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    inXile design director Chris Keenan has commented on how inXile will offer releases across the different release platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux).<blockquote>We discussed this with the tech team and will be supporting SteamPlay and the equivalents on other digital distribution platforms that we use. So if you have a single digital copy and Mac, Windows and Linux systems, you will be able to use your 1 copy on all 3. Of course, that's assuming you grabbed the copy off a system that supports this. Since Steam doesn't offer Linux games, you will get access to Windows and Mac systems if you get the game there and so on.

    Space willing, we want to put all 3 copies onto the physical discs as well.</blockquote>Essentially, inXile will make use of digital retailer offers when it comes to offering it as a multiple platform titles (like SteamPlay, which offers Windows and Mac copies), but not being a dedicated retailer themselves, they can not offer such alternatives when retailers do not.
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    Seems a reasonable way to offer that. Not perfect, but good enough, IMNSHO.
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    Seems more than fair for a game the majority of people paid $15 for.
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    Ah, but will the saves from one version be compatable with another? /Fallout 1
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    Haha, I was just thinking about that.
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    That certainly want that to be the case, but that's hardly a question that can be answered when the engine decision still hasn't been finalized :P