'Mad Nation' Post-Apocalyptic TV show Megathread

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    Mad Nation
    Hello NMA and welcome to the Mad Nation Megathread! Mad Nation got it's start here on NMA in 2005 as an idea for a short post apocalyptic student film: since then it has expanded into a complete first season of a web TV series in 2009. After moving our operation to Los Angeles in 2010, we begain working on a total reboot of the series, and hope to find funding from a major network to produce our show on a grander scale than ever before.

    I'm Ethan Taranto-Kent, show runner and lead writer for the show, as well as an actor in the show. Below are some helpful links to give you an idea of what we're all about. If you're already familiar with the show, check out our Current News section below for the latest updates. Thanks for checking in, hope you enjoy the show!

    Click here for the most recent episode of the show, which also includes a season 1 recap:

    Check out our Facebook Page for updates and photos!

    We're also on Twitter!

    And here's our Kickstarter page for Season 2! The campaign is already complete but you can still donate through PayPal if you want to support the show!


    scroll down for older updates

    November 13, 2014


    We are delighted to report that the final cut of the new episode is complete! Again, I want to thank all of you for your help. Without all of you, our show wouldn't be possible.

    The next couple of months involve a lot of crossroads for us. For the moment, we will be focusing our efforts on using this new episode as a tool in the search for funding for the remainder of the show. We will be approaching some heavy hitters in Hollywood for help, so wish us luck!

    We will also now begin working on getting together all those rewards we promised to our Kickstarter backers, so keep an eye out for future updates regarding that as well! For the moment, we can't show you the new episode, as publicly distributing it could hurt our chances for getting picked up by a major network, but rest assured that you'll see the episode and get your own copies as soon as we can provide!

    August 6, 2014

    Long story, summed up quickly: in June we were finally able to shoot the first new episode after a long and hard pre-production phase. Things went well and now we're in Post-Production! We're currently in the color correction and sound mixing phase. We will be updating more as things proceed.

    December 18, 2013

    Hello again Mad Nation fans! We've been under some radio silence since the end of the Kickstarter while we figure out where we're going from here, but we've finally got enough things worked out to merit an update so here it is!!

    Firstly, the Kickstarter was a fantastic success! Most people were skeptical that a web show with no celebrity attachment and only a small fan following could meet it's funding goal but we did it and then some! We didn't reach our stretch goals, but we've made enough money to begin the new season, so here we go again!

    Currently our plan is to begin production officially in the late spring. We've got a lot of things to do before then: lots of costumes and props to build, locations to scout, equipment to rent, insurance to buy, oh my god the list goes on and on. Gone are the days of shooting these episodes out in the woods with a borrowed camera: we're expecting to go for the highest production values this time around possible.

    Otherwise, we expect to take a short break for the last week and a half of December for the holiday season. Once we're back in January, we're expecting to hit the ground running by beginning our technical location scouting and kicking prop and costume manufacturing into high gear. At that time you'll begin to see new photos and video updates as we progress. So stay tuned in here, if you haven't already please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and of course a very happy holiday season to you all!

    September 25, 2013

    It's coming up on your last chance to donate to the Kickstarter! Very cool prizes and the chance to get in on Mad Nation Season 2 could be yours! Counting down the last hours now!


    September 11th:

    Hey folks, new flash goal on the Kickstarter!

    Click here to view the Kickstarter Page!

    September 5th:

    We are one third of the way into the campaign, and have made 40% of our minimum funding goal at $2,000! However we still need your help!


    August 31:

    We've topped $1,500! Now is the time to donate everyone, let's keep the momentum going!


    August 27th, 2013

    Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce:



    Seriously, share the hell out of this page. Even if you can't afford to donate, please post this page on your Facebook, twitter, other forums accounts, everywhere and anywhere you can. The more exposure we get, the more likely we will reach our goals and be able to make you a fantastic movie!

    Our project has a long history here on NMA; we've been posting in this thread since June of 2005. NMA helped us build everything we've done so far on this show, and I want the post apocalyptic fan community both here and everywhere else online to be a big part of what shapes this show in the years to come. I've always wanted to make a show for -you-, and now with your help I can do that even better. So please, join us; donate a few bucks, share our page, help us get our start on our new season. I promise you it will be worth it. It's been rough going so far, but with your help we're going to make for you a hollywood-quality show and have it done within the next year.

    August 17th, 2013

    Ho-boy, got some news! We're back and ready for action!

    So we've been working on Season 2. Like, a lot. Quick rundown:

    1: First five episodes written.

    2: First five episodes have been officially cast with a whole new pack of fantastically talented actors!

    3: We've started building things! Will post photos soon!



    5: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT IN ONE WEEK! Get your butts ready!

