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    Dec 14, 2008
    Re: Lazy. Just... lazy.

    That was one of the first mods I sought was to disable the idiotic exploding cars. This game is quite the ordeal to attempt to un-fuck with mods. Though certain things such as changing the main quest are likely too far out of reach since you'd need to add new voice acting......
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    Feb 28, 2009
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    Oct 8, 2008
    i'm a little bored by this game; i dont think i'll finish it. i think i'll return it (it's a rented copy which i got for 10 euro for a month, thats an offer from a console club here) after i see dogmeat, the brotherhood, the outcasts, and harold. i'm curious.

    As to why i am bored: Writing people. Writing. All the dialogs and the quests and the lores feel so ...generic. Only exception so far was the Arefu quest, which i liked even though it was a ripoff of Fallout 2's slugs quest The rest i've done so far is an endless repair-dress-kill-loot-barter-heal cycle that's interrupted by a minigame here and there, generic quotes like "good evening" or "get out and fight like a man", and stories that are so badly written that i have to force myself to read a whole sentence. without an interesting story, i just don't feel motivated to continue. I know it's a sandbox game and i'm supposed to write my own story and all that jazz, but honestly how am i supposed to write my own epic story with lines like :"Have you seen my dad? Middle aged guy" :facepalm: Also, does anyone in this game have anything to say about supermutants? or are they just as common as rats and noone gives a damn?

    On the other hand, the hacking "Mastermind" clone minigame is fun. Lockpick is fun. Haircuts are fun. VATS is fun. The problem is there s no storytelling around them.

    Also, let's go on with the previous list a little:

    -why don't i get double skill points for tagged skills? why don't drugs do what they did? why don't i get random encounters when fast travelling? why do most perks are just skill bonuses? why do i need a rock-it launcher to throw stuff, instead of a throwing skill? why can't i talk to any raiders / supermutants? why is killing raiders "good karma" and stealing kitchen equipment from The family (who technically are raiders too, just with a backstory) "bad karma"???

    you already know the answer...
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    Nov 12, 2008
    I played the game on very hard, and I've basically never tried to play an FPS before. I thought the game was great for the first 15-20 hours. It also took me like 10 hours before I understood the map and that solid arrow that tells you where to go. When I just got out of the vault I couldn't find megaton, swam over the river and had to fight a mirelurk with no armor and a crappy gun. I thought it was great. The feeling of desperation was amazing. I had tons of trouble with the supermart and finding GNR was huge trouble without understanding that there was an arrow. I met supermutants earlier, and fighting my first one was really exciting. I also tried the greyditch quest early and got violated by the firebreathing ants.

    I did think the game was great during these first 15-20 hours, perhaps partly because I sucked. Megaton seemed an appropriately sized first town and there was a lot to do. Then after that I started to realize this game sucks in many ways. Every battle seemed tedious, having to fight the same enemies over and over. In the old fallout games I liked playing a diplomat and exploring the dialogues, but none of that was to be found. Most things are automatically hostile, and there is probably not a single rewarding conversation in the entire game. There was nothing to do, megaton and rivet city were the only cities in the game, and the quests were all the same. This experience was bad in comparison to when I played fallout 1 as a 14 year old.

    When I finally met Eden and the terrible conversation that was I felt cheated. I felt like when I got mugged as a tourist in London. I honestly did not finish the last mission after that. I just gave up on the game and didn't want to play it anymore from how unsatisfying talking to Eden was. Seriously, how the hell did anyone decide that was an OK piece of conversation with the president. Jesus christ it was terrible. I'm not a hardcore gamer, so I don't understand how things work, but it's hard to feel that IGN and Gamespot reviewed this game fairly. The dialogue & writing has to be the worst of any modern RPG released. When both reviews describe this as if it was a minor flaw, it seems obvious that they have been paid off to write good things only.
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    May 30, 2005
    Now I'm about 15 hours into the game, and I keep returning to it because I spent 30 Euros on it - even though that's considerably less than the 45-50 Euros I would have wasted if this wasn't second hand.

