Fallout 2 mod Megamod version 2.46 Bug Reports and Suggestions - Closed

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  1. MIB88

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    Feb 22, 2005
    Won't be back at my real computer for a while. However, I did add something else from the RP that wasn't in the MM before that I may have messed up. (Or was it from @Endocore 's enhancements?) There are two spatial scripts... One at each ladder now. It was supposed to unlock a dialog line with Marcus about the tunnels. You could talk to him about the tunnels if you hadn't found the bodies yet. I can't check the variables on these until I make it back. @Darek , could you look at this, if you haven't already done so? If you already looked at it, then I have no other ideas, as I haven't added anything else.

    Edit: I am reading this from my phone. Missed it before. Looks like you already mentioned the variables for entering the tunnels. I don't know what could be going on then.
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  2. alatari

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    Sep 4, 2007
    I'm sure of the variable change as I named the save games with appropriate name and saved just after the event on my 3rd replay. The final conversation with Marcus after recovering the note has the variable at 6.

    The opening screen of Fallout 2 reports:
    FALLOUT II Megamod 2.46
    SFALL 3.7b

    I started a fresh character named Tanya from the Temple of Trials after Yequan's 2.45 game, copied into the save folders on a fresh install, crashed with:

    Application Error "Memory could not be read"
    Instruction at 004f11db referenced memory at 00000010.

    OK, so I'll grab my patched 1.02d (final) Fallout 2 folder contents, copy it into a new directory, unzip 2.46 into it then copy over the save game just before entering Broken Hills and try again. I'll probably have to copy over the ddraw.ini file to get it to load.
  3. Darek

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    Jan 7, 2008
    Yeah but what was it when you were down in the tunnels but BEFORE you found the bodies? I was trying to find out which script was not working.
    Did you get 500 XP points when you found the bodies? If so it's an old map and an old script, and if you didn't it's not an old map but something wrong with the last script.

    I would really like to test your savegame, so it would be great if you could upload it.
  4. Parto

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    Jun 20, 2016
    found another small bug, Emperor has still option to assign you on member list of chinese submarine with good science and there is no submarine in this game ... :D
  5. MIB88

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    Feb 22, 2005
    I missed this before. He was only supposed to say it once. But, when I added the new variable (variable 15), I forgot to make an allowance for it in the scripts.lst file. So, it never gets set properly as having been said. Corrected.

    Let that be a lesson to all you modders out there! :P

    No submarine in the game... not yet. Eventually, though. ;)
  6. Parto

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    Jun 20, 2016
    Could you please make "fast shot" trait more atractive by assign it also on hth atacks ?

    I explain shortly:
    Many times I played with "small guns" character, cause its simply easiest, 10mm then switch to pancor jackhammer and finally to gauss weapons ...
    The second favorite was "energy weapons" it is hard from begining, but when you finally got some laser rifle ... then you switch to plasma and finally to turbo plasma ... but its not so "unbeatable" like gauss ...
    Never played game only using "big guns" or "melee weapons", which could be also interesting, but it need more move in combat mode and therefor special perks to spend on it ... so if you manage to modify this trait, it make melee character more attractive, cause 1AP attack with fast shot and bonus HtH attacks perk from lv15 could do this ... mega power fist could be ultimate weapon again :D
  7. NovaRain

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    Mar 10, 2007
    Check the description of FastShotFix in ddraw.ini.
  8. Parto

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    Jun 20, 2016
    thx, try the next time I install megamod, now I play Resurrection :D

    Sorry for little spam, now I started new character and upon close inspection in F2SE foud another bug: radscorpions in Temple of Trials are counted like Super Mutants instead of Radscorpions in "Kills"
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  9. kordi

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    Aug 23, 2016

    I need some help wih MOD installation.

    I have electronic distribution version of fallout 2 from steam.
    I have copied all the fles from the zip package into main fallout folder. When I try to open the game I get error message:
    "Could not find master datafile. Please make sure Fallout CD is in the drive and that you are running Fallout from the directory you installed it to."