    Seriously, many of you may have thought this thing was all done but you're about to see a whole lot more of us!

    July 12th, 2013

    Hey all you fans, you should all follow the new Mad Nation facebook page for regular updates on how the show is progressing!


    Also, we'll have a big announcement in a little more than a month :)

    May 8th, 2013

    So we are officially in pre-production for season 2! We are tentatively hoping to shoot new episodes in the winter. We -MIGHT- start a kickstarter for those episodes, or wait and do a KS to fund the remainder of the season after we've shot one or two. So far we are storyboarding the first two episodes, gearing up in art department, and drafting the third, fourth, and fifth episodes of what we hope to be a ten episode season.

    December 7, 2012

    Hi folks!

    So the DVD has been a rousing success here and on other sites, and now we are in pre-production for season 2! I'd love to hear your suggestions for how you'd like to see the show evolve and improve, and I expect to be going back through the older pages of this thread and reviewing the feedback from season 1 to incorporate all your new and old suggestions into this next season.

    I'm very passionate about getting the fans involved in how the show is to be created, and since this website is at the heart of the Mad Nation fan base, I'd love to get as much input from you all as possible! :)

    October 2, 2012

    There's a handful of free DVDs left, so any last minute stragglers that would like a DVD please act now!

    August 30, 2012

    We're down to 11 free DVDs left, so anyone still interested should jump on board while they can get a free DVD :)

    August 29, 2012

    As of right now, there are still 20 free MN DVDs not spoken for, so the next 20 NMA members who message me get them :)

    *** If you'd like to order a DVD, just PM me here, or email me at perniciousparadise@gmail.com, and include a mailing address to which I can ship the DVD. If you email, please specify that you're an NMA member so I know to give you the NMA discount! ***

    Please note, I do not consider a free DVD 'spoken for' until I get a mailing address, since I obviously can't give you a DVD unless I've got an address to mail it to. So if you send me a message saying "I'll take a free DVD!" and then you wait for a month to send me a mailing address, you may miss your chance to get a free one!

    August 23, 2012

    The Mad Nation DVD is Finally Here

    Ladies and gentlemen, it's been near a decade in the making. Ten years of wandering the wasteland, ten years of boots shuffling through the dust, ten years of gunfights and liquor.

    And now, the moment we've all been waiting for. The Mad Nation DVD is finally finished and available for order. Finally, after all these years, the post-apocalyptic web series that most people thought would never be finished has released a season 1 dvd.

    Here's a memory refresher for those who've forgotten: in January of 2005, forum user InTheOnlineAsbestosSuit, better known at this point as no-budget indie film maker Ethan Taranto-Kent, first posted in the Fan Art/Fan Fiction sub-forum here on NMA about a post-apocalyptic student film he was creating, inspired in part by the Fallout games. You're reading that same thread RIGHT NOW!

    In the seven years since then, we've been receiving regular updates in Ethan's ancient, dusty old thread about the project as it evolved from what would have been a stand alone short film into a 47 minute short feature that's actually pretty fun to watch despite the crappy camera and low budget. But InTheOnlineAsbestosSuit didn't stop there: after the feature, he produced eight more episodes of what became the Mad Nation web series. And all along, a small gang of loyal fans was always watching and providing the much needed praise, criticism, and general motivation that kept the project alive in the face of so many hard drive crashes and budget problems.

    Now, finally, for the many people who helped him and for the fans on this website, Ethan was able to produce a Mad Nation Season 1 dvd. Season one of Mad Nation is now available to the NMA community, the original Mad Nation fans. And the best part is that it's free. The first 25 NMA forum members (Within the continental US) to order get the DVD completely free, shipped to their door at zero charge. For international NMA members within the first 20 to order, the DVD itself is free, you just have to pay for shipping.

    And worry not, you slowpoke fans: every copy after the first 25 will still be almost free: just $3 plus shipping (the DVDs cost $3 a piece to make, there's zero mark up for NMA users). There is a finite number available at this time, but if they sell out, more will be ordered as demand requires.

    Some of you may be wondering "Why should I get this DVD if I can watch Mad Nation on youtube?" Good question, loyal fans, but about half of whats on this DVD is not available online!

    The DVD includes the following episodes;

    "Mad Nation" the mini feature (MN #1): the full, uncut mini-feature that started it all, as it was meant to be watched (as in, not chopped up into scene by scene for youtube)
    "Mad Nation #2: Lucas' Redemption": a never before seen episode of the web show, following the story of one of the side characters from the mini-feature.
    "Mad Nation #3, 4, & 5: The Young Brothers Trillogy": a three part mini series following Gray as he hunts a ruthless gang of bandit brothers.
    "Mad Nation #6: Static": Gray reaches out to anyone who can hear him with a CB radio.
    "Mad Nation #7: The Lake": Gray finds himself in a surreal conversation with a ferryman on a cold, deep lake.
    "Mad Nation #8: Water": Gray struggles for survival in the desert as he argues with dehydration-educed hallucinations.
    "Mad Nation #9: Dominance": The Season 1 Finale, never released on Youtube, where Gray encounters a dark man from his forgotten past.