    It's the UK version. No censorship. But you know what? I wish it was. Censored. I am so tired of watching heads explode and limbs fly around in slow-motion. I'm so tired of this .... half-shooter experience that I'm getting. It's gross. I'm no good with all this blood and violence and there's no Option to even reduce it.

    While I can live with the kinda boring quests, the writing really puts me off time and time again. Take Lyons Pride for example. There you have about 10-20 guys walking around in Power Armor, and many have different voices. But they all say the same thing! Would it have been so hard to at least have the actors say different phrases, each? You can ask almost everyone if they'll teach you how to use the armor, and they all say the exact same, each in a different voice. It's boot-to-the-head stupid.

    Things like this are, sadly, all over the place. Bethesda could've put so much more variety into this, created so many interesting and diverse characters if they all wouldn't say the exact same lines! I can live with the bland voice acting, but at least have them say something interesting!

    Gah, rant over ;). I'll keep playing for now.
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    Mar 12, 2009
    I truly enjoyed it when I first started to play it (as noted in my early NMA posts), hell I put a lot of hours into it, then I ended up buying Fallout 1, I loved it, then I bought Fallout 2 pretty quickly, then I decided to play Fallout 3 again, I was extremely disappointed with it, glitches became more frequent, VATS became more and more annoying, and the writing....good lord I really don't want to think about.

    Fallout 3 is not a bad game but it isn't the 10/10 game that everyone and their mother seem to be calling it, its more like a 4.5/10, weird considering the first score I gave it was 9.5/10.

    I started out as a consumer of watered down products to please the ADD ridden gamers of today, and now I'm playing old school games while trying to tell friends that Graphics aren't everything, I would have gladly traded Fallout 3's so so graphics for something even worse as long as they put more effort into everything else, but I understand why a new generation gamer would be hesitant playing something that is over 10 years old, but if the experience is good enough the graphics could have been made out poop textures and you still would still love every minute of it.
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    May 5, 2009
    Damn, OP made one hell of a case here! :clap:
    I'll be sure to keep the info in this tread in mind when the guys in my class start rambling on again about the ''awesumness'' of Fallout 3. ;)
  8. Canaris

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    Mar 29, 2009
    So i've instaled this piece of shit once again . I'm playing at lowest possible settings and i still have CTD once every 30 or so minutes :/

    This game is shittier than anything i have ever seen , even some low budget craps like Marine Sharpshooter or something like that .
    Every god damn aspect of it sucks .
    Perks , plot , fpp view, tpp view , animations , npc monologues ( i wouldn't call that dialogue ) , game mechanics , god like VATS , immortal childrens , orc-like super mutants , unnecessary violence and gore , bugs and so on and so forth .

    It's simply wonderful that bethesda managed to make game without single likeable element :/
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    Nov 23, 2008
    It's been almost a year. This game still pisses me off to no end.
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    Jul 29, 2006
    A different kind of disappointment

    F3 disappointed me (sadly) - but not because of the commonly criticized writing, plot, lack of humour etc. I wasn't expecting much out of those so I'm not disappointed at all.

    I find combat horrible though!

    People were saying this is a "shallowed out" Fallout with focus on guns on combat. I expected a fun game to play.

    But guess what, I find combat horrible.

    It's choppy, unintuitive. VATS is a joke, what is it, a couple free shots after which you get back to your standard "run backwards and shoot" FPS style? The APs recharge slowly, if you're against a couple raiders you can pretty much kill one or two with VATS and then you have the whole bunch of them pumping your ass full of lead in a standard FPS combat, which isn't fun at all.. :/

    Seriously, I know you had enough complaint threads here, but I'm so disappointed I just had to write it down.

