Fallout 1 mod Lotsa loading screens, to use in FO / FO2RP

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    Jul 14, 2007
    New loading screens for the original Fallout, and its sequel.
    I mention RP, because you'll find things like the fly/wasp (if you played FOT, you know about it) enemy found inside EPA, in some loading screens.
    The reason they're in 640x480 resolution, is because I used an ancient program called Alchemy to convert the files into .rix, and the version I'm using won't allow you to convert files with higher resolution. Sorry about that.

    More info, below:
    - Many screens were made after browsing websites like Pexels, that allows you to edit the photos (free of charge).
    - Screens were made using the creature graphics from the aiming system (that is referred as VATS, in the newer Fallouts).
    - Images captured in YT, in a channel that focuses on improving the quality of video game cinematics. Opened in an editor and turned them into loading screens.
    - And more...

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