    And also includes the following bonus features:

    Season 1 and 2 trailers
    Director, Editor, and Girlfriend's commentary on Mad Nation #1 and #9
    Outtakes reel (obviously)
    Production photo montage
    The Blockade Runner: a mini documentary on how to build your own post-apocalyptic car
    An amusing hidden easter egg

    This DVD is meant as a little thank you to the NMA community, for being the original Mad Nation fans, the first and most loyal supporters of this epic post-apocalyptic western journey. It's been a long time coming, but now you can enjoy the show as it was meant to be seen, on your own TV: see the whole, uncut story as glimpses of Gray's past resurrected to haunt him in the original film and the eight episodes that follow it, including two never released online, listen to candid and dorky commentary from the crew, see behind the scene photos of the making of Mad Nation, and of course the many and ridiculous outtakes from our talented and eclectic actors and crew, plus a few more extra surprises.

    And finally, a personal message from Ethan:

    Friends, I got into this show because I had a story to tell. And it's a nerdy, weird, niche market story that only a small portion of the population gives two shits about. But you guys, the NMA community, have always supported me and given me the motivation to keep fighting, to keep trying as hard as I can to get this silly little web show made so that I can entertain you. And so I want you all to enjoy that which I've managed to create for you. Because Mad Nation is the most precious thing in the world to me, and this website is where it all began for me, and you folks out there in the NMA community are always going to be the original Mad Nation fans. And I may be a broke ass film maker struggling to pay his rent in Los Angeles, but I can still do what I can to give back to those who helped him make what he's made so far."

    Some of you may be wondering; "I want more MAD NATION! Where will the show go from here? Is this DVD the last we'll see of the series?"

    FUCK NO! We've got a whole second season planned. which we are currently writing. The problem is that we want to have action sequences, with real guns, and real blanks being fired, and real explosions and real car chases, etc. We shot Mad Nation season 1 in Massachusetts, where these things could easily be done with minimal legal complications. Now that Pernicious Paradise Productions has made the move to Los Angeles, all of the above has become more complicated, and more importantly, much more expensive. So we'll be putting Mad Nation on temporary hold while we work out the legal details of producing the show. But when the time comes, we of course will accept the support of our fans as we strive forward to create more and better episodes of this awesome show. So stay tuned folks, because we've got a lot planned for you to enjoy. See you in the future...

    July 17, 2012:

    We finally finished revisions on the DVD, and just sent the DVD out to be duplicated, so anyone who still has an interest in the series, feel free to post here or email perniciousparadise@gmail.com for a DVD! I'll put up a news post as soon as I'm physically holding the DVDs :)

    December 5, 2011:

    ATTENTION ALL! The Mad Nation DVD is officially done, and we're now looking for a good deal on a DVD duplication services to get a whole mess of copies made for all you folks out there who take an interest. Post here or PM me if you're still interested in a DVD!

    March 6, 2011:

    Mad Nation # 3: A Fistful of Gasoline

    Mad Nation # 4: The Gunsmith

    These are the first two of a three part story, The Young Brother's Trilogy. The third will go up as soon as I find someone to do the digital effects. The funny part about these episodes is that they've been done for a year except for those digital effects: only recently did I finally give up on getting them completed by my previous digital effects editor.


    February, 2011:

    Life's been chaotic since I last updated here, but here's the skinny:

    Mad Nation feature film and follow up episodes #2-9 have been shot and edited, though some final polishing work needs to be done for the DVD. The DVD itself is on the way but due to a recent hard drive accident, all the bonus footage has been deleted and needs to be re-edited (second time something like that's happened in the lifespan of this project). DVD completion date is still unknown but we're hoping it'll be done soonish. The season finale, MN #9, is very, very bad ass and hopefully will be available on youtube soon, along with the remainder of the episodes that have yet to be uploaded.

    Currently, the whole movie (parts 1-11) and episodes 3, 6, 7, and 8 are available on youtube.


    March, 2010:

    Finally after settling into my new home in LA I've gotten back to working on the show. Here's a teaser trailer for the remainder of Season 1.


    December 30, 2009:

    As of today, the whole movie is available on youtube. DVDs will come in about a month after I've finished moving and had time to finish editing everything that needs editing for it.

    Part 11:

    I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who's followed this movie from the beginning and will today see the end of it: it's people like you that make all this worth it.