    Even the death animations are a disappointment. F2 is an old game, but the animation of "blowing half of the chest away" of gauss weaponry was so cool. And here? You shoot a guy with a 10mm pistol and he acts as if you sliced his head off with a katana. It looks crappy, unrealistic and just plain unrewarding. :( Perhaps energy weapons give better effects, but small guns are pretty sad.

    I dunno whether to play this game anymore. Perhaps I should just reinstall F2 and blast some guts away with gauss rifle instead.
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    Sep 11, 2008
    I have a complaint about gun sound effects. They for the most part sund like someone banging two spoons together. Fallout 1 and 2 had better sounding guns IMO.

    I dont own the game, nor do I own a PC that can run it. This game was what I hoped would push me to buy a 360, but after playing it at a relatives house for about 3 hrs, I no longer care about it. I went home and played Fallout 1 and 2 and had much more fun.
  12. Donners

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    Jan 12, 2008
    Playing the GotY edition for the first time. After the rather tedious intro, I finally made my way out of the Vault to Megaton.

    I couldn't be more unimpressed.

    Firstly, I find the place a nightmare to navigate. Admittedly, I don't play FPS games much, sticking to isometric RPGs for the most part, but so often I find myself unable to reach places.

    Eventually, I make it to the saloon. Apparently, accessing the computer for information about my father, which is being withheld by a drug dealer who everybody told me not to trust, with a password I was freely given by another, is negative karma. A little curious, but okay, I'll wear that.

    Then I speak to Mr Burke. Gee, blow up a city for the same money I get for saving it. That's a tough choice. I head off to Sims to infom him, and he leads me back to the Saloon (I get lost on the way, but he's kind enough to wait).

    They have a fairly tedious conversation, they get up, Simms gets shot...and nobody gives a stuff. There are no consequences, nobody in the bar reacts or says anything to do with the fact that the town's authority has just been murdered. Immersion...gone.

    Try again. This time, I get sick of their conversation, and try to talk to one of them. They abruptly stand up and walk out. Burke is holding the gun, but never goes to use it. I follow them out, and they stand there for 15 seconds. Then Burke turns to say something to me...and suddenly Simms is lying there dead! What the hell? He didn't even use his gun!

    So I reload AGAIN. This time, I collect evidence from Burke, and give it to Simms. They have the same conversation, and the evidence is never mentioned at all.

    God I hope this game gets better.
  13. Surf Solar

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    Aug 20, 2009
    Unfortunately, the game gets even worse. :|
  14. Childmolester

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    Feb 17, 2010
    For me the single most frustrating aspect in FO3 is that it plays out exactly like Oblivion.
    Through out the whole game my mind is constantly screaming 'Oblivion with guns Oblivion with guns',
    well if it was to be an sequel to oblivion I'd applaud it as the single best thing ever happened to The elder scrolls series, but as a Fallout game it just doesn't do it for me.

    The combat is exaclty the same as Oblivion if you don't use the VATS;
    the dungeon is the same(with metro tunnels instead of abandoned mines and mutants instead of ogres!)
    the way you interact with people is the same;
    the way you pickpocket is the same;
    the wait/sleep mechanism works the same way;
    the map interface and fast travel is the same;
    the inventory management/interface is the same;
    the dialogs are on the same end of stupidity-o-meter(Just see those grotesque pieces of reasoning your character spout while playing a diplomatic approach);
    EVEN THE BLEEDING VOICE CAST IS THE SAME!!! Seriously, aside from Eden and Dad there is not a single voice that I can't recognize from oblivion. You think that's enough???
  15. Flitzpiepe

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    Feb 27, 2010
    One thing I haven't read before:

    Go to Canterbury Commons ->
    weird child talks about his admiration for the Mechanist all day long ->
    I go visit the Mechanist ->
    tell him he's crazy ->
    he attacks me ->
    I kill him ->
    take his armor ->
    wear it ->
    look *exactly* like him ->
    return to Canterbury C. ->
    talk to child again ->
    which uses the *exact* same dialog options as if I'm *not* the Mechanist ->
    he even finishes the dialog with the glorious sentence: "If you see the Mechanist, say hi to him from me.".