    I saw in the readme file there was a disclaimer saying Megamod works only with certain US versions of the game. Not entirely sure which verson is on Steam. However, does this mean I need a CD version of the game? (or a virtual CD version?) to play megamod?

    BTW. I am running windows 10
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  10. MuffPillow

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    Jul 8, 2016
    after copying everything over there is a "ProcessDat2" exe run it and it'll do the rest, once it's done THEN it's all installed and you can run the game :)

    I'm also on windows 10 and can verify it works
  11. kordi

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    Aug 23, 2016
    MuffPillow thx for help but actually did that befre posting.

    I found the solution in the meantime somewhere within this 35 pages long thread ;). In the zip pack there is a fallout2.cfg file. I needed to change paths in the file to indicate my steamapps fallout 2 folder and it worked.


    Is there any way to disable components of this mod? I want to get rid of "New Vision" part, that affects Arroyo and Klamath.

    I have just completed Temple of Trials and new dialog is so horrible it makes me wanna cry. Sorry for an honest opinnion but I feel like someone took, something that I love and defiled it. Ugh....

    If there is no way to do it, I think I will stick to restoration project.
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  12. kordi

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    Aug 23, 2016
    I found a bug relating to Jet use. At first was't sure if this was a feature but afer some extensive testing I am pretty sure this is a bug.

    If you are a Jet addict in unmodded fallout, the permanent effect is -1 to STR and -1 to Endurance. What happens in Megamod is that after every application of Jet stats go down by -1. This decrease is permanent. This means they will fall to 1 STR and 1 PER if you use jet multiple times while being an addict.

    However, what is very weird in this is that it does not happen always. If you stand in one location and keep taking jet, then resting for 3 days, taking jet, resting etc. This effect will not apply. But if you take jet let your stats fall by 1. Then play a bit, go to other locations, do some quests etc. and you decide to use jet again, you will see another permanent drop in stats.

    Moreover this permanent drop in stats is NOT curable by jet antidote. Stats are gone permanently. I had a character that started with 5 STR and now being Jet addict has 2 STR permanently (similar thing happened to my APs and Per basically making this char unplayable).

    I have also noticed something weird with jet antidote. I can see Jet addict status but taking jet antidote does nothing. Then I takke some jet, wait until I get the message that I have to take jet now. Only then jet antidote works.

    Overall, this looks like after some time passing the game starts treating your lowered stats as base stats and stops recognizing that you are addicted to jet, although it still indicates addict status bar.

    I have one more bug (or feature - I do not know). It seems like psycho drug is not working at all with Megamod. In metal Armor with two psycho activated I get hit by hunting rifle anywhere between 10 and 30 dmg regardless if I take Psycho or not.

    Actually I think that entire DR system in the game is somewhat off. It seems like armor does very little aganst incoming bullets. You get hit for almost same value regardless if you have Metal armor or no armor.

    I did some more testing. Gave marcus minigun with JHP ammo (not AP), stood few tiles away pumped with Psycho and with metal armor. Despite having 90 DR and Marcus shooting JHP ammo I was getting regularly hit for some 120 dmg. A few times he did hit for no dmg but it was either 0 or around 120.

    Needless to say that with such stats game becomes unplayable. Even with 10 endurance if you encounter an enemy with burst weapon it is almost impossible to survive the turn.

    Ah... and I was playing on hard difficulty setting.
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  13. Parto

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    Jun 20, 2016
    in SF Hubologists base: soldiers have still 7.62 ammo instead of 5 mm in their rifles (think it was AK-198?)
  14. seba4285

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    Jul 23, 2015
    Hello my friends... how are you ?

    MIB88: First, great work you do with this mod, i love it... it is the best mod i have played... (the proyect restoration is excelent too!)

    I have a issue... it is when a bad weather occurs, the perceptions go up to 10 (heroic) and lowest my AC (armor class) to 0...

    I need know how I can solve this issue...
    Thanks very much!

    PD: my fallout 2 intallation is: first i install fallout 2 humoungous... laters install megamod 2.45.3 and finally install megamod 2.46...