    December 28

    Part 10:

    December 25, 2009

    Happy holidays everyone. Part 9 is up.


    December 21, 2009

    I really want the whole movie online by the end of the month, so I'm uploading parts 8 and 9 this week. Here's Part 8:


    December 9, 2009

    Part 7


    November 25, 2009

    As promised, part 6 is up:


    October 28, 2009

    I've uploaded the next three parts, since I'll be unable to post or upload anything throughout most of November. The regular, bi weekly uploads will start again on November 25th.

    Part 3:

    Part 4:

    Part 5

    October 14th, 2009

    Part 2 is up:


    October 1st, 2009

    Scene 1 is up on youtube, finally. More to come after some issues are settled with the soundtrack artist.


    August 23, 2009

    Ladies and gentlemen, the movie is done. After 5 years, it's complete and ready to go. Last night, we had a surprise premier at Flim Fest, an annual local student film festival that I have frequented for some time. The movie was the last one shown, screening just after midnight, and the 70 or so die hard attendees that remained enjoyed the hell out of it: the movie got a standing ovation both before (when they realized it was finally finished after years of previews and trailers) and after. One person, who helps run the festival, told me that he personally felt it was the best movie ever shown there.

    I'd like to personally thank all the fans and potential fans who read this, for sticking by me and hoping for the best throughout this ridiculous but amazing production. Without you, I never would have had the initiative to finish this movie.

    Mad Nation is also credited as being the first movie to break "The Curse of Flimfest", in that since the festival was started almost 8 years ago, none of the dozens of movies that have shown trailers or sneak previews at the festival have been completed until now. Throughout the evening, clips were shown of a character named "the Ghost of Flimfest" mocking the audience and laughing over the curse he'd placed on the festival. At the end of the night, during one clip, he was shot, the lights came up, and an announcer asked "but who has broken the curse?". I came out on stage, dressed as Gray, and a thunderous applauds and cheering arose from the crowd. I gave a brief speech, which unfortunately was not caught on camera, and introduced the movie, but was suddenly surprised with an award, presented to me by the organizer Kevin James. It was a solid gold dog tag, with the words "Taranto-Kent, Ethan Flim Fest 09 Holy Crap Award" printed on it. Kevin explained that the award was in recognition of how much I went through to finish the film, and how amazed and delighted they all were to see it finished.

    I'm absolutely ecstatic; the last few weeks have been a hectic, mad dash to complete the movie in time for this, and I just barely made it, but it couldn't have gone over more perfectly. So I'm going to take the rest of the week off to relax and celebrate. I plan on shooting another related side project next weekend, a short about one of the movie's side characters. Then, it's DVD production time, while at the same time I will be sorting out the disagreement I have with the hosting company that I buy my website domain from. Once that is done, I'll host the feature for free download on the website.

    Those not interested in a DVD:
    The movie will be hosted online soon. Not sure how soon, though. It's 47 minutes long, so I'll have to break it up scene by scene if I want it to be on YouTube. I will probably do this, as no scene is longer than 5 minutes so it'll make watching the movie a bit easier for the casual online viewer. And of course, there will be a free, downloadable, full length version available as soon as I sort out the problems with my website.

    Those interested in a DVD:
    As has been said here before, the incentive to buy the DVD is the bonus content. There will be at least two additional short films, director and crew commentary, and possibly a mini documentary about the production of the movie. There's also over an hour and a half of out-takes that I have to sort through and cut a short blooper reel from.

    I plan on looking into the costs of professionally printing out DVDs, rather than making them all myself. Once I figure out who's making them and how much it'll cost me, I'll start taking pre-orders for DVDs from anyone interested in buying one. The price is $10 (US) , including shipping, within the USA, and 12$ international, also including shipping (thus, I'm really only making about 3-5$ per DVD to cover printing costs: I'm not in this for profit). Payment can be made via Paypal, or money-order by mail.

    June, 2009: Hoping to finish post production in time for a premier at a friend's local film festival in August.



    December, 2008: Going to hazard a guess at a Massachusetts premier some time in the spring of '09 with a free online release soon after. We've got two full scenes left, half of one to finish, plus a lot of post production work and musical scoring left to do.

    October, 2008: Production is still going strong though slowed slightly from the school semester. Though we've by no means stalled: I've been shooting almost every weekend, and have been gathering props/costumes for the big gunfight scene that's hopefully going to be shot at the end of this month/beginning of next. To be fare it will probably end up being postponed as the one thing I'm having trouble getting together is the extras, but at this point I think I can safely say we'll be finishing the movie before the end of this year. We have one scene that's almost done, and four more to start and finish, which can be completed in one to two days of shooting each.

