games would make it very frustrating.

    So you only pick a few features and implement a -gaming- system around it.
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    Receiver portrays guns rather correctly, much to the annoyance of the player :D
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    Jagged Alliance 2 1.13 is getting very close IMO. The only game where you can make your soldiers work like this:
    Injury system in JA2 works perfectly btw, various ammo types helps a lot too.
  7. Actually, JFK Reloaded is probably the best there is.

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    I know I should probably look at your name and expect this, but still.... DAMN you're obsessed with gun-related topics!!!
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    I know. I am, I do other things but I get to whatever's on my mind at the moment.