    PD2: i read in this web the installation of megamod 2.46... is needed to ejecute ProcessDat2.exe for a correct installation ? i dont do that!!
    :( is for this the AC bug ?
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  15. seba4285

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    Jul 23, 2015
    Hello, finally I install correctly the megamod.
    Is amazing!
    The talking head of metzger or vic!
    Good job!
  16. Ishkabibbles

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    Sep 14, 2016
    I want to say this is a great mod so far. But you should try to structure your readme's a bit better, I've read through every singe readme in the readme folder and could not find a clear set of directions that say to copy all files to your fallout 2 folder, run the processdat2 file and then finally repath the fallout2cfg file. If i didn't find the answer here on the bug report forum i literally would not have gotten this mod working because it explains the last 2 steps... well nowhere that i could find.
  17. Wossap

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    Sep 16, 2016
    Hey guys. Mod is great so far, few crashes but its ok.
    Problem is I can't refuel my car.
    Thats because the only part i'm able to act with is trunk. The only action i can perform with the front part is to ride it - no way to check fuel level with binoculars, according to game log its just an emty place.
    I performed most of upgrades - clamath (installed by myself), new reno and ncr.
    Maybe there are some ways to cheat a fuel level or something?
  18. seba4285

    seba4285 First time out of the vault

    Jul 23, 2015
    Hello guys! i have a question:

    I install megamod 2.46 and i give a power armor to sulik and he cant wear this........
    Can he wear power armor ? as I get Sulik use his power armor?
  19. justwanalern

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    Apr 21, 2016
    first I install fresh fallout 2 then copy megamod into the fallout 2 folder after that I access the processdat then something about proto making read only and I started the game I made a character everything is well until I entered the temple of trials it crashes every time what do you guys think is the problem cause I don't.
  20. MIB88

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    Feb 22, 2005
    You are correct. I will go through the maps and remove/re-add their weapons so they have the correct ammo.

    I saw that radscorpions were modified, but I have no idea why. I have removed the files from the next version of the MM, so from now on the default, original proto files for radscorpions will be used.


    Also, I have not modified how Jet and Psycho work in the game, so, I have no idea how to address this issue with drug use that you are experiencing.

    Version 2.46 is the latest one. That is the only version you need. The weather mod was removed some time ago because of the issue you are experiencing. Re-install your game. Then add only version 2.46. And yes, run the processdat2 so that certain critters will work/level properly.

    There is a readme that I make for each version of the mod. So, if one plans to install version 2.46.2, then they should read the readme 2.46.2. Are you saying you could not find this (or something like it), which is at the very top of almost every readme file?:

    "Installation: This version of the MM is just a patch. You must add this after the latest full repack you have, either 2.46 or 2.46.1. Any previously saved games from 2.46 or 2.46.1 should still work. After you have copied the contents to your main Fallout 2 directory, run the ProcessDat2 file. This file will replace a file inside the master.dat file."

    Really? Didn't see that. Ooo-kay.
    As for not knowing how to repath the fallout2.cfg file, there were no clear instructions on it because, as I said, I included it by accident... a bug. I obviously won't include instructions on a bug I introduced by accident.

    So, for everybody here, so you don't have to keep searching for it and until the next version is released: DO NOT USE THE FALLOUT2.CFG FILE INCLUDED IN THE MEGAMOD.

    You mean you can refuel your car, you just can't see the fuel level, right? Sorry, but that ability was lost when the feature to paint the car was added. You can, of course, see the approximate fuel level when you are on the worldmap screen.

    Sulik can still use power armors. I don't know what could be happening. Well, I have a guess. Can your character wear the power armor? I added some code so that the player's character cannot wear power armor unless certain conditions are met. However, maybe there is some strange interaction I have missed.

    My guess is that your game is affected by the fallout2.cfg file that was included in the latest version by mistake. Open that file with notepad and make sure that the file locations are all properly set for your computer. This means, mainly, going through and making sure that the paths are set properly. On my computer, everything is on the F: drive. You will need to adjust this and maybe any upper folders as appropriate.
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