    New YouTube Channel:

    Also, new Hollywood East Profile:

    August, 2008: As of now, the movie is about 65% done. Hopefully by the end of this week it'll be more like 75-80%, and it's starting to look like it might be ready to release by November/December. I am currently toying with the idea of recruiting musicians from the online community to help create the film's soundtrack: see page 9 for details.

    January 23, 2006: Since this thread has turned into a sort of general update thread about the movie, I'll just sum things up quick here so new visitors will know what's going on and won't have to read every little detail of the thread:

    1: I'm Ethan Taranto-Kent and I'm the writer, director and ( ) star of this movie.

    2: Before you ask, YES, I'm a film student, NO I don't have a serious budget, YES, this movie is going to be available for free download, NO, it's not based on Fallout, only inspired by it as well as many other post-nuclear stories, and YES, I know there is an air plain trail in the background of my avitar/the future cover photo of the movie, even though it makes no sense I like it there so we'll just pretend it's the enclave or a missile or something and leave it at that since I could easily photoshop it out of there at any time if I change my mind.

    3: Currently, the movie is about half an hour long, and it's a bit more than half done.

    4: It will be released in English, with subtitles in as many languages as I can get translated. If you would like to volunteer to translate a 40 page script into whatever language you happen to know, please feel free to email me.

    5: The DVD is going to cost $10 because it costs that much to produce them, but the movie will be availible for free. If you want the director's commentary, the out takes, the bonus short, the mini-documentary, and whatever else I decide to put on the thing as bonus features, buy my DVD so that I might not be too much in debt after making this movie :)

    6: If you have useful critisism, please feel free to let me know through this forum or through email. But if you're gonna just be a dick and give me crap because you don't like what you see, then watch someone else's movies. I've already gotten one guy sending me baseless hatemail about it, and frankly it's childish. If your old enough to be on this forum, you're old enough to think, so don't say things without thinking. Don't get me wrong: if you don't like my movies you're welcome to your opinion. Just don't waste my time with it if you're not going to try to help me improve the movie.

    5: Everything about this movie is either already or in the process of being copywritten, including the character names, story, screenshots, all the material on my website, and my trailer. Please do not steal from me. I ask nicely, because it'd be tough for me to catch you for doing it, but if I do, I'll sue you to the fullest extent the law and my credit line at the loan office will allow.

    August. 2008: As of now I have already caught one person posting my trailer on a video hosting website without my permission, and I've contacted the website and had the video removed. Viral video is a wonderful way for my movies to be publicized, however if you're going to show other people my movies, be sure to tread the fine print on whatever you're using to host them because if your website of choice claims copyright to the material you post, that is a violation of the copyrights I already hold and thus will get you, me, and the website in question into a really annoying and potentially out of control conflict.

    6: If you like what you see and think there is something you can offer to help, like advice on where to go for cheap props (and I mean really really inexpencive: 20$ is way too much to spend on one prop if I need 5 of them), ideas for possible shooting areas (if your familiar with the New England area of the US) , or perhaps help with translating subtitles, please let me know.

    7: Please note if I mention "Pirate Movie", I'm talking about my Pirate Comedy 'Marooned', not a movie that was aquired through internet piracy. Filmmakers don't steal from eachother. I mention this because this misconception caused some confusion about the first post of the thread. If you'd like to see this or any of my other student movies, please email me.

    Download the Trailer:

    And the Sneak Peak (no spoilers):

    Now that all that is out of the way, below is the original thread. Skip to the newest page for the latest updates.


    So I'm making a short post-nuke movie, and I figured it'd be cool to make up some slang that people would use in this sci-fi world. Anyone got good ideas for slangs to use? I've got a couple already, which I'll list below, but they aren't enough to use enough to make it seem like they are commonly used, so the audience would just get confused. I'm looking up old, archach slangs that people don't use anymore for inspiration as well.

    What I've got so far:

    What's your shot: a altered version of "whats your angle", meaning what do you stand to gain from (whatever you're talking about). Since nothing is free and nobody does anyone favors in a post-nuke world, I figured this'd be important.

    fuel: slang for whiskey, since it's not only a beverage but also used as lamp and torch fuel.

    Cataclysm: more of a religious terminology for the war that wiped out the world, used by the cult (the bad guys in the movie).

    Wipeout: same meaning as above, but used by druggies and corny people heh.

    As you can see, this isn't much to go on. Anyone got ideas?

    Also, if anyone knows where I could post the movie for free download when it's all done, that'd be nice to know as well. I don't know if there's a size limit on what files can be uploaded here, but the movie will probably be a fairly big file since it'll be something like 50 minutes long. Once I've copyrighted the script, I'll post that here if it's not too long. Expect further updates, and maybe some screen shots and photos later on.