    (stupid kid...)
    Or this one:

    Me: Power Armor wearing, laser rifle wielding colossus,
    Them: under-equipped, pool queue wielding raiders
    Me: *just standing there, in not-aggressive stance*
    Them: "KICK ASS !!" *attacking me ... getting killed*

    Me: same as above
    Them: 100 of the above
    #1: "KICK ASS !!" *attacking me ... getting killed*
    #2: "KICK ASS !!" *attacking me ... getting killed*
    #42 - #69: "KICK ASS !!" *attacking me all at once ... getting killed*
    #99: "KICK ASS !!" *attacking me ... getting killed*
    #100: *has been watching this, has seen that nobody who is unsufficiently armored, and wields only a pool queue
    stands a chance agains somebody wearing a power armor and wields a laser rifle*: "KICK ASS !!" *attacking me ... getting killed*

  16. .Pixote.

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    Sep 14, 2009
    My Fallout 3 experience is this…I bought the collector’s edition of the game when it first came out. Looked at the pretty pictures in the book, watched a DVD on the making of the game, took out the Pip Boy and placed him on my desktop, and went and played Fallout 2. I have never opened the Fallout 3 DVD, so it’s still sealed in its protective wrapper. Why? Because I only wanted the Pip Boy, the game is not Fallout, never was, never will be…

    I can’t make any comments on the game itself, but I do enjoy reading the views of people who have, and I love that little Pip Boy.

  17. NyquilAddict

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    Oct 3, 2009
    Well I mostly consider Fallout 3 a shooter, not RPG, so in that respect I don't have many negative impressions of it... unless I compare it to Fallout 1/2 and imagine what it could have been, and all the while, I don't mind the 1st/3rd person perspective.

    The effort they put into the aesthetic value of the game is no excuse for the lack of effort they put into the actual RPG gameplay experience. And even then the environment get boring after a while considering the repetetive usage of artwork. That's why I use tons of mods to make it look nicer, remove the green tint, add in trees, ect. That at least makes it more enjoyable for me. There is some odd brown haze everywhere that was removed with mods, I made the caravans invulnerable and I added in hundreds of weapons with mods too. I would not play Fallout 3 on a console, I don't play games often on a console anyway.
  18. Makta

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    Jul 29, 2010
    And with a 2 minute search you could fin a mod or 2 that fixes everything.. But the half assed dialogues and the "few" really crappy quests.. :P

    For me most of the shitty things about the game was fixed due to a few mods! But there are still some things that makes me wanna go back to another Fallout..
    For example quests like the blood ties.. I don't wanna vampire wannabes in a Fallout game! And the main quest was honnestly crap..
    "Factions". I'm sure i wassn't the only one that was pissed by the "helping" the enclave part being pointless and stupid and i wish you could join them seeing how you can actually destroy the brotherhood in the last DLC!

    Perks!.. Or shall i say perk? Since only 1 perk ruined the game for me and it wassn't fixed in the mods i got.. Allmost perfect. Whoever had the idea for that perk should be slapped with a shovel.

    3dog.. Helping ghouls to kill people = GOOD! Killing the Ghouls instead of helping them = BAD!.. Wat?

    Awesome!.. But not so awesome stuff.. The subway. Especially since i'm one of those that HAVE to search every corner of every subway in the entire DC.

    Liberty prime.. I do love commiknocking robots but he doesn't not really fit into the game at all.
  19. Oppen

    Oppen FIXT n°1 fan

    Dec 26, 2011
  20. zappian

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    Nov 19, 2012
    Tim cain : I played and finished Fallout 3 as soon as it came out, I really enjoyed the game, and I think Bethesda’s designers had really done their homework. The game showed they had a deep understanding and knowledge of the key aspects of the original games.
    If the co creator of the fallout franchise thinks the game was fun and that bethesda did their homework and was faithfull to the first fallout games i will take his word over yours any day of the week