Hitman (Season) 2

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  1. BigGuyCIA

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    Oct 26, 2016
    It's pretty good.

    Spent about 5 hours on the first level so far; I have not progressed to the other ones yet. Regional accents are back from what I've seen in other videos which is great.

    Lots of different ways to kill a target in Miami but the big stickler was getting the race to stop so that one of the targets would come off the track. Some events trigger the race to end, but you can end it prematurely by shooting the other racers.

    Some cool moments:

    - Sabotaging the rival racer (Moses Lee - wins the race by default) by pouring sugar into his fuel supply during a Pitstop. Sierra wins the race and goes to claim her trophy while I prepared a "hot shot" drinking game (spiked a bottle with Kronstradt uber fuel). I knocked out Moses and took his disguise and went to Sierra who challenged Moses (47) to a drinking game. She ends up drinking the spiked shot and goes up in flames.

    - Pushing her dad onto Sierra's car as she's passing on the track (Two birds with one stone - very similar to the Paris assassination where you push Dahlia off the ledge and onto the other target when he's checking on the premature firework detonation.

    - Shooting coconuts and having them fall onto the Dad's head as he's passing under the tree to go to a food vendor.

    - Injecting an IV bag with poison and one of the targets getting their transfusion treatment with it.

    - Poisoning one of the target's eyedrops with rat poison and then drowning him in the toilet when he's throwing up.

    - Spiking the tournament cup with poison which the target drinks and dies (have to force Moses to lose in order to make sure Sierra wins and drinks it).

    - Rigging the pyrotechnics to explode while Sierra is claiming her trophy (throw back to Heaven and Hell club from Blood Money).
  2. L.M.Valentine

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    Jun 30, 2016
    It is really good.

    I genuinely think it only improves on it's predecessor. I'm replaying the old missions first, so don't know about the levels in and of themselves, but if Miami has all that that bodes well.

    Mechanically it's a beauty.
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    Aug 9, 2017
    A lot of people say that it's HITMAN 2016 but with some additions. I've spent over 200 hours with 2016 so I'll definitely will pick it up next week.

    I'm grateful that I didn't master 2016 doing all challenges and escalations as I would be a bit annoyed having to do everything again.
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