    {edited out wareztalk - Wooz}[/i]
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    Jan 23, 2004
    Re: Post Nuclear Slang Ideas for movie

    Um ... maybe "Where's the Oil?" or "Where's the Gas?" (after a Fallout-style collapse). Or "Where do you eat?" with reference to the struggle to find (clean) food.
    Perhaps "Deadeye", "Blindeye" and the like? (Moonshine often has methanol in it, which causes blindness and/or death).
    Perhaps "Judgement" or "Cleansing" would be better if you are going for a religious angle, or maybe even "Punishment" for a pessimistic religious sect. ;)
    Aye, I'm sure that there will be plenty of PA surf-bums. Cowabunga, dude!

    If we are talking religious mania, and perhaps paranoia, you may want to call death from radiation poisoning "the Sin-death" or "Gods Judgement" and any mutants or people overly affected by radiation "the Unworthy".
  3. InTheOnlineAsbestosSuit

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    Jun 27, 2005
    Thanks a bunch, those are some pretty good ideas. I'll definatly try to work them in.

    Also, for everyone's enjoyment, here's a couple of screen shots from a scene we just shot yesterday. Gray (lead roll, played by myself) is searching for the lost girl Jessie, and has come to a bar in the city looking for information. He 'questions' the bartender in this scene.

    Here's a good shot of me, as Gray. This is actually between takes, not in the film, when I'm thretening to light up the whiskey I dumped all over Taft. Pretty badass, huh?

    That's Tom, my buddy who plays Taft, the bartender. This picture makes Tom look something like Gizmo from Fallout 1...totally unintentional, but still funny.

    Here Gray holds Taft at gunpoint. The gun, for those gun enthusiasts, is Taft's .32 cal top breaking snub nose, circa 1920s ish. Gray packs a sawed off shotgun (like Mad Max's, but longer, and usually is used with two hands), and a big .357 mag revolver that I made specifically for this movie out of spare parts to old prop guns (pictured below).

    Gray's magnum, which I jokingly dubbed a Webly 500. It's ment to look like one of the many unusual European revolvers that came out soon after Colt's patent on the peacemaker ran out in the late 1800s. The rod ejector works, can be loaded with dummy .357 rounds or spent real ones. Made from a broken toy gun and scrap metal parts. Came out way better than I expected.
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    Jan 30, 2005
    Awesome. Cant wait to see it. Is that your real hair?

    I like the jacket and shades but I recommend not showering for a while and making those jeans dirtier for that "Rough wasteland badass" look.
  5. InTheOnlineAsbestosSuit

    InTheOnlineAsbestosSuit Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jun 27, 2005
    Yeah, the hair is real. Ladies tell me they love it but it never seems to get me any dates haha. I usually skip washing it for a couple days before each shoot (its gets dirty fast), and when we're doing desert scenes I usually roll in the dust for a bit. I agree with the jeans: I left the whole outfit (except the coat and leather items) in the mud outside for a couple days, and ran them over with my car a couple times too, but the damn jeans still look pretty new. The coat is just a regular trenchcoat, but heavily stained with motor oil and wood stain, then left outside...and it has real bullet holes in it though, thanks to Dad's .44 Colt heh heh heh.

    More screens, these are from a sequence when Gray is travling through the wastland to get to the city (chronologically before the previously shown scene). Oh, and just to clarify, all these pictures are unedited, but the movie is going to have a slight visual alteration in that I'm adding a filter effect so that the light has a slight golden brown tint, and upped color contrast. So visually, it'll look more stylised than this. But you can atleast get an idea from these pics.

    This is to show the sort of sweet desert shots I can get out of little more than a big gravel pit down the street from me. If you angle the camera right, you can cut out trees and powerlines pretty easily. And you can see my totally badass shotgun hehehe.

    In shots like this one, I choose to leave the trees and powerlines in, since I figure there would be patches of forests and ruins in the wastland on the edges of blast sites, and also because I make the powerlines part of his travle rout to the city ('follow the ancient powerlines to the old highway')

    Just a kinda cool picture. No excuses here heh.

    So now, I'm going to submit the background story to all you fello post-nuke fans for evaluation, critisism and coment:

    In this post-nuke world in my movie, nobody actually remembers what started the war that wiped everything out because it's been so long and it's not like people were writing books and newspapers about it in the early days. There's legends and myths, but nothing concrete or widely accepted.

    Since this thread has turned into more of a general thread about my movie and not only limited to the slang thing, feel free to let me know if theres anything in particular anyone wants to see in a post nuclear movie. Please note: gunfights and explosions are already taken care of hehehe...

