It's a great time to be a 4X Space Strategy fan!

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  1. Irwin John Finster

    Irwin John Finster Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Nov 13, 2015
    Got to playing Endless Space and Endless Legend recently and these games are the most beautiful I have ever played. Amplitude Studios produces the best looking and best sounding games in the business, period.

    And then I check the intertubes and low and behold: Paradox is making Stellaris, there's a Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars early access, and Endless Space 2 is coming out in early access soon!

    At least one genre is getting enough love with the space setting. RPG makers take note! More space RPGs! Endless Legend (while a fantasy setting) has really drawn me in particular because it makes an attempt at having a kind of RPG within the 4X strategy game. There are actual quests to accomplish related to the various factions, and the factions are all so incredibly diverse and interesting and they actually are meant to be played wildly differently. Hopefully Endless Space 2 elaborates further on this idea.

    Anyone playing the new Master of Orion have any thoughts on the game? Thoughts on Stellaris compared with other Paradox games?
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  2. eissa

    eissa Altáriel, Lady of Radiant Garland

    Jan 7, 2016
    stellaris is definitely my most anticipated games after xcom 2, it just blown up my expectation compared from Space games. it combine what basically element of grand strategy from paradox games (victoria, heart of iron, EU) and mix it with Space 4x norm. the developer also got creative on designing tech card which ensure the mid game to later game will not be boring and bland. that mean we got a game that even single playtrough mean alot.

    anyway, try design my own race in here
  3. Irwin John Finster

    Irwin John Finster Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Nov 13, 2015
    Stellaris looks great so far. I love this preview they put up:

    It looks like it has a lot of depth and a lot of unique characteristics. Between this and Endless Space 2 I'm going to be loving this summer/autumn.
  4. The Vault Dweller

    The Vault Dweller always looking for water.

    Aug 24, 2004
    I'm eagerly awaiting all those 4X games. In fact with so many I really think that this (along with many other genres) are part of the "second golden age" of gaming so to speak and if you go by the number of titles is better than it's ever been in history.
  5. eissa

    eissa Altáriel, Lady of Radiant Garland

    Jan 7, 2016
    okay uhuhu i'm so exited for stellaris that i made my plan of race i will use :) :D

    Here's mine, the idea is to make race that later will be member of my federation. these were loose small minor power (except Zarn'agrurgh, which basically wandering knight with no land) until my main race came to unite them as guardian of galaxy.

    Zarn'agrurgh Legion
    • Mammalian, Desert homeworld
    • Military Junta
    • Spiritualist, Militarist, Xenophilia
    • Strong, nomadic, Ressillient, slow learner
    Your everyday proud warrior guy with code of honor to protect the weak pre-ftl race.

    Kingdom of Dzumnybia
    • Arthopoid insectoid, Jungle homeworld
    • Enlightened monarcy
    • Materialist, Pacifist, Collectivist
    • Weak, Natural Engineer, Communal and Rapid breeder
    A superorganism of Insect looking species that reside in sentient homeworld. they are very communal species from the fact that they communicate with hive mind. keep an individual separate from a dozen of its brethen then it will speak in pain and agony, begging that it couldn't hear calming and encouraging voice in their head anymore.

    Aen Alderis Realm

    • Mammalian, Continental homeworld

    • Peaceful Bureaucracy

    • Spiritualist, Fanatic Pacifist
    • Sedentary, Charismatic , Natural Sociologist, and enduring
    A mix between Tolkien Elves and space Eldar, an inhumanly beautiful race with rich culture and knowledge. The mysterious dimension incursion that wiped out most of precusor empire force them to be isolationist and properly paranoid race.

    K'qreeyatha Horde

    • Avian, Arid Homeworld

    • Direct Democracy

    • Materialist, Individualist, Pacifist

    • Solitary, Slow breeder, Agrarian and Adaptive
    "Our homeworld were ravaged, our brethen were enslaved and consumed. they who made us fall despair, Cruel also to the dead whom they reanimate as their slave .
    But fear not, for we will made a new glory than we used to be have."

    then, they who shall lead them all

    Chzanaruh Covenant

    • Fanatic Xenophilia, Spiritualist
    • Mammalian (a mammalian race is their representative, i will mod it to be "energy being" like the Unbidding))

    • Theocratic Oligarchy

    • Enduring, Quick learner, natural Physicists and Repugnant ( as you will expect for every outer dimensional entity, their appearance would be frightening to the unitiated even worse, make someone going mad)