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    Hello all,

    This week Nintendo has released Metroid Prime Federation (from here on abbreviated as MPFF) on the 3DS, not really a sequel but rather a spin off to the Metroid Prime franchise (and Metroid series) that is set after Metroid Prime Corruption.
    Unlike the previous games this one is a more action focused FPS game that is intended for short sessions with multiple players rather than a mission of exploration that takes hours to complete.

    Now this game has received a rather bad reception from the fans in general, even I myself really had doubts about this title.
    The game itself was disliked for the graphics which are a sharp contrast to the previous Prime games including the DS Hunters game, being more cartoony or Chibi/Super Deformed. And for the gameplay in which the game plays now more like a console FPS with little to no exploration, and no MP elements like scanning.

    But fans are also annoyed because after six years of silence on the Metroid franchise following Metroid Other M which was severally disliked for its storyline (such as the portrayal of the protagonist) and the gameplay. (there was some radical changes compared to the traditional 2D platform games and the previous 3D outings such as how to require health, how to use missiles, the new authorization system of armor, weapons, and abilities, and the so called forced 'pixel hunt' mini game) the latest Metroid title they got was a spin off rather than a full sequel.

    The biggest problem with this title is perhaps the timing on which is is released. As some people on forums mentioned, this title is either 'to late' (it should have been released during the time that the Prime games were popular), or it should have been released alongside a main entry into the series, preferably a full on Metroid Prime sequel (I am in the later camp). And then perhaps as a Wii U title with graphics comparable to the MP games.

    Some of the anger actually reminds me on how we Fallout fans felt when Fallout 3 (and 4) were announced, but now I strangely find myself in the camp of who is willing to try it out and willing to accept it as a spin off.
    Weird how that goes.

    It is definitely not the Metroid title I have been waiting for (Another Metroid 2 Remake was a nice throwback to the 2D classics) but I do not automatically hate it (yet).
    I really need to play this title myself in order to make my own conclusions.

    Anyone else here who is also planning to try it out? (I probably should have asked that in the beginning but I wanted to write a nice introduction text first)
    For that matter, any other Metroid fans here? Perhaps even ones who like both the 2D games and the Prime games?