    EDIT: a question for the moderators: when it's done, could I upload the movie directly to NMA? It'll probably be somewhere in the size range of 600-800 mgb, so I figure the answer is probably no, but might as well ask, right? I have no idea where I could upload the movie for (free) download, and my connection is too slow to have much success with a file sharing server.
  6. Adz

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    Jul 18, 2004
    Looks good, when will it be ready to view? :P
  7. uziel

    uziel Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Feb 5, 2005
    Looks good. I'll check it out when it's done.
  8. [Rusty Chopper]

    [Rusty Chopper] Vault Dweller

    Jan 23, 2005
    Great! I wanna see the movie! But "600-800 mgb" sounds like "you'll never see it"... I need a friend with fast connection and soon. (:
  9. Xavierblazer

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    Jan 30, 2005
    So, between takes you threaten to light your friends crotch on fire? Pretty badass

  10. InTheOnlineAsbestosSuit

    InTheOnlineAsbestosSuit Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jun 27, 2005
    Don't know really. Work/schedualling has slowed production as usual. I'm hoping to get it done by late august/early september, so it won't conflict with college. We'll have to wait and see.

    Yeah; the last movie I did, a Pirate movie (pirates as in Shiver me timbers, not internet pirates: just to let the moderators know this time hah), was around 6oomgb and was about 45 minutes in Winmedia format. Probably going to save it as a quicktime file this time, since I've upgraded to a mac, and this movie will be a bit longer I expect. So we'll see what happens. I'm probably going to bite the bullet and shell out the cash for a high end website of my own to host it on. There will also be a DVD copy avaible which I'll probably have to charge for that to pay for the costs of printing it, but the whole movie and probably bonus stuff too will be availible for DL whenever.

    Just trying to stay in character and motivate my actors. heheh
  11. [Rusty Chopper]

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    Jan 23, 2005
    What the hell are the sponsors looking at?!
  12. uziel

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    Feb 5, 2005
    Their money?
  13. Brother None

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Looking good, man, look forward to seeing it
  14. Xavierblazer

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    Jan 30, 2005
    I would give almost anything to ride my bike in that gravel pit.

    It would be a cool place for a mid movie chase scene.
  15. InTheOnlineAsbestosSuit

    InTheOnlineAsbestosSuit Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jun 27, 2005
    Sponsors? You mean like, people who invest in my movies so I'll actually have a budget? Nah, we don't got none o' them round these parts. I pay for all this out of my own pocket.

    Yeah, the local dirt bike crowd loves the place. As for chase scenes, I would , but part of the story is the fact that cars that run and gas are extreemly rare, and there's only one running vehicle in the whole movie.

    MORE PROGRESS! We did the second scene, in which Marcus, an oddball doctor in the town, patches up the hero after he staggars into town all cut up. Lots of character development and forshadowing in this scene. All round cool.

    More symbolism with glasses. Marcus wears the third lense (the little round one thats kinda tough to see) for extra magnification, "but also because I think it makes me look kinda badass." His glasses, as well as his bizarre behavior are an act to make people believe he's just a harmless old maniac, and thus they will leave him alone. Similar to the symbolism behind Gray's sunglasses: Gray wears them to mask his emotions when dealing with potentially hostile people, to hide his kind and sensitive nature and put on a badass atitude.

    The last shot of the scene. Looks pretty cool, I think.

    The inside of the shed, from the door.

    Because obviously, in a post nuclear doctors office, you've got to have two 750 CC Yamaha V-twin engines powering the sink. Actually, the sink is just on top of them, and it's used as a basin, with a plug in the bottom. Just more of the Junktown-esq quality of Marcus' home.

    Marcus' pocket field medic's surgery kit. I believe this is military issue, but not sure how old. I like this shot just because...it looks cool.

    Eye candy for gun nuts: this is the mixed blessing that I found in my shed that became Gray's shotgun. It's an ancient Ithica 12gauge double, lightly engraved. Very old, missing all it's innards. Figuring it was worthless, I cut it down for this movie, but then I realised that what was once covered by rust turned out to be Demascus steel barrels (for those who don't know: very strong steel, rare, and very valuble). So basically I cut in half a gun that coulda been worth a lot. But atleast it's an awsome prop, right?

    Marcus' gun, a restored 9mm Luger. This is a real, origional DWM Lugar that went through a fire and no longer operates. The grips burned off, so instead of buying/carving new ones, I added the leather wrap and the cloth strap that Marcus slings around his shoulder for easy carry of the gun. I liked the way you can see the rounds in the magazine (spent shells in this case, but you can't tell).

    I've got another picture that needs to be uploaded, whenever I find it, of the outside of the shed that Marcus lives in. You'll see it and think Junktown. It's even got a cut in half motorcycle in front.

    EDIT: It just occured to me to mention that this film is in English, and i personally only know a little bit of french, spanish, and russian. Not enough to translate it into anything with subtitles. So if anyone would like to voununteer...
  16. uziel

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    Feb 5, 2005
    I hope you aren't aiming those guns at real people in this movie, even if they don't appear to have ammo in them. You might not to have to worry about the shotgun, but be careful with the Luger, even if it isn't operational.
  17. frissy

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    Feb 18, 2005
    Get some more dirt on those clothes. I hardly think those jeans look that blue and new :shock:
    Eye / vision forums
  18. Colt

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    Sep 23, 2004
    The revolver looks acceptable if really odd. The shotgun? Eh, no huge losss. Not a fan of breakactions all that much but looks neat cut down. Same for the Luger. What are you going to do if you need to fire blanks?
  19. InTheOnlineAsbestosSuit

    InTheOnlineAsbestosSuit Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jun 27, 2005
    There's no problem. 1: they don't shoot, 2: they arn't loaded with anything other than empty shell casings, and 3: on the ocasions when I'm filming in public, I let the police know so they don't come down and shoot as us. Usually I'm filming on my own or my nieghbors' properties. But all these guns are totally harmless, and legal...well, technically the Luger might not be, since it might have a firing pin in it, but I doubt it matters. According to the local law, it's not a gun unless you can put a live round in it, pull the trigger, and it will shoot, or make it be able to with whatever ou have on you when it's found. IE if you're at home, and you've taken the trigger out and hiden it where you could get it, it still counts, but if your miles from home and there's no trigger or internal parts.

    Those jeans are practically bullet proof. It's so wierd. I soaked them in mud and left them outside for a couple days, then beat them against rocks and stones and dirt, and they are still blue. Plus, for some reason the photos make them look nicer than they are in real life. Also, I'm gonna put a filter on the footage in editing that gives it the whole movie a slight red-brown tint (like sepia tone, just less). This will dull the cold colors, like blue, so the jeans will look more beat up, as well as giving the movie a warm light look. They did this in parts of "Gone in sixty seconds" and "Traffic". But as for the jeans, if I roll in the dust for a while befor shooting desert scens, the outfit looks so perfect.
  20. InTheOnlineAsbestosSuit

    InTheOnlineAsbestosSuit Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jun 27, 2005
    Yeah, I was going for unusual with the revolver and the Luger. The thing I liked about the shot gun was that it's cut down but not so much as they usually are in movies, so it's still a two handed weapon, more or less. As for blanks, I'm doing what I've got to do with my low budget: add gunshots and muzzle flashes in through editing. The muzzle flashes look half assed usually, but better than nothing. The gunshots though are awsome because you can choose your sound, then alter it's volume, pitch, etc to suit your wishes. Example: in "Road To Perdition" there was a lot of emphasis on the sounds made by the guns. The clicks and snaps of Mike Sullivan (Tom Hanks) loading his colt 1911 were made louder, as were the sounds of the assembling of the Tommy Gun, to act as a sort of forshadowing to the the gunshots, deffeningly loud for realism and emphasis on the increadible destructive power of the weapons.

    Added August 12: New update. Other bar Scene is done, this one in a dingey, Scum-pitt esq tavern and Inn located in the small town of Camp Morgan, the first of three major locations in the movie. There was supposed to be a boxing match in this crowded bar scene, set up by the Bar tender to draw some betts and giving Gray the chance to win a little cash and a free room. But since my cast members were assholes and never showed, I ended up losing the few extras that didn't blow me off before I could find another actor to take the place of the bartender, so instead it's now a jackblack game between the bartender and Gray in a nearly empty bar. The only other patrons are a drunk that gets thrown out at the beginning and a bounty hunter named Bane that comes back in the sequil (that may or may not be done over the fall and winter) to hunt Gray.

    Opening shot. From left: Gray, Todd (bartender), and unnamed drunk.

    Todd, examining one of two pistols Gray is offering for trade.

    A pretty bad ass shot that introduces Bane. He plays a fairly small roll in this movie, but he'll be crucial in the sequil I have in mind.

    Another similarly badass shot of Bane, showing his M4 carbine. This is the first of several M4s that keep poping up through the story that are in suspiciously good condition, one of a few early clues as to the nature of the enemy that arises in the sequil: the reformed totalitarian Emperial American Government (the pre war ruling body over everything south of the canadian boarder that was wiped out by Nato in the war).

    Just a cool shot, I think.

    That is all for the moment. We tried to shoot a scene yesterday but timing was bad. So hopefully that will be done next week, and then with a little good luck I can get the last couple short scenes out of the way. The ending fight scene will be tough to do before I go back to school, but I might be able to manage it. We'll see.